Do you think he’s helping society by providing the means to a voice for the ignored and unheard...

Do you think he’s helping society by providing the means to a voice for the ignored and unheard, or do you think he’s hurting society by giving dissent a chance to thrive?

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+Rape Dick+

He's not giving us a means to be heard, nothing will change. He's not going to magically make all our opinions matter to everyone else, or anything else like that. Nothing will change.

Dissent is thriving. Blind "people" like you are the problem.

> the ignored and unheard
> right wing fat ass slobs and whiny, cringy loudmouths that never shut up, and have hundreds of clearly biased ultra right wing media outlets constantly screeching about how they are being attacked
pick one, you stupid idiot


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Neither. Its Twitter.

So mad

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It's ultimately good simply because he won't ban you off some shitty platform for trivial reasons like a discord moderator. If what you see are plainly lies, how about discredit them in social discourse or just stick your fingers in your ears and go "lalalala"

Democracy needs a benevolent dictator!

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He's hurting society by attracting more people to the shittiest, most braindead weside on the internet.

He's also helping it by allowing it to be more open, because it either becomes good, or it becomes overrun with spambots and Neo Nazis, which means leftists won't use it, AND NOBODY ELSE WILL USE IT AND IT WILL DIE.



He will use it to convince you that rich people should recieve more money and pay less taxes. And you will vote as you are told, because you are a slimy bootlicker

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>Calling someone mad whenever you see anything you disagree with.

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The whole thing is bullshit.
I don't think he was actually expecting (or wanting) twitter to accept his offer, and I'm 90% sure he'll pull something out of his ass so the deal falls through.
This is more of a show he is putting on in an attempt to legitimize the vastly overpriced tesla stock he holds of which $12 billion in this deal is wound up in.

Tesla is about 100x the value of other popular car manufacturers all of which produce many more cars than tesla, and selling billions in stock to could easily trigger panic in shareholders and wipe vast amounts of the price (tesla lost 10%, over $100 billion in 1 day after the deal) and if it drops below 40% the banks want their billions back.

>left wing fat ass slobs and whiny, cringy loudmouths that never shut up, and have hundreds of clearly biased ultra left wing media outlets constantly screeching about how they are being attacked
You lack self awareness faggot and this Twitter take over will expose your partys lack as well.

the butthurt on the left is worth 44B alone

I think he needs to hurry up with my starlink order its been 22 months

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>Do you think he’s helping society by providing the means to a voice for the ignored and unheard, or do you think he’s hurting society by giving dissent a chance to thrive?

nigga, please.

>hurting society by giving dissent a chance to thrive
you were not raised well

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You think elon isn't on the left? Here he is before the mass retardation of the population that resulted from covid.

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Giving the dissent a chance to thrive has only ever been beneficial to society.

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Robert Reich had a good documentary a few years ago. Little on the extremist side but he makes a good case for it and hes a good dude.

I don't care if he's left as long as he's not pro censorship

Followed him for years. Shame the guy that makes the most sense, but is also a notch left of me, is also a hobbit. He could've been president if americans could read.


100% this

when he removes the rules i will calll him a NIGGER

he has ruffled some feathers of those that thought they were untouchable and has allowed the dust to be kicked up...twitter is a farming community where people's opinions are farmed. They can be knocked or they can be used to organize against those who seek to exploit others, but both will happen now. Ultimately they will just use twitter as a place where their dumbass privileges will be checked and elitist opinions will be disproven because of counter evidence. So its a double edged sord.

Both. He is doing this all to benefit the MAP movement.

i think hes a business person who bought a company in a capitalist society and youre thinking way too much about this shit.

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That's not how it works. Musk game is living on government subsidies and not paying taxes, and this time he had to borrow 25 billions for his vanity project.
But if you owe 25000 dollars to a bank, it's your problem. If you ove 25 billions, it's tge banks problem.
So I think you'll be bailing out Musk sooner than later.

caught myself looking for the laugh button

I reject the premise: I don't think he provides a voice for the ignored and unheard at all, I think he likes censorship just as much as all the other oligarchs. Just directed at somewhat different people, such as his employees calling for unions and worker's rights.

Everyone is pro-censorship. We all draw the line differently, though.

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Consider what he already did to Bolivia in the hope of getting cheaper lithium.

Legitimizing nazis gave us WW2.

Doing trade with oppressive nations is what brought us here. It's what the oligarchs wanted. Now, they want to shut us all up while Ukraine gets bulldozed by the same Russians who killed 5 million Ukranians just 80 years ago.

That sounds like the people complaining about it

thats all you have is this sick nazi fetish remove it and you have nothing to say at all. you are retarded

Not sure WW2 would be considered a "paucity" of evidence. You vastly overestimate your ability to bullshit.

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Neither. He is hurting society by running long cons to prop up the paper wealth he has acquired selling vaporware to gullible people.
He SAYS he will open up Twitter to mopre free speech. he says a lot of shit, but he also tends to lie his ass off. We'll see what he actually does.

Rule of thumb for any investment is to have zero emotional attachment to it, and be completely neutral and rational.
He'll make his money off of irritating screeching leftists then sell off to the next rich dude or company. Nothing will change, except his bank account - either positively or negatively depending on how he handles it. Could be a windfall, could be a risky moneypit


I think you're all being duped.

>He'll make his money off of irritating screeching leftists
Who do you think holds most of the world's wealth?

He's opening a major social media site to not have a bias. If you don't like it you can go to Facebook, reddit, Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, Tumblr, WeChat, QQ, etc.

I just wanna say retarded and not get suspended

Exactly the point I was making dude

I think he is helping his own bottom line first and foremost, like all billionaires do. If you put your trust in billionaires, and you're not a billionaire yourself, you're in for a bad time

The pathetic thing about that is he wasn't even really involved in the far-right coup of Bolivia to rob them of their natural resources, he only impotently tried to claim responsibility for it after the fact. Like he does with everything. Because outside of buying the right to be called a founder of various companies, inherited wealth, and government funding, he has very very little to show for him self

This was never about free speech

This was about stopping people from posting this picture

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Fuck Ukraine. I’m not Ukrainian so why should I give a shit?

nobody cares about that pic

1) Ukraine gave up their nukes in the 90's with a NATO treaty signed by US and Russia. Russia broke that treaty.
2) When Russia grabs the land route connecting Europe to Asia, he can control trade between two continents. That's a bit too much power for a murderous dictator to have.
3) Being casual about rape, murder, and war crimes is never good. Even if you don't live there.

Russia has been actively attacking everyone's internet for decades.

We are 2+ months into this bullshit. Don't you think it's a little dishonest for you to act like you need exposition, shill?

>When Russia grabs the land route connecting Europe to Asia, he can control trade between two continents. That's a bit too much power for a murderous dictator to have
hes a good leader, he is just defending Russia from the expanding EU influence in the Ukraine. NATO is using Ukraine as a proxy base against Russia.
>Being casual about rape, murder, and war crimes is never good
99% of human history. The first thing men do is rape masses of women when they conquer a new land e.g. Russians in Germany WW2, this has always been the case it is not rape or a war crime, its just what we are as a species.

Is he the paragon of Goodness and righteousness

Is he advancing humanity in the right direction

Wow. Whoever you respresent, you are a total cuck for putin.

How does it feel to be one of the amoral bad guys?

he's not doing either, he's not changing anything. not to mention that by "ignored and unheard" you mean fascists and commies.

I think or at least desperately wish that society is more than just twitter

I don't care much about Putin but the invasion of Ukraine was a necessary evil. Ukraine has to pacified and neutralized of the Western influence, so it cant be used as a proxy.

Look what Americans do to countries in the middle east. Build bases and incite the local population, start proxy wars. Not gonna happen to Russia, because it has a proper leader.

Blood has to be spilled in order to have liberty, consider the millions dead in the middle-east over the last 2 decades?

you're delusional

yeah if it was some middle eastern country, then you'd give 0 fucks. We are a tribal species. Now that white people are being killed en masse, suddenly its a EVIL TO THE 1000TH DEGREE LOL

Lol really? Takes a week from order to get it delivered in Aus..

>twitter was already shit
>he could not deliver on his promises at all
>maybe improve things
>or cause the site to die
there's no drawback to him buying it

truth hurts

not even remotely similar situations. america was not actively committing genocide in the middle east, for starters
but i'm not gonna bother arguing with you since the very first thing you did was move to the most basic and simplistic whataboutism

Nice point Vlad. Its not like Russia forced out a huge part of each population through rape and murder of all these countries at the end of and after WW2. Replaced with Russians to dilute population to control it.
Putini needs to stay the fuck out of the old USSR countries and stop dreaming of reuniting it all. This is an ego stroke more than economic stroke. But I guess to create a gold stamdard for your money and move away from central banking you need to be able to move your gas, oil and commodities easier to allies so..