Horse thread

>horse thread
post girls you want to see milking horsecock. pref with horses like pic related. anons comment on likelihood & why

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Good of you to provide a horse to fuck her user

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Based as fuck
She would break!

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I want to see this girl get fucked by her horse. She used to make youtube videos.

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I could absolutely see her getting curious and stroking it a bit and it escalating to the horse using her thighs like a fleshlight

she puts on that lipstick only for it to leave a dark ring on a stud

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farm girl I know, several rumours she has at least tried it

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the look in her eyes and her intimate handling, I bet she'd jerked one off and at least tasted it


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she wears big sweaters like that to the stable so after that pretty face gets blasted she can towel herself off with it and the clothes underneath arent as messy

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Not really but thought you could enjoy this

most def

oh yeah. tasting precum from her fingertips as the stallion fucks her pale thighs

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>post girls you want to see milking horsecock.
...already have

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there was this Russian site I came across some years ago that had eastern European models on it fucking horses can't remember it's name but it was fucking based

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She must be horsefucked

Hannah needs it

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We love that picture
More body

Do you mean horse faced? com/watch?v=pQ2xmbWMWsM

youre welcome

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Knocked up by a young pony

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her grabbing the front of the cock so its grinding even higher between her legs

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with that massive belly and milkers theres not doubt

thick strong bodies are made for horse cock, and shes the queen of that

This girl is B3thv0lio on ig (replace numbers) lmao. She is such a slut and I don't doubt she would hesitate for a second to get her ass split open by a stallion

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Sounds very much like Team Russia, different girls messing around with a black stallion in a barn. I would have loved to see interaction with the donkey outside that was shown for a second at the beginning.

Maybe she wants to be penetrated!

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Keep her in horse stables

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in the moment she'd be tempted, but she knows her body would be wrecked for anything else if she does

I have talked to this chick on kik and she does stuff with horses pretty regularly

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imagine those big milkers bouncing while a horse cock ruined her insides

>farming the biggest on jobearth
what the FUCK did she mean by that

It's unlikely but I'd love to see horsecum overflowing from that mouth

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I guess she'll have to get on her knees and make a mess of that face then

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whats her kik?

hard to say if she'd give in in the moment or accidentally let it slip too high and it pushes in. If not, that face deserves to be blasted.

They can't take the horses, you idiots.

The horses are fake props to attract retards with money, then discard.

God made the barrier for a reason.

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Huge tits for a horse fucker

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Got Kik?