Drawthread: Slumber party Edition

Drawthread: Slumber party Edition

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Requesting her flashing her nipple piercings.

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it was sam trying to start shit, lee. she just want the attention, the feeling she has a cult.

but the other threads are only artificially high posts
I wanted to be here with you

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lol nice try

How is he so powerful?

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was Lee banned or something?


A cult? Like my drawing? Sounds fun
Oh my ...
I don't want to entertain drawma but it's too late now

how is she so perfect

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Requesting this girl fucked by a dog

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draw her in a qipao dress

He isn’t.
He’s as powerful as an ant.

Literally who?

it doesnt matter what you do at all
i dont delete stuff or whatever i just float around doing whatever i want

you cant stop autism drama

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How is she so perfect?

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pass: orange

current board:


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that's kinda gross.

Drawfags that hate tumordick:
Witch user

Anyone else?

some doobles from today/yesterday

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hi hi hi thread, anything interesting happen since i've been around?

haven't drawn anything for a hot minute since i've been distracted with various craft adventures, but i just found my tablet pen charger so at least one doodle will commence tonight

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requesting these 3 having a pajama party

buncha cuties

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Awful kill yourself

Wew.. looks like I'll take the night off

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Howdy Arisu, come to

Cute!! I think you have a thing for lee~
Does this make Samgasm a futa? Much to think about
Hi Arisu

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i know the discord gif your traced this from "anime cry"

Oh hi.
Not much has happened other than the rapture.
Anyway how’ve you been!

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hi, any cute/simple request?

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draw her

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Suck my balls drawfaggots

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mavil eating chips

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Show bellybutton

Requesting W

that girl lifting her skirt

Do you do commissions and are they open?

holy fucking damn, 7 drawthreads? this is retarded.

anyways have some tummy

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You just got

>Does this make Samgasm a futa?

i'm tired and would like this conversation to stop here

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2 are about to die tho.

requesting pajama gremlin with pizza

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Cute girl

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Lee is fun! I'm more of a Shikamaru boy myself, but I also have a weakness for edgy Sasuke. Tbh I doodled lee since you always seem to appreciate them! Hope you have a nice night, i'm going to bed.

requesting a doodle of her

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Nopan upskirt of buffalo bell here please

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Goodnight friend, have a great night! Thank you for drawing my precious, you have good taste

Here's a quick rundown on cece/shotanigger/tumordick, now updated:

>Harassed ena after she ignored him
>Harassed snacks, wl and vy to draw for him after they told him no
>Actually made vy filter him and then kept harassing them and trying to get around filters
>Drove away ena from threads
>Spammed hentai until BB of all people called him out
>Talks about personal information and private conversations in threads
>Disrespected milk's wishes by continually requesting rapey stuff with her character
>Spammed rape requests at kurochan (initially denied having a rape kink)
>Parades his deliveries around acting smug whenever someone draws for him
>Preys on newfags who aren't aware of his history
>Spammed threads as a false flag attempt
>Was caught changing IPs to samefag
>Creeps on drawfags that happen to be female
>Admitted that he shits up threads on purpose for his own amusement
>Leaked Kai's twitter to the thread after he found it
>This caused them to be harassed and had to lock their twitter
>Is an ingrate who ignores deliveries then goes back to requesting
>Holds autistic grudges against drawfags for drawing pictures he doesn't like

chara eating a fudge pop


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the W

very wew

aaaa cute drawing!

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Why are you leaking wl's art now Cece?

Requesting the characters from Ongezellig, doing anything. I got stoned the first time today and now I'm thinking about them

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Now kiss


You'er right I should add links to the list, thanks for the suggestion!

Finally, with the power of 2 letter of the alphabet. I can spell…

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hi lee! hows me favorite bowl-cutted lad?

wasn't traced but go off

>other than the rapture
sounds like it was a hoot!

>how’ve you been!
DROWNING in craft supplies. my father in law brought me a a crazy amount of vintage yarn and an old sewing machine table that i've been trying to get to work. i also just bought some fabric to make a skirt pattern i found online, and i'm like 75% done adding pockets to a skirt. lots of projects but it's time to procrastinate >:)

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Sooooooooooooooooo the boys are gonna gangbang a succubus right?

Here's a quick rundown about dante:
>Attention whores
>Will attack anyone who's getting more attention than him
>Spams and derails threads (thinks that his spam is justified)
>Wastes image limit by imitating laonin fag
>Idolised scatfag and copies his bot responses
>Admits to ban evade
>Shits and complains about avatarfags and he still does it anyway
>Constantly reposts the same shitty drawings over and over
>Basically a second shitstain
>Impersonates other drawfags
>drawfags want him to fuck off back to /bant/
>>Constantly starts drama 'under user'
>He has a list to track how much attention his characters get
>Symphatzes with Shadow
>And he came on a piece of paper to make us like him
>got triggered over a guro pic of tai
>also got triggered over Debil's drawings of WL, he spammed and harassed Debil overall making it a bigger deal than WL ever wanted
>this went for days until WL herself told him to stop
>tries to frame septic with wl
>starts a drama cascade with wl that causes her and milk, the only two "women" who have ever given him positive attention in his life, to leave
>spergs and whiteknights for days until wl finally expresses open contempt for him
>cries about it for another day and a half
>lets anons trick him, immediately afterward, into going on another whiteknighting spree
>receives a page of btfo as his rewards
>posts it to the thread
>posts it to twitter

no, that's gay.