Age, cunts fucked, butts fucked, throats fucked

Age, cunts fucked, butts fucked, throats fucked
>29, 6, 2, 8

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22, 4, .5, 6

However I’ve lied to my friends about the number of girls I’ve slept with so I’m trying to get those numbers up

Round it to 1 and don't if it's a lie. These are binary

Stuck it in the wrong hole during sex

No point. The numbers have weightings and aggregates. Each count is a matter of qualityXquantity

Can get to where you wanna be by whatever metric by being accurate with start and go from there.

These numbers are fluff. Find good bitchs

Not completely a 1, but not exactly a zero either so

Yeah that's a one
Same one as an anal fucker fiend.
As I said. Don't be a retard over this. Some people just shouldn't have been fucking bred much less breed lmfao


27, 0, 0, 0

South Indian user here :(

>not a single rape


I’ve also gotten 3 foot jobs and as a foot fag these are my proudest sexual achievements because growing up I hated the fact I liked feet and never thought a girl would reciprocate. Now I’m learning that a girl I used to fuck also had a foot fetish, so I’m gonna try to reignite that because I’ve never experienced a double foot fetish before

Stupid bitch-cunt.

Become a bodybuilder and join a book group

Rapes mostly in the north

Sadly that's not how it works over here. Society itself is too conservative. Boy to girl interaction is frowned upon and everyone wants to uphold their traditional and culture all the time.

Asian massage parlor, cheaper than a hooker, nicer than a prostitute, and you get a decent massage

Bullshit. Ur a lazy cunt and I'm talking to a dead evolutionary strain. Good riddens

-white Prussian imperial german-british commonwealth

Fair point but I'm too scared to try it (fears of STD).

Never count years, lovers, or glasses of wine

20, 1, 1, 1

Sieg heil my friend. Lots of Indians love Hitler.

Hurry up and die america

Work out and read cunt. Ubermenschism. First week first semester of finance degree -
Neitzsche genes of morality pdf

Preach, user

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> be me
> 19 years old
> constantly get approached by women
> always flirting
> they suggest we have sex
> I make excuse
> no sex
> everyone thinks I've had a lot of sex
> be me
> 19 years old
> virgin

Help me. I'm not even ugly I just pussy out.

>20, 0, 0, 0
Later, non-virgins

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Pick the ugliest one she's probably actually the cutest and most loving and that's what counts. Drop Ur standards to check ur ego which is worse and more damaging anyway. Live her. Be doggedly persistent. N I'll eventually get laid. If U did all

Less Ur retarded or something. Double-check Ur chromosome count

Cannabis and hill sprint hiit
And ABC boxing

26, 17, 0, ??cant remember the last one.

Use my full name, user.

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>age 32
>cunts fucked 30+
>anus fucked 1/2 because i have a thick cock, and managed only to put it half in
>throats fucked ~5 because nit my thing, i prefer to lick
>cunts licked 30+

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There's only One and she will whisper it in my ears xx

I see what u did there

>0 (that's really not what that's for gayboy)

Terrence McKenna food of the gods pdf