Girls who dress like this deserve to be groped

Girls who dress like this deserve to be groped.


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They want it

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fuck off. wearing tight leggings doesnt mean i want guys literally groping my ass where ever im walking.

Just not from the type of guy who posts "Girls who dress like this deserve to be groped."


so what do you think it means ? please explain

tits or gtfo

yes it does

> asking for it

What does wearing skin tight clothing mean then? Leme guess "its comfortable and makes me feel confident!"

Clearly she is asking for it.

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wanting to be looked at, and even appreciated doesnt mean literally grab me or rape me or some shit.

and yes, its comfy and cute.

leggings are not pants, OMEGALUL.

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And looked at probably conduct ppl to do thing
So do not complain

Pretty much op.

The point of dressing this way is to say "look at me. Look at my curves. Look at what I'm advertising. I'm not interesting enough on my own merits so I tease with my assets in the Hope's of attracting men (preferably hot me) and making other women jealous or uncomfortable. ".

The problem is the men they want usually have their pick of hotter and more interesting prospects so it falls on the rest of us to let them know that their Desperate Thirsty Cry For Attention will not go unheeded.

We must as men of good character acknowledge these women. And since it has become unfashionable to simply say "hello M'LADY, that is quite the nice vagina and or butthole you are displaying there". We are forced to acknowledge their effort in other ways. Whether by gently rubbing up against them or outright groping.

It is incumbent upon us good men to therefore give these hoes what they want though not quite as they intended.

So yes OP they do deserve to be groped. They will also relish in the sympathy at playing up the victim complex all while secretly getting wet and hoping for another encounter behind the scenes.

I do my part

lol thats called sex appeal. the word sex is literally in the word. you batshit crazy feminazis are just trying to do mental manipulations to pretend its not a sexual related thing

holy Shit the autism. leggings are just lazy pants bascially like when men wear.joggers

I hate you fucking knuckle draggers.
If you could stop being such cro-magnon incel looking motherfuckers, maybe more women would be comfortable enough to dress like that.

That's exactly what they should be wearing.

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Lol. Women aren't your property just because none of them want your sad little weenie. You guys are pathetic.

its 100% sexual. i'm not a feminist idiot. i know men/women have diff places in life. just because i like showing off my legs and ass doesnt mean i want people grabbing me. look, don't touch.

NOT TO FUCKING MENTION when u have a big ass its hard to find jeans that will even fkn fit. but yes, showing off is nice, just don't go too far with the shit.

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But after looking what is the next step ?
OR you just do this to make people looking at you, and then was is the fucking goal?

They'd like to be groped by guys they find sexually attractive not by some ugly fuck like u.

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for you guys

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I've groped several women in my life. Usually candidly and a few times overtly.

I dated one of them after the incident.

She worked with my cousin in the food industry and we flirted back and forth for a bit. She would often wear black leggings though their dress code expressly called for pants. She had a loser boyfriend who would come around and brood often.

I told her that I would be a better catch. She smiled. One day while throwing out the garbage she asked me for help.

I helped but expected compensation.
As it turns out she was wearing the leggings again. I helped to lift the can up and over the lip and there was that bubble but. So I was confronted with pretending to help while getting behind her or outright groping her ass.

I went went with a full grope. She yelled hey and dropped the can. When she turned I planted a kiss on her. She kissed back. After releasing she smiled and slapped me.

2 weeks later I was balls deep in her in my truck outside the restaurant.

She later told me that had I persisted the night of the grope she would have fucked me that night.

So yes they pretend to be offended, but a well placed and confident grope can end in sexual gratification.

This gal loved the attention and ass worship. She ached for someone with the balls to take what he wants to do so. She got so wet so quick I now have no doubts. They not only deserve it but crave it.

Even my current girlfriend was a blind date. After dinner we met outside and hugged. I thought heck I might not see this one again so I squeezed her ass and pulled her in. She quivered then pretended to be offended.

I said meh fuck it. Struck out I guess.

She went to her car and I to mine. She calls me 15 minutes later to say that she has an hour. So I told her to meet me at my hotel. She barely walked in my hotel room before she had her leggings down to her knees.

I'm telling you user. This is what they want.

how do you simple not just want to grope some of these girls

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You're correct

The girls definitely want it, but only from people they're attracted to. Kinda like how if some hot girl and some ham beast grabbed your package would elicit two entirely different reactions. If a girl has never hit on you, you're probably not attractive enough to just attempt it. If you're not sure if a girl has ever hit on you, you're probably not attractive enough to attempt it.

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True, if youre a certain level of physical attractiveness

Sure thing kiddo

This only works if you're hot/rich (and they know it) enough or they're ugly/poor enough, or if you've had enough time to make them like you. You can't just walk up to a random stranger and grab her ass as a normal dude and expect it to go well.

No they don't, we live in a civilized society. Show some self-control subhuman fucks.

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