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you where expecting a waifo.
but it was me, DIO!

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hello there OP, how are you? :3

also, has anyone heard of Ayumi Hamasaki?! she's fucking awesome, here's a link to my favourite song by her c:!


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Nope. And I'm ok for now.

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Pic related

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requesting that you post more music

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that's good to hear c: have you had a nice day so far?

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Can someone explan this to me?

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Kamen Rider Zero-One is a Japanese tokusatsu drama series produced by Toei Company and TV Asahi. It is the 30th series in the Kamen Rider Series, and the first series in the Reiwa period run.

ok what the fuck.

youtube.com/watch?v=NtJnix-9niI - Air TV opening theme, song is sweet imo!

youtube.com/watch?v=sCXGRcrpZBU - The Slayers NEXT opening theme, the best OP there is :3

youtube.com/watch?v=brsbxdIuWw0 - The original Shaman King OP, once again by Megumi Hayashibara!

youtube.com/watch?v=1pDM6fQUfJs - IOSYS, 1-2-3 1-2-3 1-2-3 ICH-NI-SAN x3 probably my favourite out of the links i've posted

youtube.com/watch?v=BsV820T5XrI - anime based hardcore, love DJ Sharpnel

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I know what it is. here's the link: deviantart.com/jk5201/art/Kamen-Rider-Zero-One-FusionRise-Izu-831823716 But why is Izu being used as fucking armor? (the image is my op ultraman, ultraman hyper)

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Dio is a waifu

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here's a meme from ultraman.

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It's mood af

cute :3!

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【Touhou PV】 495Go! Little Sister's Emotion【東方Mesopota】short. ver

Also, can someone explan to me WTF is going on in the Easy Breasy op? I WATCH JOJO AND ULTRAMAN AND I STILL HAVE NO CULE!

thank you for chating with me, but i think i am going to try to go back to sleep

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i ask my self the same question every day


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Ok so no one has a fucking cule. The animaters were drunk, I guess. (Yes, the image is a ultraman shitpost and a fucking jojo refreance at the same time)

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what a funny image of a turkish man.
what is your favorite hardcore dj?

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No one.

DJ Sharpnel for sure c: how about you?!


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Yay. Cold rainy night

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Holy shit did you draw that?

>Dropkick murphys rose tattoo

Hey, do you all wanna listen to a mashup I made?

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could be a reference to the torture dance from jojo but I honestly dont know.

If it's not posted on youtube I'm not clicking on that.

>random chimp event starts
>uses ultraman tiga toy from area 51
>becomes Ultraman Tiga
>uses japanizing beam
>turns entire planet to wifeu
>turns self into wifeu
>gets drunk

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it's yuasa

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yeah understandable it can be repetitive at times.
i've been digging Brennan Heart as of recent, but my favorite would be Darren Styles, saw him at edc 2019 and will never forget it.
I did not. but it is a really good drawing.

Whatever. It's good. rave.dj/1bZxAhocA4S66w

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