Join "The Green Dragon Party" (Political Party)

Join "The Green Dragon Party" (Political Party)

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What does your political party believe in?

We want to create a one world government, one world religion, and an absolute monarchy. Basically, we want to improve society, laws, rules, etc

Sounds Cool how many members do you have and where are you located?

We have around 120 members and we are located in FL

well I live in New Zealand

Shouldn't matter, we have members around the world.

sounds vague

I live in Florida can I join?

You can read our ideology if you wish to learn more about it

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yea, sure, if you want to join, send a message to this email saying that you want to join: [email protected]

where retard you sound stupid

you have to join first

You can read about it after you send a message to that email

Ok what ever faggot

How do you plan to achieve that? Who would be at the head of your monarchy?

Well, if you want to join. Just send a message stating that you want to be part of the organization.

sounds like you're hiring for a cult
What kind of political party doesn't display it's ideals for the public?

We dont really want to share our plans and we cant explain who our leader is, for now, we'll show ourselves in the 2030's

a honeypot or a furry meet up.

Also, we are somewhat secretive for now. Therefore, we cannot share that much info about it at this time.

I'll be happy to join you then if I agree with your ideals

In the 2030's I mean

Get in line, pal. There are plenty of other organizations and individuals who want world domination, I mean ummm... world government.

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red flags


definitely sounds like a cult.
1.) Wants to impose its views on people
2.) doesn't give any description except for a few vague words
3.) "wants an ABSOLUTE monarchy"

yeah i'll say no to this. Have fun fucking each other's asses while you try to convince retards to shell out money for this pyramid scheme.

How is a monarchy a red flag?

You'll be left behind then. If we are in power, then you won't be. If we are ruling this world. Then we'll make sure to not allow you to be with us.