1 day til PREY is FREE on EGS

>1 day til PREY is FREE on EGS
tick tock steam drones

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Whats eggs?

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>not even the best Prey

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2 repeated games

Is Terraforming Mars fun? Sounds like my thing.

I guess it bears repeating

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>tick tock steam drones
Yay. Free game.


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i've tried playing that game about 6 times and drop it each time after a few hours, it's so sterile and boring

arkane has to be the most competent studio to consistently release these dull as fuck games

steam dones may not take the free games. only egs chads

aight, I'm redeeming
fuck this pajeet shill thread

> only steam installed
>torrents when i want any free game (and i mean any)
cry about this, egs "chad"

Does it work with a controller now? I tried it a while back but it didn't work with a controller.

Seething gaben cock guzzlers

It's a computer thing, I'll show you later.

What if I got both?
One for buying and another for free games?

Prey's been free on Epic before
they are recycling free games again

>audio still fucked for like 60% of all PCs
Yeah naw you can have it.

>What if I got both?
uninstall steam right now or return all your free egs games. i won't allow you to have both.

No thanks. I'll pirate

Nothing wrong with Epic giving out free games
even though alot of the games been giving out are really shitty indie games i will never play sometimes they actually give out some nice games like Prey
i will never actually spend money on Epic
i will simply enjoy the free stuff and pirate any Epic exclusive games and buy games from steam


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Thanks OP, I almost forgot to claim last weeks free game I'll never play

I already have it. Repeats are fucking lame Timmy
Gimmie new shit

>shilling tim epics store
>shilling system shock: reddit edition
you couldn't pay me to make me play this trash. can't believe we lost prey 2 for this shit. go back

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I completely forgot that Epic is still doing free games. It's been months since I last heard anyone talk about EGS.

Stop trying to fit in, it is cringe as fuck.

Until epic games starts handing out free hentai games there's really nothing interesting about them.

To be fair it's been months since Epic talked about EGS

It's pretty fun if you are into these kind of board games. You can probably avoid Ares Expedition though; it's just a reskinned Race for the Galaxy that takes way too long compared to the original.

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Timmy paid for my pirated copy I guess.
Thanks Timmy.

They already gave it away last year faggot


>reddithog has an opinion
You're worse than they are

I have like 100 free games on my EGS account. I have never made a single purchase. I haven't even played a single free game I received, I just obtain the free games when they're available but most of the time I forget to even redeem them.

Prey was already given to me free months ago, and I already played that game on steam when it came out.

EGS will never get a single cent from me, they're doing to continue to give me free games though, that I will never play.


>two repeats
i have redeemed every single game and maybe played two of them. and one was just replaying arkham knight because i already wanted to and the egs version had denuvo removed


>literally giving away games in desperation
>still can't convince people to use their cancerous program
>meanwhile you can download .exe installers for games right off gog to get around any kind of launcher whatsoever

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this, fuck all trannies.

>says epic isn't popular and then turns around and shills gog

gog is just a game

Kill yourself.

I wonder what % of EGS accounts have never made a single purchase but redeem every single game like me lol
I'll bet it's at least 30%


>implying wanting DRM free games is a bad thing

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Blue vs Red
be leftwing or rightwing
democrat or repuliken
a nature loving person or a bigot and racist
are you for communism
or nazism
do you support ukraine or putin

we all know, those who love steam are all rightwingers and those who support epic, are actual good people!

>he doesn't know
check out Epic vs Apple lawsuit docs
5% of all accounts made a purchase averaging in $2 per account
this is why threads like this are spammed by shills


you WILL take a side or you WILL be made fun of for being a centrist

I mostly pirate but in the rare event that I want to play a multiplayer game I'll choose the shitty epic store solely because Gaben donated a shitton of money to democrats and Biden

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Ebin is literally 41% owned by China.

4contrarian strikes again

Nah OG Prey was really good.

I uWu EPIC lol lol lol

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thanks for the heads up

Still no reason to get it there if there's no DLC included. Like it's obvious they try to rope you into spending money on it but at that point I'd rather pirate the full game instead.

It is and you're a retard for not realizing why.

Steam, Gabe and Biden also love China. Your point?

This thread might as well be good for something.

cope seethe dilate



it was alright and 2019 prey is better

I'll take a 36 with extra cheese please

How are DRM free games bad
Explain your reasoning

gimme something good for once

Biden is one of the toughest presidents on China that we've had in years.

But they already gave it 6 months ago
I'd like number 14 please

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please no one from 71 and above

hmmmm, shills are cleaning up the tracks?

>Biden is one of the toughest presidents on China that we've had in years.
Biden is one of the toughest presidents we've had period. Full stop. He's from the old school breed of tough presidents that made the rest of the world respect America. China, Russia, you name it, all will think twice before getting out of line now that Biden is in the White House.

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The only free EGS game that I've ever put a lot of time into was Nioh, and I'm glad I did. Really fun game. Genuinely thinking about getting the sequel someday.

>Not the indian one
I've got this on steam, fuck off kike shill.

>ESG shill calls steam users Drones
what else can you come up with

it was already free, this is a repeat

Based. I miss when Yea Forums was neutral left instead of a trumpdittor schizo cesspool.

Enjoy your 71
also rolling for dubs so I can have my waifu Angela

The age old pitfall of believing that handing out free stuff attracts paying customers.

i wonder why

This. Literally this. I used to be a big Trump supporter (voted for him in 2016, to my great shame) but I changed my vote to Biden in 2020 because Biden is the adult we need in the White House.

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Eggsamine my nuts in yo mouth lmao

rolling without looking

Awwww I hate May god damnit

gimme a number 67 sir

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