Monster Hunter Rise

Now that the dust has settled, what did you think of the Sunbreak event yesterday and what are your hopes for the expansion? Do they have several more monsters they haven't shown off yet?

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Pretty hyped for sunbreak. I'm curious to see what GS gets
>Do they have several more monsters they haven't shown off yet?
Most likely

Is it worth getting into MHW + Iceborne? since it's the kind of game one can spend 100s hours in

I definitely want this Gunlance, that's for sure.

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Pretty hyped about the new moves but concerned about the swapping thing being way too good
Malzeno is gonna be a GOAT
New monster + Gravios reveal soon
Gore reveal in title update 1, Ahtal-Ka in 2

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Companion quests looked pretty fun. The rest is just more rise and wirebug shenanigans, I'm not super fan of those

It's gonna be another shitlance like general arbalance, isn't it?


I'd say at least we have Layered Rampage Gunlance to fall back on, but they haven't actually said anything about Rampage Quests in Sunbreak.

I think Almudron SUCKS

They’re pretty much on par with what Iceborn showed before release. 3 more monster then near the release some individual monster videos.

It's never too late to play a monhun game. You might not have a lot of people doing the sieges (kulve/safi) but it's not a big deal anymore

>the dust has settled
They didin't even release a demo

shells already have fire element, that's why some people get confused and think shelling isnt flat damage, because they hit zones with different fire res

>that image
audible kek

>Gay kushala

that dracula cape move was kino though

That's Velkhana, this one is gay goth Kushala

We already saw the two SS for Lance and it seems like they suck, so that's consistent.
Pic has potential, ontop of whatever SnS gets. Capcom fucking loves SnS for some reason.

Hyped for the monsters, starred (re)playing on PC and it's way smoother even at only 60fps.

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We're going to be able to layer all weapons again. These guys disabled particle effects, there's no way they aren't listening.

Was expecting a demo, well, maybe we will get one once they show all the skills on may 16 +14
Decent trailer, we got too see 4 main things
>Seregios back
Cool, I loved both the monster and the equip
Not too happy about those, oh well
Could be one of the greatest addition to MH ever, or the worse
>switch step
Absolutely great addition,expecially the fact that in can be chained fast.
Some weapon will finally feel complete (CB with both savage axe and sword, also hopping axe + the counter?) and other will gain new tricks (I believe Lance can now counter, gain the buff and use it for the other skill) while other will gain flexibility (GS being able to choose between TCS and rage slash)
That said, some weapon gain pretty little from it, and hammer is probably the worst offender, FOR NOW, but they also kinda saved the new alt wireskill that now doesnt need anymore to "compete" with the Meteor one.

The companions thing seems like a waste of time and resource to provide what is essentially cope for people with no friends

Wait we get fucking oils? AND with switch skill changer or whatever I don't have to sacrifice shoryugeki for them

>6 monsters + 1 map

>We already saw the two SS for Lance and it seems like they suck, so that's consistent.
The "I'm the insect glaive now" seem fine, if the damage is good
It solve the problem with hitting above the ground part with the other skill (but I guess it make lance stray away even more from the core)
What's the second one? I missed that.
If my suspect is real and the skill apply to sword only, it will be a sidegrade at most, shield fighting is just too good in Rise

>he thinks gravios is in
magma almu shows they arent willing to ungimp the roster, they'd rather give us recolors
Expecting no zamtrios either

Shoryugeki is already the alternative to the windmill user (but they both cost 2 so I don't think you will use both anyway)
SnS doesn't seem to care much about skill changer unless the other style switch is versatile enough

As I said in another thread, gore+shagaru would fit well as an Alatreon like event with a story dedicated to it, and Ahtal as the Fatalis of this game would make it unironically the greatest MH ever for me

Ah you might be right.

bros what mods do you recommend for pc rise? trying to get through HR again but i already rinsed the game on switch and it's a struggle w/o friends

>cant buy in Russia
Feels bad man, fuck Capcom

I don't think mods enhance gameplay that much. Most of them are cosmetic or coomer mods anyway

The one that remove the spark effect seem a must, until we get the official option
The one that remove the Ride seem ok only if you really hate it with your whole heart, it make the farming easier and you can always cancel it soon

Very hyped about mechanics but hoping they can get the numbers more on point than in base Rise (having a year's worth of beta testing should hopefully help) and want more monsters.

based capcom

I was in your situation. I just got the disable efx mod and gave myself the money, points and might seeds I had on my Switch copy.

>SnS doesn't seem to care much about skill changer unless the other style switch is versatile enough
You could switch between Drill Slash and Hard Bash but they're kind of mutually exclusive anyway,

>What's the second one? I missed that.
valor shield bash probably replacing the sweep

>implying you hunt with your friends
Cool story bro

If they fix charge blade then I might even buy the game on PC too. Now that they don't have the covid excuse to release an unfinished game, I will be expected Iceborne level of content. Safi was the best siege in any COOP action game ever, the content was amazing, the progression and loot was amazing. If they dont give us that level of gameplay just because of switch limitations or typical japanese laziness, then I will probably not buy their next game at full price and wait for a deep discount.

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Since they're posting weapon trailers starting next Monday, and they only post Mon - Fri, the last weapon showcase will be on June 2. June 3rd is a Friday so we'll either get the June trailer or a demo announcement.
Regardless, we're not so far bros.

Looks awesome, I'm excited to try out some of the new gameplay additions and finally get back into rise because it has the best combat in the series imo. I only hope sunbreak has some kind of proper endgame objective like guiding lands was to iceborne. It would make sense since capcom usually does their best to address major complaints with these updates and the lack of a solid endgame was one of the more popular criticisms I saw

They're fixing the charge blade phial height, right?
Surely they won't skip this small tweak if they're changing other shit, right?

>progression and loot was amazing
I hated the powercreep instead of trying to make interesting armors/weapons.

war criminals don't get to enjoy Monster Hunter

>Gunlance loses its damage buff when you swap switch skills
>Charge Blade empties its vials and loses shield charge when you swap switch skills
Calling these two now, you KNOW they are going to fuck Gunlance hard in this expansion,

Unless Ichinose's vengeful ghost haunts this game it's probably not gonna happen, but I still dislike the whole mechanic anyway.

They did make the armor and weapons interesting, they literally made all the previous armor sets viable. What are you smoking? the safi patch was the best patch in MH history.

>Title Update 2
If Iceborne is any sign, that's way too fucking soon. Maybe 4 or 5 depending on how long they support Sunbreak.

>Being given full permission by your own government to pirate globohomo videogames
Unbelievably based

I can always just pirate it you know

I want that gunlance and that armor.

I finally can blast dash and charged shell seamlessly during a hunt, this event was an immediate 10/10.
Now I just want to know what the new switch skills are for each weapon as we know LS gets something related to sheathing.

Base Rise didn't really have particularly good support when you consider almost all of it was content that was presumably intended to be in at release

Oh you bet there will be more Rampages

Yeah, the problem is that if you want to "play good" you get shield bash, while for "drill slash" you want to go full elemental and for sure not go for shield attacks.

At most I think you could switch the jump starting attack in and out because one of the think I noticed while playing with it is that trying to do normal ground combo with it is prone to go badly

Yeah, that's why I'm concerned. The 'many content updates planned' could be a few new monsters and cool as fuck events, or they could be just the same kind DLC we got in the base game.
As long as it promises me the same serotonin I got before, I'm game.

Sunbreak seems like GU 2.0 and I'm okay with this

Was that in this trailer? I can't remember it
>replacing the sweep
would be nice

Exactly what my brother and I have been saying. Feels good to be a MonHun Enjoyer.

>mad dog gunlancer

Anyone still playing on Switch?

Most of the playerbase.