What is the Mahjong of video games?

What is the Mahjong of video games?

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probably Mahjong Soul


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>Play Yakuza
>Some fucking side quest FORCES me to play Mahjong if I want to complete it
Yo fuck that dude, he can settle his debt alone

Dota 100%
>deep, convoluted, impenetrable to newcomers
>fans warn you not to get involved for your own good
>people play it for thousands of hours of their lives seemingly single-mindedly simply for the enjoyment of the game yet appear miserable all the same

Mate, I've only clocked about 6k hours. Nothin wrong with that

when I see the thousands of hours I've put into monster hunter it makes me feel exactly like that.

MOBAs and gachas

>he still can't play mahjong
Nigga just get 3 triplets and a pair

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Who's the Washizu of video games?

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meant 4

Fighting games when you get to the point where you're playing to get better instead of having fun. For me? It was around super gold. Felt the venom in my veins as I picked up Dhalsim and ranked to super diamond where I'm still stuck in.

Mahjong of video games is mahjong itself.


also you can do every right choice and still lose miserably

Mobile gaming.

... Mahjong?

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I don't know people who play Mahjong, but if animu is true to life, this seems accurate.

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at least in mahjong you're not relying on some useless dickheads

fighting games

You can play mahjong in Yakuza 0.

>check a few replays on mahjong soul to see what i could have improved.
>90% of the time the tiles i need are on the dead wall
fuck you too game.

Isn't the game during that sidequest scripted? You catch them cheating and just have a fight or you're guaranteed certain tiles or something.

I wouldn't recommend it, that's one of the more difficult yaku to complete

>game meta changed a lot thanks to online play and statistics database
i don't know, maybe tetris and puyo puyo
>playing it deals great damage to human soul

see how confusing it is

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What are some yaku every newbie should learn asap?

i dont nyaa


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triplet of dragons, seat and round winds
honitsu and chinitsu
toi toi and chiitoi

Playing hevendor and trying to win by highscore against any opponent but gravitas (who'll maybe win by getting you nova'd and still get more points by doing so)

Thanks kind anons

I seen a man play every n64 game he got like 4 mahjong games in a row.
Really killed his spirit.

You'll NEVER get me to cut my red 5s

You're right user. In mahjong, you yourself are the useless dickhead

>learn mahjong
>play well and have fun for 5 hours
>take a day long break
>come back and play
>don't win a hand for 2 days

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Yeah, just imagine that fat fucking hand you are gonna make with that 5 pair and an open honor trio.

chanta is a meme, even ittsu, Iipeikou and sanshoku are more important after these I'd put them even above toitoi but that's personal preference.
At that point you should also start to think about when to go for riichi and when to open your hand instead of just winging it

Moba games

Sometimes you're going to have shit luck.

tanyao and pinfu are the foundations of mahjong

just use the peerless tile


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one sec my pc is booting up

fucking piece of shit took an eternity to start
anyway here's the room #12210

I think I took too long and everyone already left the thread, rip

If we are talking about damage to person- literally any MMO or MOBA game.
If difficulty - Dota 2 or any Souls-like game where tards and autists circlejerk each other over how hard games are and how modern games are too easy.


Have you considered getting a computer that's not from the 1990's

but you don't have to pay to play mahjong

He just wants to play mahjong on it

trust me I've been trying to but I quite literally can't

>closing the room after 2 minutes.

Anyway. Here's another room. Let's play, Yea Forums.
Majsoul Friends Room 91285(4-Player South): mahjongsoul.game.yo-star.com/?room=91285

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buy some jade and you might win some more hands, gweilo

thread looked pretty dead when I made it my apologies

You don't have to pay to play gacha either.



Apology accepted. it might just be that Yea Forums doesn't actually play video games.
We'll see. I'll grab a bite in the meantime.

2/4 join up fags

>it might just be that Yea Forums doesn't actually play video games.
nah it's just that all the mahjong chads aren't here yet

I would is I wasn't at work

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