Neet Girl Date Night

I'm absolutely floored for this game to come out since the mcc looks exactly like my oneitis irl.
Not sure how I'm gonna feel seeing her nude tho. My brain would probably crash lmao

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I don't dig the freckles but she does have a tiny bit of aura similar to Kelly

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NEET females who sit at home 24/7 are at least four times as mentally deranged as a male NEET. It's sexual dimorphism.

You do not want to be within 100 feet of these BPD time bombs.

>has absolutely abhorrent entry level taste
Literally what's the fucking point?

>caring about 3dpd

this is the real issue

Neet girls give the best head :D

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Explain why thats bad

You should be happy your life hasn't been ruined by a BPD monster, user

>Neet in 2022
>Isn't an amateur gourmet chef.
Unrealistic in an era of youtube tutorials.

I can't handle those teef

Just don't fold the second you get convenient attention from someone that doesn't even have to try.

i can save her

I can make her worse >:)

Why are halfjews like this?

I know you're right, but my dick craves crazy.
The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak.

I wanna smash her squirrel looking face with a fucking rock.
Why the fuck do people love this character design it makes my blood boild

>hey beavis i'm a tranny now

asmongold-looking bitch

The artist watched Eizouken and thought, "How do I westernize this design into garbage?".

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if you admit you're the dev, i'll stop trying to get you banned for advertising

how do you tell if someone is bpd

What does BPD mean?

if you have to ask then it's probably you

If you're going to shill your game here then at least make it free.

Honestly that was just a typical teenager girl's rebellious phase, only more extreme because her dad is rich.

Bipolar disorder. It's a made up disease like assburgers to justify women & men who behave like women so they don't have to admit they're just instinctive opportunists with no sense of discipline or loyalty.

femcels don't exist I want to talk with a femanon

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I wish Maria had more appearances.

If I experienced this in real life I would probably cry

bpd is borderline, not bipolar

You say that until you actually get once then see how unstable, unreliable, and annoying they are.

wtf bro she is ugly as fuck

Not him, but how bad are we talking here?
I can deal with being clingy and paranoid; but is it much worse?

She's just soooo cute

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BPD is a disorder that gets memed like autism but people who actually have it basically flip from being drunken fratfag levels of overconfident to sobbing depressive suicidal wrecks every couple of weeks

Most NEET/would-be females just have really bad adhd that looks like bpd because they have especially rough periods thanks to never caring for themselves, t. dated a seagull for 4 years who drove me prison gay because of how nasty she was

Who the fuck takes baths?
Imagine bathing in your fucking filth and calling yourself clean

>dated a seagull
Uh, what?

She’s just Kanamori but not hot.
How do you make Kanamori not hot.

Someone posted a series of videos from a dude named Michael showing his daily life with his menhara GF in streamer girlfriend threads a few months ago and it was fucked up. I know incels have fantasies of "saving" fucked up girls, but seriously stay away.

Alright where's the interracial art?

It depends on what she spends her time at home doing
If it's camwhoring/streaming or being involved in online political communities, then you're correct
Anything else and she's probably less screwed up than the average girl

please lurk 3 years before posting

she and her mother are best girls

It means people who are more likely to react to things using extremes then processing actions more gradually. Essentially, their personality focuses on the extremes. I believe it's a psychological rationalization in reaction to trauma. People with this condition would react this way most likely because of formative conditioning, where using extremes was their only way of navigating a life that reinforced them. When outside of that environment as they come into adulthood, the condition makes them naturally transient as their condition is naturally polarizing.

The only people that can fix them is themselves. This involves probably a long, painful, delicate pursuit of understanding that most would rather remain ignorant to.

thats bipolar
bpd is borderline which is
>ah! a new favorite person! goodbye forever previous favorite person, who after minutes of deliberating I decided actually sees me a burden and secretly hates me
>wow. this boy sure fell for me fast. he must really like me
>but he liked this girls post on instagram where she has underboob... i dont have big boobs so i can't compete with her at all
>im going to cheat on him to see if he loves me enough to stay with me after
>he doesnt want to break up??? but hes just doing that to be nice
>ah! a new favorite person! goodbye forever previous favorite per-
if someone explains this to you they deserve death for spoonfeeding
t. happily married to a seagull (basically just mom who i have sex with)

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Bro I’ve been here since 2012 and I’ve not once heard that fucking term

this is Yea Forums not /soc/ how would anyone who lurks here know what that means


I've been here for ages and have no clue what that term means

its what the cosplay roasties on /cgl/ call themselves

>dry ass nuggies and fries with no sauce
at the bare minimum give me ketchup

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if your only hobby is posting on Yea Forums (not the same as your only hobby being playing video games because that's acceptable) then you dont deserve to feel the loving touch of an ex-femcel seagull anyway

oh no

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Yeah yeah sure dude Milhouse is my favorite meme too

So... Is it worth it to date a girl with BDP or nah?

No sauce is superior to fucking ketchup

Everybody has shit. The difference between someone worth dating and not worth dating is their willingness to understand their own shit.

He fucks birds.

>at the bare minimum give me ketchup
are you sure you want the femcel to squirt some "ketchup" over your dino tendies?

useless question. All women have it to some extent or another
It's generally cured by giving birth though


BPD is a disorder which basically means you emotionally abuse everyone around you. It isn't like other disorders that are mostly just warped perception or self harm, people with it are dangerous to be around. Don't even be friends with a BPD girl.

whats the difference between a bpd girl and a girl whos just kind of mean

Before this thread 404s
How do I find a femcel gf? My only requirements is that theyre a girl, have no kids, and aren’t an obese landwhale.
That’s it.

a diagnosis

So does this bitch have BPD or not?

No, fuck you

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Simply asking for the both of you to kill yourselves.

>cute girl bathing in filth

that's literally top 0.0001% standards in the USA, user

when people say "crazy pussy is the best pussy" and "never stick your dick in crazy" theyre talking about bpd girls
make of that what you will

>1000 island
>on nuggets
What the fuck

BPD has a specific pattern of abuse so they make it hurt as much as possible for you.

there is no such thing as a femcel, no matter how ugly or fat a girl is there will always be some desperate guy who will be willing to hook up with her

Go to anime conventions or something similar involving video games and try and find awkward, lanky girls hanging around by themselves and looking lost.

go to nearest college campus
very likely any black women you find there will fit that description

Well clingy and paranoid are an insecurity thing, so most women, but like actually crazy can ruin you even more than any other woman can. Normal women will just ruin your reputation, maybe get you fired, at worse find a way to sue you. But if she's actually crazy, you just won't know.

Just for asking for ketchup, I gave you something entirely different.

NO! I get that it’s alluring because I’ve dated a chick like that too, it’s good for a while but it won’t end well.

I'm a neet who cooks all his meals and I fucking suck at cooking, I can't even make decent scrambled eggs

Femcels mostly are scared and have high standards at the same time. So they're extremely picky but too petrified to actually do anything about it.

I can fix her

how do you tell if a girl is BPD? are there telltale signs that separate them from others?

>Mac n cheese and fries
That's a lot of carbs.

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I am enlightened. Ive always thought that anime conventions are a place for fat weebs to hang out but I never thought Id turn my thinking around

Add some water when you mix the eggs to make them fluffier.
Also season that shit

Kanamori REAL

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Unpredictable. If a woman is unpredictable for you, you really shouldn't bother. Regardless of BPD but aside from the telltale signs, that's it.

Guys don’t tell him

scrambled eggs is all about heat control.

self-harm scars

I think most people tend to overlook childhood abuse as a root cause for NEET-like tendencies. My younger sister was like that when she was younger, and she would have probably stayed like that had I not been constantly up her ass about it. Hell, I would have been like that if I didn't have to look after her.
A big part of what leads people to NEETdom is that they have some hangup in their lives that drives them to seek easy, safe, and near-instant gratification at the cost of developing skills or even taking basic care of themselves. While not impossible for women, men tend to fall more easily into this trap because of the general lack of basic affirmation so many of them fail to receive. In short, they don't have the fundamental pieces to build their confidence with - and no confidence means no motivation with which to build the sources of value that would compensate for your shortcomings.

Ask her if she has ever suffered from abuse
If she starts to get really animated and go into detail, never talk to her again

>Black women
>Not fat

And anyway white people don’t want to date blacks anyway, it’s sad but true

Thats unironically a dude

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Tells you her life story within 10 seconds of meeting her and admits to being abused and being in 'therapy' or having a therapist

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