My pure, innocent lunar princess wife; Ranni

My pure, innocent lunar princess wife; Ranni.

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I love my wife Ranni!

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Are you the same guy in every thread?


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You're cute user.
I love my Ranni wife too!

I'm pretty sure he is

At least wait for the previous Ranni thread to die, god dammit

First time seeing a waifufag ritualposting?

Based, I fucked your wife ranni in the ass in space, as did the millions who also married her. What a little slut

Does anyone else feel like Dark Moon Greatsword totally trivialize the entire game? In pvp it takes a lot of ser up but, even at base stat requirement it is just obliterating every boss it touches. Should I feel like, guilty, or something?

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I made my tarnished a black guy which means she fucked him and sucked his bbc, cry more kid


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user will tell you his Ranni is living in his head and yours is a different Ranni, I've seen this stuff multiple time already

Cute! Cute!

Each and every Ranni is different.
Different universes.

Nah its all the same ranni getting fucked in every hole by millions of dudes

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Nah I married and fucked your wife in every hole, shit was so cash

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> Ranni is living in his head

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That's nice that you are married too, this is my beautiful wife Melina.

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And most of them are black lol i got an artist to commission ranni getting bukkaked by lots of hung black dudes guy showed me the outline and it made me diamonds

Your love truly is pure user!

Very lovely!
Melina deserves happiness!

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Thanks rannifren.

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Melina reserves her kisses for (me)

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Can mods please start banning ranni wife garbage threads?

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Cope and seethe

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built for seluvius

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So did the fanfic user die after releasing only 1 chapter?

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How many times have you married Ranni, Ranni poster?

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Built for dogs

>Dearest consort, of course thoust may layest with me upon our marital bed
>I have but two conditions: wearest that mask that gives thee the countenance of a wolf, and whilst we are entangled, produce a great and rancorous barking so that I might approacheth mine own climax

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built for bbc (big black cnives)

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>not turning the poopoo consumer into your puppet

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And letting Boggart die? No thanks

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Damn bratty princess..

all me

Just do Seluvis' quest first, then some rando gets killed instead

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Look at her go!

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Keep going rannianon, you make it easier to find Ranni threads through b4k