Lost Judgment PC port leak. (1/2)

Lost Judgment PC port leak. (1/2)

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source: mobile.twitter.com/LennyReviews/status/1518415520617406465

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clearer first pic

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>ancient game
>literal who on twatter
Who gives a shit.

Me and other pc-only RGG fans, which invalidates your post. Please think before you type in future :)

this is running on Amazon Luna

why is that dude on the left so fucking tiny

Its the Luna / Stadia version...

It's literally the Amazon streaming version, which is obviously a PC port held hostage behind streaming. Same as the Stadia version of first game.

Like I said. WHO gives a shit? Yall niggas irrelevant nobodies.

Everything about this is streaming quality lmao

This. Luna/Stadia version is pretty much a port already, it's just compiled to run on linux used on jewgle/jewmason servers. Both flopped streaming services allow you to use KB+M hence why the PC button prompts.

How about Judgement first? Stupid japs. Putin should put nukes on kuril islands to spite them.

>Amazon Luna
The fuck?
>Amazon Luna is a cloud gaming platform developed and operated by Amazon
This sucks. I know Judgement is on Stadia (or was supposed to be). Oh well, at least I can still play both Judgements on PS4.

Pc cucks are getting desperate. Go back to 7 shitter.

First game is still on Stadia but no new games are allowed since Jewgle is in middle of phasing the service out, so SEGA put both games on Amazon's clone of Stadia instead.
The biggest fuck you is that essentially PC ports for both games exist but they're held hostage behind streaming trash.

I literally have all platforms nigger, I just don't like exclusivity because it's cancer, don't even get me started on the fact I can't play the games at 4K 120FPS on either SeX or PS5 even though I could on PC, kill yourself.


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get a playstation losers

>just suck a californian tranny axe wound guys

Out of curiosity, how big is the map in Lost Judgment compared to Yakuza ?

So is it possible it might be coming to Steam at one point? Because i remember No More Heroes 1 and 2 were on the Luna service but it did eventually hit Steam.


>Cloud gaming

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>get a nogamesstation losers
no thanks


Deretu dissu

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>So is it possible it might be coming to Steam at one point?
No, do you fucking live under a rock and missed how the actor's talent agency fucking blocked PC explicitly because they are 90 year old boomers that remember WW2 and still think PC is like it was in the 80s where it was just eroge and say "it would damage the brand"?

>tfw bought it last week
Holy fuck not again

That's an unproven rumour from one single outlet. Not saying you're not right but it's not necesserily a forever no

What about coming to Steam Deck? They are ok with handhelds.

Not unless the managers of actor have finally decided to cave in. Remember, it was them who prohibited a proper PC release in the first place. Even Sega wanted Judgment on PC after Yakuza success.
In case of NMH... It was an early access exclusivity. And I bet that's the reason behind actual PC ports being pure garbage. Release the early access port on flopped platform > nobody to get feedback from > actual PC port is shite.

>Amazon Luna
>return to desktop
yeah no

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I have, I'm not playing at 900p

Not as long as Kimura's boomer talent agency exists. They might get away with it if they completely remove any trace of him from the game but that won't happen. It's also the reason why Sega canned the series again despite it's success.

Never gonna happen, it's the same as PC and they'd never let it happen plus Vulva has a policy where they forbid Deck-exclusive games.

>unproven rumour

If I'm a retard, you are welcome to prove me wrong with an official response.

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>it's the same as PC
But they don't know that. They just see video game screen on hand sized machine.

Both games are on SeS and SeX as well, just saying, they're not PS4/5 exclusives.

point your finger at Johnny's and Associates

that's the wording the existing amazon luna versions of lost judgement use

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Others would tell them it's same as PC plus again, Vulva would never allow it as it breaks their policy.

>40-100 hour games
>theres like 9 games
>there's actually people who expect you to be able to play through all of them
sequels were a mistake

>Others would tell them it's same as PC
wtf fuck those snitches

Can you change graphical setting too?

[citation needed]

>40-100 hour games
>there's 7 of them
>there's actually people who expect you to be able to play through all of them
Apparently it's ok when FromSoft does it.

Sorry guys, i didn't know anything regarding this whole debacle with the talent agency.
I just though since NMH was in the Luna thing, then maybe Judgment will be the same deal.

He literally gave you the screenshot from the fucking Luna version you retard, seek psychiatric help, you're like those retarded russkie monkeys that want "PROOFS?????" when people point out the war crimes in Ukraine, kill yourself.

nah, just game settings, brightness and other which has no graphics options

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How does that prove anything? Are you retarded?

I'd love to get a better screenshot for your retarded ass but luna does this shit anytime it's not fullscreen

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[citation needed]

Yo mammy eat my dick nigga

Hmm, i see. So its not a full fledge PC port then.

Is it actually confirmed the reason judgment isn't on pc because of that talent agency or it's just a rumour and people took it as fact?

>Me and other pc-only RGG fans
So basically you and other retards? Got it.

here's your spoon retard

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How does that prove anything? OP's picture is from the PC version

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Are you mentally challenged? Inbred? Seriously curious.

>always interested in the yakuza series
>pc release made me want to finally get into it
>start yakuza zero
>love everything about it
>realise how long the game is by the time i got to real estate management part
>realise that there are more games in the series
>burn out sets in before i even finished yakuza zero
worst thing is that i had fun with the characters and the world, but holy shit this is a fucking investment and a half

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>Pc only
Thats your problem.
You could save yourself years of begging for ports by improvintg on your life decisions

0 is by far the longest entry. Even 5 with it's excessively long main story doesn't have as much side content.

>starting from the 6th game
Why do you retards keep doing this?

>Even 5
well i don't have such an issue with zero being that long, i have an issue with zero coming before 1, 2, 3, 4 before i get to 5
it's literally called zero and i never played any yakuza game before and everyone told me to start with it

If you aren't going to play the PS2/PS3/Wii U versions of 1+2, 0 is the place to start

>I've finally got you know, adult who beat me down twice before. I'll defeat you THIS time for sure!
Are Japanese high-schoolers really like this?

Judgment (original, not remastered) appeared in the Geforce Now, which implies that PC version did exist at some point and solidified said rumor. Stadia version reused scrapped PC build with KB+M support.
Judgment Remastered was released 1 year and 2 days ago with no PC announcement yet.
Also the latest rumor was that Judgment is going to be turned into a TV drama.

Show me where OP's picture says anything about Amazon Luna

should i know this game?

It's the actor talent agency that refused to let a PC port happen because they live 80 years in the past and have downright horrible policy.
Sega wanted Judgement on PC as soon as Yakuza became a success but the agency won't give their blessing and they can't ignore cuz they own the rights to the MC's face.

Holy fuck, you ARE braindead. OP's picture is a screenshot of the Luna/Stadia version. They lied about it being a PC port. Just look at the graphical artifacting and low quality. It's obviously streamed.

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That's Luna. Yes Luna use Windows so if someone dumb enough to leak it, it would work on normal Windows PC.

>OP's picture is a screenshot of the Luna/Stadia version
Where does it say that?

>Where does it say that?
You aren't getting another (You). Go take a long walk off a short pier.