What the fuck were they thinking?

What the fuck were they thinking?

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what's wrong with it?

they thought that you are a faggot, and honestly.. i agree

It's unreasonable

Let me rephrase my question.
Is it more unreasonable than rivers of blood?

Is it actually strong?

Is pretty good against invaders or hosts that panic roll into healing, also a cool finisher

It's completely overpowered

It's decent for PvE but pretty useless in PvP. It just shoots in a straight line and can be easily avoided.

no one gives a shit about pvp


You could have just said "it's decent" since only troons play pvp

Now that you ladies got that out of your system, let us men continue our conversation, ok?

>Now that you ladies got that out of your system, let us men continue our conversation, ok?

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What's the problem? It's a incantation you get at the last stretch of the game, after Maliketh falls the only mandatory bosses left are Gideon, Godfrey and the final boss, 2/3rds of which will dodge your spell often.

im a big frog irl
pic related

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>caring about balance in a PvE game
>playing PvP in a PvE game
>playing PvP
>posting in this thread at all
help I'm trapped

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sure but you get it in end game anyways
let faith have some op spells as well

>994 damage
Your way was visually awesome but you could have probably gotten the same result from a jumping attack.

It also lowers max HP which isn't shown as a damage number but just as the bar decreasing

I know, but it takes that off the top, not the bottom, and bloodhound can't heal.

Why are INTfags like this?

That's just Mortal Blade

The Black Knife art is worse in PvP.
>Whiffs by a mile
>Still applies max health debuff
It costs very little FP compared to other cast-type arts so it's very spammable.

PVP is the main mode of the game. They balance the game around it. PVE already became irrelevant, everyone completed it.

>only the gamemode with 0.01% of players remains relevant!
Congratulations. They surely nerfed Rivers of Blood then since they're listening to pvptranny screeching?

Rivers is working as intended. They nerfed madness to the ground and buffed incantations to make them PVP viable. The only mention of PVE in the patch notes is them fixing Patches quest (which show how much they care about the pve minigame if they didn't even complete the quests lmao).

>The only mention of PVE in the patch notes is every single weapon since PVE is the only gamemode that matters

They buffed almost everything else so more builds are viable now. They also nerfed frenzy shot, a spell intended for pvp. Morever from fucked up pve bosses in latest patch. Balancing pvp seems more important to them than caring for pve

>0.01% of players
Everyone both here and on /vg/ talks about pvp exclusively. I think you're just bad or slow if you're still stuck on pve.

They should remove invasions from the game.

>blatantly making shit up
kek, here's your (you)

But you want to keep coop?

Judging from how Tiche works, it's either out of the middle or the bottom. Hence why bosses will have their current HP jump back up when her effect ends.

PC will be getting this mod soon and it removes invasions by default so pvptrannies can kiss their game goodbye on PC.

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You're one of those retards who say their first playthrough was 100+ hours long aren't you

You're one of those trannies who brings up completely tangential shit after getting BTFO, eh?
Go ahead and show me all the threads here about the PVP since you just said that's what all people talk about
If you deflect again or fail to provide the proof, last (you)

Imagine having 3v1 advantage with scuffed downscaling and still running away to unofficial server just to avoid bad red man.

Might be actually good news for multiplayer, I'm imagine ppl that would do this are RoB spammers and the like so good to get rid of them

Imagine giving a flying fuck how people enjoy a PvE game.

Kill yourself you fucking tryhard troon.

>...and it won't get you banned
How so?

Meanwhile, the people playing the game (and not just talking about it) enjoy the pve a lot.

You aren't connecting to their servers.

Sure, but most people finished the pve a month ago already. It will only become relevant again with the DLC.

It's not a PvE game though, it's a PvP game, hence the invasion mechanic. You're just incredibly upset that you blow at it.

Delusional and mentally ill.
You'll never be a woman.

How can the focus of the game be PvP when it's a utterly pointless activity with no goal or progression?

I am running my 3rd and 4th playthroughs concurrently. You don't "finish" after a single playthrough.

Disability access.

So what's the goal and progression of pve? Building your character. Why do you build your character? For pvp.

What are you doing for 4 playthroughs? Smacking the same braindead AI because you're too scared of playing the actual combat mode?

What weapon I should use for Mogh?
Take flame deal no damage

Coop and Pvp was a mistake

In PvE you explore and fight enemies to find new places and new enemies while building your character until it's over. In PvP you fight people with no end goal but massage your sweaty ego.

>caring about pvp when half the time it's somebody cheating

The goal is to explore the world and to beat the video game, which has a defined final boss and ending sequence.

Playing the video game and having fun, of course! 233 hours in and I'm still finding areas that I've never been to before (not the lake of rot, but just saying in general).
My current two are a random-coop oriented barbarian and a duo-with-a-friend katana dexfag. Spent a couple hours yesterday watching hosts get killed by Rahdan's arrows before I could even make it to him to get his swords out.

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True, FromSoft needs to remove invasions from all of their future games. It shouldn't even be a selling point anymore, it's just embarrassing to give these sick people a way to stroke their egos.

>buffed incantations to make them PVP viable
You know enemies can attack too, right? Most common complaints were about the most basic enemies knocking out of late game spells.

>use Placidusax's Ruin
>get knocked out of the air by a rat

That's a smart rat - attack the source of the laser beam and the laser beam can't hit you.

>I fucking LOVE exploring LE BASED fantasy world, IMMERSIVE and FUN! I wasted hundreds of hours smacking mindless AI because it's... LE FUN!!! I want to have FUN playing le BASED pve mode while Jamal fucks my wife!!!
PVE losers will always be hilariously pathetic

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>pvptranny's first thought is of nigger dicks

Let's all clap.

nobody wants to play with you user
nobody wants you in their private lobby
you'll be ok

I don't care if they include them but I'm never gonna care about invading or being invaded, in theory it's a good idea but reality is disappointing as usual.

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