The last 2 games you played are now combined. How retarded is it?

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>rocket league and call of duty coldwar
i'd play it.

>King of Fighters XV
>Street Fighter V


>Deep Rock Galactic
>No Man's Sky
It's literally the same game

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Bannerlord Online and Ninja Gaiden Sigma.

Sounds pretty cool, an online Mount and Blade game set in Japan with Ninja Gaiden combat.

rainbow six siege and xcom 2

Rainbox six siege but it's Ayy's vs tacticool operators.

Tomb Raider 2
Yakuza 5

I honestly don't know

>Cave Story
>Synthetik Legion Rising

Time to (get) ultraviolate(d by) some angry mimiggers and destroy the Crown or Armageddon.

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>Colony Wars
base i think i just got Audiosurf.

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Metroid Fusion and Golden Sun so a Metroid RPG with Samus shooting Metroids/X. Like the normal game is 2D exploration but the second an enemy sees you you going to a turn based fight

>Elden Ring
Holy Kino

>halo + terraria
that's just starfield

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>that's just the game we know almost nothing about and hasn't released

starbound not starfield sorry

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Oh ok lol

>dark souls remastered
not sure if want

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>Legend Hand of God
I don't even know anymore

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jedi knight academy and the sims 2
this doesn't work

>Half Life
>Portal 2
holy fuck gordon has a portal gun


>Alien vs Predator 2000
>Left 4 Dead 2

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Supreme commander meets dward fortress

>A post asking about what games you play
>19 posters
>on Yea Forums

Literally fuck everyone on this board who doesn't play. Take your whiny drama to /r9k/ where it belongs

>corruption h-game
>corruption h-game
More scenes and different artstyles, I guess?


Plliars of eternity II deadfire
Ultimate admiral dreadnoughts

jesus fuck i didn't KNOW i wanted this...
>design and build your own sailing ships and fit them out
>take over the entire deadfire archipelego with your armada of sailing ships

>Cities: Skylines
NGL, sounds comfy.

Slay the spire and vagrant story. Sounds fucking amazing

>baba is you
Pokemon but it's autism-level puzzle game.

>hell let loose
>doom 2016

The demons try to co-ordinate an invasion but there is no commander and nobody cooperates, everyone blames the map when they lose without capturing anything

Yo, I’ve been meaning to try out a crpg since I’ve never really given the genre a shot other than the KOTOR series. All I have is a switch, should I start with PoE or Divinity? Or should I go for Planescape: Torment or Baldur’s Gate 2? Have these games aged well? Do they play well on console?

>Deep Rock Galactic

Corporate ladder climbing and backstabbing while slowly taking over hoxxes?

>Arma 3
>Final Fantasy 2


>Help Me Remember, Satori-sama!

So.. I have to talk to someone who lies half the time about rice?

divinity games aren't even remotely RPG's. they're more akin to tactics puzzlers. every fight revolves not around what you and your characters can do, but picking up the ONE interactable in the fight area and moving it to the right spot to set off a chain reaction of events to kill the enemies for you.

plus the game has cringey edgelordian 'humour' and the setting is made out of plasticence.

pillars at least allows you actual rpg-ing, and you never ever HAVE to take any of the fucking godawful OC DONUT STILL npc's the devs made, at any tavern you can just BUY a character you create yourself as an NPC adventurer who isn't your watcher to come along with you. plus the second one can be played in turn based OR RTwP. plus deadfire has really fun little ship combat. plays out rather well too

the switch versions of BG are the EE. but they're fairly fun too. they're really fun and work well on the switch. you jsut gotta be aware of the terribleness of the EE 'MUH DIVERSITY' changes and CURRENT YEAR revisionisms.

>Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis
>Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel
Not sure if this is an improvement...

Star Wars themed sims? It could be done.

>factorio and HOI4
I’d play it

Bloodborne + Gravity Rush?

I’m sure, without looking or knowing, that the most exists

>Forza Horizon 5
I don't know how to feel.

>pathologic 2
emma HELP ME

Stalker Call of Pripyat
Doom Eternal

Well, they're both FPS so it's good. But CoP is focused on immersion and fantastic realism, while Eternal is just balls to the wall carnage. I guess we could combine the gritty post-Soviet setting of Stalker with gameplay elements of Eternal, redesign demons to be more like escaped lab abominations and weapons like experimental Soviet guns. Or go the other way, a survival shooter in the wake of Eternal's demonic apocalypse. The demons left, but maybe some mutants and anomalies remained.

>God Hand

blake stone planet strike x legacy of kain:blood omen
i think it already exists it's called doom

>Elden Ring

I can see it working

>Granblue Fantasy

Interesting. Random generated world and items plus permadeath with gacha and jrpg aesthetic?

Thanks bro, I think I’ll start with PoE then

Destiny 2 and Pubg.
Idk nothing much changes from destiny's perspective

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>Guilty Gear XX Accent Core +R
>Armored Core
Probably the best anime mech game I'd ever play.

>nightmare reaper
Well, that damn bugs will get what they deserve

>stalker shaow of chernobyl
>silent hunter 3
dodging sea monsters in an irradiated ocean, sounds neat

Ghostwire Tokyo and Just Cause 3


>castle crashers
pretty sure the helldivers people made a fantasy knockoff so I'll just go see what that looks like

>Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia
Huh. I'd play it

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>Whatever the hell you just said, I'm sure it's an invitation to spank ya.

a few seconds later
>HARRRG- Yeah!

>Persona 3
>Cruelty Squad
Bizarre mashup

I'm down for class-based N++ with guns or TF2 but faster and way more vertical

>TF2 but every class has Scout's double jump + winger jump height for both jumps

Deadly Premonition and Blood
Now I'm realizing just how much I'd kill to play that.

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>gacha game
>furry vore+wg game
Somehow this isnt already a thing.

No double jumps in N++
It's all walljumping and the fact that jumps are additive to your vertical speed
So if you run at a slope and bhop up it you get mad speed
They managed to make a surprisingly intricate little movement system with just 3 buttons

>Salt and Sanctuary
>Nightmare Reaper
Soulslike + procedural generation = total bullshit

>ff chaos
>elden ring
Best game ever

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