Resident Evil general thread

Resident Evil general thread.

Which one are you playing, or the last one you played? What are your hopes or expectations for 9? Which was the last RE you beat or completed and or enjoyed the most recently?

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i need to finish cvx, i got to chris' part and stopped

I got banned from the Resident Evil subreddit because I didn’t like the mexican Leon from the movie.

I also got banned from the Magic the Gathering subreddit because I told people I hated the leftist bullshit they put into the game

I just finished RE3 Remake a few days ago. First time playing it. Its a pretty fun game, but its as flawed and barebones as people said. Coming from the recent games specially, the map is just simplistic af with the exception of the hospital, the cut areas really would have benefited the game

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Not that user but you need to shut the motherfuck up and die if you think you could just tell people what to do (aside from not putting up with shitlib lunacy)

The Evil Within 1 + 2 are kind of like Resident Evil, right?

getting banned from reddit does not cja ge the fact you are a redditor

Not really, they're only like RE4 which was nothing like the other RE games.

When you take away the human compulsion to seek out and experience new things, and really focus on the quality of an experience versus its recency, it becomes obvious that the last good RE game was REmake. The HD remaster of REmake counts too, I guess.

>I got banned from the Resident Evil subreddit because I didn’t like the mexican Leon from the movie.
I highly doubt that. The mods on that subreddit can be dicks sometimes, but it's more likely that you said something racist, not that you felt the actor didn't act well.

fuck off

I notice that the lady from Forespoken (Ella Balinska) is the main actress in the new Resident Evil TV show by Netflix. Hope it turns out well. What's weird is that we don't actually know if she's playing Billie or Jade. Even she doesn't say on her social media, so it's probably NDAd. It's probably Jade given her relative top billing and what we know of the script.

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how badly will they fuck with RE4? we've already seen what they did with the VR version

i honestly dont get the hype behind REmake 2, the original is completely fine outside 320x240 backgrounds,they also added cinematics up the ass,fuck that

>Revelations 1+2

I'm playing through RE0 for the first time because I desperately want to relive the experience of playing REmake and it's the closest thing. I immediately can see why people don't like it. It doesn't really even feel scary.

It's slop for zoomers. Get rid of the good music, get rid of the slow-pacing, add checkpoints, add pointless gore and le scary X man and call it a day. Ideally it would have gotten the REmake treatment but there's no way in hell they would get a pass for that today. I much prefer RE7.

>Now, let me introduce you to... THE EVIL RESIDENT!

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my headcanon includes only the original trilogy. all of the others are shit

played RE4 professional last year. Quit after the first level

I’m just really hoping the the reason we haven’t heard anything about the village dlc is because they are straight up just making another campaign from Chris’s perspective, making it as long as remake 3 or preferably longer and are going to sell it as a stand alone for a decent price.

it really is a slog. it was great when it first came out, but i now resent if for killing survival horror. plus it just gets boring and tedious now; in the face of all of the modern shooters it really just can't stand on its own anymore

I'm talking prior to 4. 5 and 6 are utter shite, haven't played Revelations but they look shit as well. 8 is it's own thing.

>ots tps reimagining of classic RE

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Played 2 and 3 classic for the first time, loved 2 it might be the best game on the PS1
Maybe it's because I already played every other RE game but 3 burned me out, wasn't a fan of the level design and Nemesis doesn't feel that special compared to stalker enemies in later games
Honestly I'd consider 3 on par with the remake for different reasons, they're average quality for RE there's nothing especially bad or great about either of them

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>mexican Leon
He's Indian lmoa

>Resident Evil General
>it's just classicfags bitching and moaning that CAPCOM stopped making games for them
>no one recommending indie alternatives just bitter bemoaning

This is all I can find for your legacy and it's shit.

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>pointless gore
This is such a retarded thing to nitpick you made me laugh thanks

It is shit, please don't post that ever again. Post something like this instead.

Is this playable now?

It's had most of its bugs fixed, and the dev is currently working on adding an auto aim feature, in the same style as RE2 and such

What stalker is better than nemesis? He's dreadful and an absolute juggernaut to actually take down. I really hope you aren't going to say one of those gay scripted enemies from the nugames

Holy kino!

In the middle of a Resident Evil marathon. I did REmake (finished platinuming it), RE2 OG (Leon A/Claire B) at the same time as RE3make, then RE3 OG at the same time as RE2make (Claire A/Leon B) then I did RE0. Now I'm on CVX, then go to 4, 5, 6, 7 and end it with 8. Not going to waste my time with spinoffs or Revelations crap though.

Mr X isn't scripted for most of his screentime, the way he dynamically chases you and how you can track him by the sound of his footsteps is brilliant
Jack and Lady D had personality that made up for how easy they are to kill, definitely had more fun in the chainsaw duel than any Nemesis fight

8 is nothing like 4.

>not playing Outbreak
It's your loss

So you're saying the rural European village setting with an attache case inventory and merchant are 100% original ideas 8 came up with?

I played a little bit so far. Game isn't too bad but the little guys on wheels can suck my dick.

Official Resident Evil pussy stats, 1998

>Jill Valentine:
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>Ada Wong:
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>Claire Redfield:
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>Rebecca Chambers:
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>Sherry Birkin
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>vaginal power: unknown, N/A, Only penetration made has been made by subject themselves, frequent masturbator.

Imagine what the coomer that typed this looks like

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Surface level shit is irrelevant.

Why the fuck is Wesker's theme a remix of Wreckage of the Mad Experiment?

it's pasta so it's probably not one person. This get's posted in RE threads all the time.

>it's NOTHING like 4!
>w-well it shares some similarities but they're surface level!
Thanks for pushing that goal post

Might as well say 2, 4, and 6 are similar because they feature Leon. All the comparisons to 4 make 8 look much worse.

7 and 8 brought new life into the series and I hope they keep going in their direction

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>All the comparisons to 4 make 8 look much worse.
Yeah because it does many of the same things but worse, so being similar is what makes the comparison negative
Same thing happened with the parts 8 took from 7 every thread was complaining about it around launch

Been playing a lot of RE2 Remake. I wanted to go for the Plat Trophy on PS4 but the 40 FPS gameplay just doesn't feel right. Went back to my PC and played through it 3 more times with some cosmetic mods

no hope left for re
t. classic chad

It doesn't do anything similar. That's why the surface level comparisons are useless. It only APPEARS similar.

I just want more Ada. It would be really cool if they gave her a spot in Street Fighter 6.

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I kinda love Revelations 2.

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All Ada's are great but her RE4 appearance will never be topped, especially with that sultry Sally Cahill voice

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You're just coping it's a weird lovechild between 4 and 7 that takes elements of both that's a fact

me too, it's my favorite one after og2 and 4

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RE1.ISO (mediakite):

RE1 (torrent):

>RE1 Classic Rebirth patch:

RE2.ISO (SourceNext):

RE2 (torrent):

>RE2 Classic Rebirth patch:

RE3.ISO (SourceNext):

RE3 (torrent):

>RE3 Classic Rebirth patch:

Dino Crisis 1 (SourceNext):

Dino Crisis 1 (torrent)

>Dino Crisis 1 Rebirth patch:

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Gore was never the point of the RE games. Seeing some guy get torn apart from the waist down and his bloody entrails sticking out is just disgusting, not scary. Fuck RE2 demake and the zoomers that love it

I bet it gave you a heart attack old man
Hilarious how you call zoomies pussies but tremble at a little gore(in a horror game, what were they thinking?!)
And btw blowing off zombies' heads with a shotgun has always been an iconic part of Resident Evil, did you puke when you saw the scary pixelated chunks too?

>Claire and Sherry's hairy pussies

My hope and or expectations for 9 or at least for CVX Remake

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