The "great" debate

The "great" debate.

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Triss is bliss
Go with Yen if you like men

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>not the perfect tomboy girl

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Neither, I pick Shani

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More like ''''debate'''' OP

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>Thaler's used goods
Yea Forumsedditors are pathetic

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Trish everytime

triss is fucking annoying. yen is hotter and more likeable, when she's not being a whore.
gimme shani, kiera metz or anna henrietta

Which one (if not both) ends up being black in the show?

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Yen is a better character and fits the narrative way better. The second half of the game is filled with scenes that only make sense with Yen. Her romance scenes are also superior.

They fuck horse cocks

Yen cause women are objects so you want the better looking object that you can get more use out of

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Neither. Both are wrecks. Geralt decides to go witchering. Ciri can come, or be empress, up to you.


Triss is black
Yen is half indian or something

>women are objects
so are you, incel

This debate is irrelevant because you can't romance best girl.

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It's a shame that Witcher sfm scene is full of so many blackedfags

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Not a debate.

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It's just not a good quip back, try a bit harder next time


I would rather fuck Triss but Yen is the right choice for Geralt.

triss 100%
>naturally beautiful
>can procreate
>worships you
>not a cunt for no reason
>flavorful pubes

literally the perfect woman

Who has the bigger dick?

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They're all used goods

triss because redhead
they're both insufferable cunts tho

The only good female character in the entire series is Jaskier's fellow bard in a short story in the first or second book.
Shame she died because of a plague shortly after. F

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Yen - manipulative whore
Triss - even more manipulative even more whore.


If we're talking about Geralt there's no chemistry between him and Triss. And Yen got to him so hard he made a wish for genie to bind their fates together.
One of my favorite parts in the book was when Geralt deducted that Yen was a hunchback and that terrified him - not because of the fact but because he was afraid she'll know he knows, and he didn't want to hurt her so with all of his will he erased his thoughts of it.
Geralt and Yen's relationship is very rocky and troubled, but that's what makes it real. Triss is just what-if perfect waifufagging.

Triss definitely.