Villain is evil because of his tragic backstory

>villain is evil because of his tragic backstory

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>villain is evil because of his tragic frontstory

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>Villain is evil because he's lost everything that matters to him and he wants to ruin it for everyone else too

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>villain's backstory is never given in game
>you can only find out why he's evil through supplementary material

>villain is evil but actually isn't

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>all of the people the villain killed deserved to die
>villain did literally nothing wrong

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>villain is clearly evil, cruel, and has done many terrible things
>they're hot so everyone says they did nothing wrong

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>>villain is evil because of his tragic backstory
yes? That's how it works. Nobody is evil for the sake of it, and even then, people who claim to do that always have some kind of motive that they don't want to talk about.

>animal reaction image complaining about tropes to appear smart

>villain isn't evil
>he's just hilariously incompetent
>the only reason he lasted so long in his position is because you keep coming along to fix his messes at the right time

>villain is evil because he's been corrupted by an unseen force

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>villain is evil because he wants true heroes to emerge in a world that's mostly morally grey

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What's a good reason for the villain to be evil in your opinion?

And? Why this is wrong?

>The actions of the villain are better than the actions of the protagonist, making it look like the villain is actually the hero and you're the bad guy.

Becouse fuck hot people.

More cats


>villain is subjectively evil and has goals which equal, if not rival, the main characters goals

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Sinful nature.

Revenge and trying to protect someone are top tier motives.

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>villains are evil cause they killing humans for the lulz

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Most stories and game go this route because they scare off their paying customers if the character gets a thrill from being evil. (As in, the movie doesn't TELL you said character gets a thrill, they SHOW you the character getting a thrill. The Bad Seed and Clockwork Orange are two interesting/chilling takes on characters who enjoy being evil.)

>villain is evil because you are good

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The internet was a mistake

>What is Dr.Stone

I know a certain demographic of people irl who tend to be evil for the sake of it...

>What is kiwifarms

>yes? That's how it works. Nobody is evil for the sake of it
Are you underage?

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Why is the shittiest top tier. Why would I watch something where you can't root against the villian? This is stupid.

>villain is evil because of his fortunate backstory

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I think when talking about the main villain of a game, being evil for the sake of being evil doesn't cut it, especially if they are just sociopaths. Obviously there doesn't have to be some massive sobstory, but sociopaths/evil for the sake of evil usually work best as side villains.

>Villains who are just evil for the sake of being evil
>shit tier
objectively shit list
you're the reason why videogames and movies are shit now

>Who is Donald Trump?

>everything is a shade of gray!
You only think this because you don't actually know anything about the world

Wow. Not guilty.

>teammate betrays you cause hes a gullible autist

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>villain isn't even evil

We did it reddit! Le bacon whale!

I never thought I would see the day someone proclaims the world is black and white, not gray, after people have been correcting people like you for years.

This is a bullshit mindset pushed by deconstructionists and subversionists to make us ignore/forget the very clearly defined sides of good and evil in the world. It literally leads to societies collapsing and millions dying in wars.

Shit like Game Of Thrones, The Expanse, Legends of The Galactic Heroes (basically any piece of fiction that that tries to """""humanize""""" the villains) aren't popular- we're hardwired to understand the lines of good and evil, and if you're wired correctly, to fight kicking and screaming against the dark. But the subversionists (you know [[[[[[[[[who]]]]]]) want you to feel sympathy for the things that will rip you and your children to shreds, so these things are artificially pushed onto the public, their success faked until it becomes real. It is more powerful than a knife or bullet or bomb could ever be.

Don't ever stop pushing back against the dark.

There are plenty of sheep that believe that too, you aren't unique.

Ibara wasnt sad, he wanted power and he got it.

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It's called counter-culture, they think it makes them smarter just because they recogise a trope and that there are sociopaths or retards out there doing evil shit for no reason.

>what are psicophats
>what is selfishness
And much more, there is tons of reasons "evil" people exist rater than "weeee, someone was mean to me i`m going to be mean to everyone now".

>villain is known for being evil
>revision comes decades later, turns out he was just misunderstood

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People who kidnap children to sell them into sex slavery are evil, no exceptions. People who stuff kids into tires and set them on fire for propaganda are evil, no exceptions. People who throw acid in a woman's face because she wants an education are evil, no exceptions. People who gang rape little boys on busses are evil, no exceptions. People who justify wars in a third world country to perpetuate an economy that only serves to make billionaires rich are evil, no exceptions. Someone who murders someone over petty valuables is evil, no exception. People who chop families apart with machetes because someone else sold crack in the wrong spot are evil, no exceptions.

Even if these things are only a "product of their circumstances", they are still inherently evil acts. Ironically, the entire world invented almost identical moral structures independently, yet somehow we apparently have absolutely no idea what good and evil are supposed to look like.

This isn't fucking hard. The only reason you can't possibly imagine a standard is because you're either too weak willed or too stupid to let one be established.

God killed humanity a few times, and God is alwais good. So only God is good other are neutral or evil.

Let me introduce you to , I'm suuuuuuuure you'll get along.

I mean I get you, but also check out the book called Europe Central. It's about all the small people in WW2 who decided to do good or evil and the ways they have been narratavized since. The author isn't trying to deconstruct morality, he's bringing it back by making the question more difficult.

>villain is evil because he's Russian

>Villain is a schizo suicidal faggot who went on a rampage instead of just killing himself

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>villian is evil because the precursors to your civilization nearly destroyed and scattered his civilization thousands of years ago

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Anyne got the Yea Forums posting version?

>the question more difficult.
They are all deserved death and punishment for ww1 and ww2. No good people in this.

>Villain is evil because he fucking loves being evil and to hurt people

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>Villain is completely in the right
>Gets what he deserves, a happy ending alongside him becoming a figurative, godlike figure after all his endless suffering

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