Why are boob slidders so taboo in western games?

Why are boob slidders so taboo in western games?

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Blame Nintendo's American staff for everything wrong with your localisations. Be glad that most of them are gone, but be sad that most of the staff that made the company what it was have also left.


Western devs are chads and know that if you disagree with their ideal size, you have shit taste basically.

Boobs are scary

Anything that might make young straight men get a tingly sensation is taboo because male sexuality is evil and oppressive.

>western games
all the games

Could have just said
>Why are boobs so taboo in western games?

But it's cause large breasts make trannies, women and their beta orbiters more upset than anything else. You can get away with a nice ass or good thighs, but large breasts will send them into a frenzy. Not surprisingly, many of the guys outspoken against tits are also pedos.

>MFW I wanted to make a cute flat girl but stuck with a tiddied mimiosome

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Why is 0 boob slider never completely flat?
I don't want cowtits

This. Cow fuckers get many games pandering to them but dfc enthusiasts really are an oppressed minority.

In XCX they removed the slider but you can still modify they boob values via cheat engine or gecko for hacked Wii U.

Bought that game used because of the censorship. It just ended up being another boring open world game with an ugly world.

Unironically this

>XCX's world
You better be baiting

>I want big titties
Fucking sexist biggot white supremacist
>I want lolis
You fucking disgusting sexist weeb, why aren't you just a map and fuck real children like everyone else

I'm not baiting, it had some decent structures here and there but overall it looked like puke. Awful textures, awful colors, shitty lighting and shading.

You absolute bigot. Boob shaming is a sin, you have no right to criticize women over something they didn't choose.

Because female characters are usually an afterthought and they rightfully expect most people will play a male and self insert. Does nobody remember how lazy bioware was, that femshep had the exact same animations as male and looked ridiculous?

Western games focus on gameplay rather than autistic character creation.

Nintendo of America's staff before Japan purged the place is the reason X got fucked

Ah yes, the absolutely amazing gameplay of uncharted

extreme breast envy from western women

Women don't have boobs.

Shit, forgot pic.

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More gameplay than Asura's Wrath.

It's a Wii U game. The colors were good tho

Unless the woman has big breasts and a thin waist. Then everyone should criticize her over her body, right?

because they know you little faggots will slide it TO THE MAX and call it the day, so in most cases you already get DD's in games.
seriously, in all games that allow boobs sliders position 0 would already qualify as DAM THOSE JUGS, GIB MILKIES in real world. as opposed to bugmen who have no shame, those evil western devs still try to keep facade of "games as art meduim" at least at some minimal level despite continous effort to convince world otherwise by vcoomers.

The first game's world doesn't look as ugly in 720p and had good colors. The colors in this felt incredible bleached out while also looking gritty/brown, like some western game. That shit is ugly to me.

cows aren't human so it's fine lol

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Unironically this. Whoever says cultural marxism doesn't exist is just a leftist faggot shill.

>the heterosexual males who want tits in games are "bugmen"
literally the opposite retard
bugmen are the cucked onions faggots like you who can't handle milk OR big milkers

Wrong. Moderate breasts + wide hips are the only acceptable form of woman. Give me pears or give me death.

literally cowtits

Meh, could be worse but the ideal body shape is wide hips AND big tits. Hips to birth the children and tits to nurture. This is the basis for fertility and to deny that is to deny our primal instincts.

i've seen literal dogs that more self concious than you.
you disgust me.

Yes, Marx made some very pointed comments on boob sliders in video games in Die Deutsche Ideologie.

Women are a burden. If you can't carry her with minimal effort, natural selection will ensure that your bloodline get extinct.

Breasts on 3D game representation of actual females is problematic!

Pretty sure the Saint's Row games have boob sliders.

If having a pair of Ds or even Cs makes a woman too heavy for you then you aren't exactly going to have an easy time anyway by that logic.

It makes the legbeards feel insecure.

Don't they have a bulge slider too?

Western was a mistake

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It's not too heavy, but it's not optimal.
Evolution will do its job.

It's optimal as I stated. Men were expected to be strong, so if you were too weak to carry them then you were not optimal.

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