Rune Factory 4

>No voice acting
>just tiny snippets

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As long as it's enough for me to know what they would sound like I'm satisfied. I'd rather they not blow their very limited budget on voice actors.

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You'd just complain about all the cucks and trannies doing the dub anyway.

Works for me. I'm surprised they put in voices at all when most of the game feels like it was baked in nearly all with sound effects being the core of the audio design.

I don't get why they made this. There's no new actual in-game content, not even dialogue.

>want to marry Margaret
>other town events keep starting and I end up saving after they have started, just got cockblocked by Don't Fall for It, Vishnal
Man, I wish all of them started with a cutscene, some stealthily start without telling you.

Why else make ports to other platforms? For more people to play. Now you can play it on TV without needing a capture card or Citra.


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what is newlywed mode and another episode? first time playing this game should be story mode right?

Side stories, play story mode first.

No more voiced dialogue?

Lmfao. Nintendo would put a bunch of trannies on the English dub and force you to import the Japanese version. Be grateful

That's not Yue

So how's the beach day DLC?

When the fuck do I go to Leon Karnak? Are you supposed to get him really fucking late or something?

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It is an order that costs 0 points and changes everyone to swimsuit. Pretty great when you want to oggle Amber in her bikini without waiting for summer

I have a couple questions regarding Forte's sub event, the one with her mom. How do I trigger it? I talk to her everday and get nothing, do I need to have no actiive events for it to happen? Because right now I have the memories event active for act 3, does that mean I have to beat act 3 before getting it to trigger?

I played through RF3 before and I don't remember marriage/events being this hard to gets started.

I see. You can party her and then go to the wardrobe and change to your swimsuit and she will change too. Works for pajamas and wedding dress too

You get him literally 2 seconds before the act 1 credits. He is the last unlocked character unless you count doug progression requiring you to beat act 2

Finish memories first

Oh okay. Thank you. Still won't be getting him before his birthday tho which kinda sucks.

Well, you can go anytime if you want. If you go before the story tells you to go, the fox at the top won't let you proceed. Now if you are talking about story mode is the last dungeon of part 1 and venti sends you there. "Pls save leon or something"

Anything Marvelous does is cringe. It's the bottom tier otaku faggot shit.

I realized that friends of mineral town has been remaked and remaked and remaked. Was that popular or something?

dolce is here to rescue your shit thread!

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You can celebrate extra hard with him next year!

To everyone who picked Amber:
How do you plan on spending your time in jail?