Is it worth buying Pokemon Sword, now that Heracross is finally in?

Is it worth buying Pokemon Sword, now that Heracross is finally in?

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Ass is too big

Unironically kys coomer

imagine the gapping hole

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Everybody's ass is big when bended over. Now answer the question.


>make a boring game
>add anime butts
>it now sells 10M copies
god dammit

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mmm pusy

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Imagine being a full time women's restroom smell checker

Did pic related sell 10m?

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no it sold better than any other Aliter game to date.

>starts thread with porn
>"wtf why arent you paying attention to my very special topic!!??"

>no nudity
>just a girl stretching
>starts thread with porn
Are you fucking retarded?

When did pokefags stop playing pokemon and start jerking off to the girls?

I believe we didn't have such a cancerous fanbase 20 years ago.

that speedy deletion, based mods, protecting us from disappointed advertisement companies

I blame Hilda. She's too hot, has a big ass in a game where you always stare at your character's back, and everything changed with her.

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haha yeah bro it's a completely innocuous image
fuck off retard

stop posting

you, on the other hand, should keep posting images like in the op
No text needed, in fact shut the fuck up and just post the pics

go fuck yourself

Move Yea Forums to fucking Yea Forums already

As long as I get pokegirls I don't care where you throw your money at

It's the most popular blue board now though isn't it? That would mean losing a lot of ad money

When the games got more and more braindead and hand holdy.

can someone PLEASE make a spontaneous pedo accusation so I have a reason to spam lolis at them?

No game is complete garbage. Stay away from such insulting mediocrity

>haha yeah bro it's a completely innocuous image
Ehm... yes it is? It's completely within the rules of this board? Why do you hate women so much that you try to put them in your sick porn situation?

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God, pokegirls have always been pretty good, but Bea hits all the right spots for me. I don't even play the games anymore
How do they do it? Do they spend all their budget on designing waifus?

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The biggest joke is the ads themselves are NSFW

Die, pedo. Do you seriously wanna fuck these beautiful ripe lolis? You sicken me.

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I want a fit gf so much

But Heracross isn't in sword and shield you retard.

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Lol what, Sun/Moon was literally the first Pokemon game with any difficulty. All the other games were just "train what you want, you one shot everything anyway". Especially 1st and 2nd.
It's possible that your nostalgia clouds your memories.