Final Fantasy XIV Shadowbringers

This JRPG will have online crossplatform between PC, PS5 & Xbox Series X. Say something to nice to it.

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Crystal Data Center -> Duty Finder -> Alliance Raid Roulette

I hope sexbox means they can do graphics now

I'm not going to say they will never update graphics because they are going back and redoing the ARR MSQ, but it is very unlikely.

We still don't have finished headgears for Viera and Hrothgar.

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I hope they never get it, they don't deserve anything

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Dropping PS3 support and focusing on PC/PS4 allowed them to make bigger areas in Stormblood and Shadowbringers. That's why Kugane, Eulmore and Crystarium are only one zone and not divded into several zones like Ishgard, Limsa, Ul'dah and Gridania.

I'm assuming in about 2 or 3 years they will drop PS4 support and then we can expect there to be another jump forward in terms of size and fidelity of the environments and graphics when they focus on PS4/XBSX/PC

They said that they will do another graphics revamp eventually 3 years ago.

>Kill party , High Dps , bring macro ty , Dont join if you didnt see enrage, want to waste our time dont join , Bring food
>everyone is grey in e5s


FUCK consolefags and FUCK hydaelyn

fflogs ruined the game, now I avoid people who are less than blue.

>he didn't clear in the first week

It's all your fault user, now you're stuck with the shitters. Better to just make a 0-1 chest party and be carried by other grey parsers that have cleared.

Why did the other thread get nuked by janny

I just don't understand how it's possible to be grey without deaths.

the OP was bad

I'm on ps4, what is parsing?


Autismo/tranny (or both) e-penis contest over who does the most damage (this is apparently less important than clearing the content reliably)

Seething DPSlet

WOWjanny hates XIV. He's been butthurt for years.


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But it is literally less important.

what boss limit break is this

you do have the 1.0 tattoo right Yea Forums?

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I'm working on my 8th Blessed Keep Tool
Someone help me.

For real though, having to do the majority of the Housing stuff to fill out the log is stupid.

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Why fill out the log?

>be proud 1.0 hero
>still act as a lowly cumdump for sprouts in the quicksands
Have you no shame? Fucking harlot holy shit

It's required for the glowy Tools for Crafters

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>Why did janny nuke a XIV thread

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I fucked up, I wanted to say more important m.
Killing myself as we speak.

Retards, in short.
A PLD in my e5s party only used Confetti ONCE and never even touched Divine Veil/Intervention/Reprisal.
They jusy cannot fantom the simple concept of reading and doing your proper rotation.

The best part is when these kinds of people cry endlessly in your fc chat about how horrible e5s parties are when they themselves are part of the problem.

That's really embarrassing. You should have a final meal before you off yourself. Enjoy every bite. But yeah go ahead. That was really shameful.

tismos install thing to look at the damage they and the party do, they then upload those logs to a site and pretend that the big number and color matters when you clear anyways

how to make them glow? the achievement list ones don't glow when I Try On.

That's because you don't know what a percentile is (like the vast majority of people who upload shit to FFLogs and just look at the pretty colors).

Well Yoshida did mention a graphicsal upgrade for 6.0 in one of the fanfests, or was it an interview... Either way he did say something about it.

Source or lie (i want it to be true)

>Get Lighthouse in Alliance Roulette
>Math time
>3/4 of the alliance keeps fucking up
Hilarious desu

imagine being brd

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alliance raid roulette is pretty quick allegory though even if people do mess up

>tfw clear all Eden Savage as Dancer
Chad as fuck.

They glow when Crafting/Gathering

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>pvp in XIV is trash
>pve content is so scarce and barebone that the only way players can compete with eachother is by wanking their e-penis through numbers and colors posted on an unofficial parse website owned by an actual tranny

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Crap. So I don't even get to stand around with them in Limsa and have people envy me? What's the point then-_-

MCH looks good, but I don't like how its a button masher.
Not just that but also it is still tied to having good ping so if you don't youre fucked.

You can idle as fisher in Limsa just throw the bait in the ocean below and it glows

It's a "stand in Limsa and ERP in say chat" game. If you're not UwU and OwO'ing every 5 seconds you're not the target audience. The only discernible fun part is watching people take online ERP relationships so seriously that a bunch of men, some in dresses, will openly "call others out" for cheating on them by internet fucking another man.

What's the best stuff to craft to repeatedly spiritbond Facet gear?

Start to craft something and then don't continue.

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Yeah, i really wasn't complaining, we only wiped once on him. I just found it funny, i guess most didn't even care about the mechanic?


ALC and CRP broke me.

It's even worse than that, switch to shiva only

>fc attention whore keeps crying about the fact that mounts arent allowed in the new hubs
Based Yoship, get fucked.

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I could see mounts being cool in the Crystarium, it's just so fucking huge. But Eulmore is better off without mounts.

>there are people who actually wish Amaurot was the hub so its quiet, somber majesty could be swarmed by slutglammed trannies and autists showing their glowing fat cat mounts

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CRP is what I'm actually on, it sucks. Really really sucks.

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I remember being a sprout and thinking i can fill out my entire crafting book. I didn't know of garlandtools back then so I made lists with actual pen and paper of what items I needed for the craft.
Boy howdy I miss being stupid and naive.

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>Loot left to right
>If you get a piece leave please