I’m in love with her, bros l

I’m in love with her, bros l

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... am a simp

fucking why
shes trash compared to tifa


Er, I'm sure you and her will live a long, happy life...

jessie is trash compared to any tifa iteration
even black tifa

>on a dangerous suicide/bombing mission
>won’t shut the fuck up about how much she wants Cloud cock
she was an annoying slut

I want to see how they ruined yuffie already

Shes as flat as a pancake

You just watch too much ecchi anime.

cant wait for golden saucer date with jessie

Can't ruin trash

I can't believe they made a game with even worse combat than FFXV and KH3.

Well I can, but still

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same op , dont listen to all the fags in here

your waifu is a cock hungry skank

>actually said "my hero"
Holy cringe. No one talks like this

>hey Cloud, did I already mention how much I like cock?
>I mean, it's ok if Tifa is sucking your cock instead of me, but remember that I'll always be there to suck your cock, because I love cock
>I can't wait to finish this mission so I can get banged by a dozen of beautifui cocks
>cock cock cock cock
what did Square mean by this?

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She was hotter in the first trailer

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How are you handling the fact you're going to watch her die after being shot up failing to stop the plate falling? You'll have one last conversation with her as she is dying, gasping for air.

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She has a crush on Cloud, but Midgar has a crush on her.

God I still feel bad about Biggs and Wedge, let alone her


badum tss