I am 27 years old. I head straight home from work and sit in front of my PC and TV until early morning...

I am 27 years old. I head straight home from work and sit in front of my PC and TV until early morning, then go back to work sleep deprived, then go home and crash hard until next morning, then go to work again, then...
When the weekend comes I sit at home all day. This is usually the only time during the week that I can muster enough will to play any games or watch any movies.
Thanks for reading my blog post.

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sleep regularly
thats step one

try to get fit and seek professional help
50 bucks once a month to talk to someone about your problems isnt the world and lifting soem weights twice a week wont kill you either

Hey now, stop copying my life

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same but life is a cosmic joke to me so I really couldn't care less

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Fucking this But be careful as there are good psychologists and bad ones. You could give it a try and see if it impacts you somehow. But try one which uses more discussions and doesn't just throws some pills down your throat as that doesn't solve the problem

>watches movies
kill yourself peasant
did you really think you could stomach games until you dropped dead?

what are you rambling about you insane faggots

Going to the gym is a great idea, but don't believe these two retards. Psychology is a made-up discipline with no actual positive benefits.

Get a hobby that doesn't involve your PC, consoles or games.

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you gotta line up extracurricular activities for the evening of every workday. A group sport, some kind of social gaming event or two (Magic tcg, fighting game weekly), leave a day off to rot if you need your rotting time. And definitely get your 7 hours of sleep daily or you're just gonna continue being a lethargic slump.

Get a wife, have sex, and procreate

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ok then go hire a prostitute to talk to her about your problems if thats more your style

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>muh first world problems
you're not starving, you're not being drafted into a war, you're the only that's stopping you

What do you do in front of the PC and TV? What do you do for work?

Honestly this, unless something is actively ruining your life, you don't get to complain. Especially not if you're trying to cite some meme illness, like depression. The cure for depression has been known to humanity for ages now, it's called 'manning up'.

take your pills

I asked this in the personal blog thread yesterday but I think I am going to take a leave of absence from work.
I need to get my shit in order.

Mental health as a concept is nonexistent where I live. At best you'll be told to suck it up, at worst you'll be locked up, drugged, and your rights waived on account of mental handicap. Getting fit is a good advice but I keep fucking it up and stopping every time I try to make it into a habit. I have a treadmill, dumbbells, horizontal bar, the whole gym packed into my room, wasted on me.

Few man up by their sheer will alone. I know just one guy like that who's a friend of mine. It's always some external element like poor tough childhood, war, etc., and even then it breaks many. Without a struggle there's never any insensitive to man up, and all that willpower potential atrophies.

I went through mandatory 1 year service my country employs, didn't build backbone or character in me. If anything it just made me jaded. Felt like serving time while being not guilty.

I fancy drawing but most of the time I spend imagining the activity in my head while on commute/at work and once I actually have the opportunity to sit down and improve all the motivation is sucked right out of me.

Pretty much.

>What do you do in front of the PC and TV?
I wish I could recall. Time keeps on slipping without me doing anything of note.

>What do you do for work?

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Story of my life after college LMAO.

i wish my life could be so ordinary

sometimes im in so much pain i cant even play video games or shitpot

What's up? Health condition? If so I'm sorry, bro.

Where do you live? Even where i come from, russia, there are mental health institutions and regulations that wont fuck you for live just because you have treatable depression and or psychosis

Uhhh, same, actually.
I must've been misinformed and fell prey to fear mongering. Never bothered to look into it afterwards, feeling like if I'm still functional then it's not as serious as to warrant a medical intervention. When I was like 14 a school psychologist made me take some tests after I dropped out of advanced math class into regular one due to bad grades, then called my mom and told her I have a depression. I shrugged it off back then, too, justifying it to mom and myself that it was because I couldn't assign any colors but white/grey/black to daytime activities (seemed like a dumb task to me).

Who informed you and was he qualified to do so?
Either way I would go to a doctor and ask for a list of all available therapists who are focused on talk therapy as another user stated. If this fails, ask for a list of all psychiatrists, this would be step two anyway to treat your depression with medication. If it helps I only recently (6 months or so) started treatment and while i still suffer episodes I can handle them better. Good luck tovarisch

The thing with drugs is you build up tolerance, and worse, end up becoming dependent on them to even feel like normal. That's a huge hit to both your wallet and your mental health in the long run. I've a friend in Bulgaria who didn't feel like himself ever since he went through the full course of some medications for his schizoid/bipolar whatever (I honestly don't remember). So that's definitely an option Z.

Depends on what anons symptoms are. Most antidepressant wont do much but prevent you from spiraling down as in the case with mine (setraline). Neuroleptics are a different case but again, my experience with risperidone shows no noticeable downsides most of the time but allows me to think more clearly and straight. I know Im only talking about my experience here but still, its worth a try and 20 bucks a month wont burn a hole into his wallet