Nioh 2

You're going to play the best ARPG of the past decade, right?

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a hero known as sneed

The first Nioh was trash and I dropped it, is the sequel much different?

>Besides... I'm not a fan of blades

Hanzo,I'm already a yokai.

>is the sequel much different?
Would a new ip that shipped 2.5 million copies be drastically different?
Gee I wonder

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got the code for this user? i need that cc!

a weapon to surpass metal gear

>making smash characters
fuck off retard

>Diablo loot
>No single interconnected world

It's like they don't want to make a good game

Please code!

No, it's pretty much the same but with some extra gimmicks

I will, and I'm going to use the default character model while I'm at it.

Sure when it hits steam.

Reminder that if you share your waifus code you're a cuck


why is ur waifu so sad?

Coomers be damned. Post manly men.

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>don’t post things that make you coom, post things that make ME coom!
fuck outta here

Ye, so? You got a problem with that, user!?

Yeah, when it comes to PC. Pretty excited, though

I hope there's a couple more hair bases and sides at launch

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>look it up
>not coming to PC
I guess not

my wife

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its a delayed release just like the first game

well they'll get my delayed money when there's a sale

she looks like she fucks yokai girls

animal crossing is probably more your speed

I'm gonna wait for it to get ported to PC since my PS+ expired and I have no plans to renew it, plus I hate double dipping.
I hope y'all PS bros will enjoy it, though, first one was a banger, clocked 200 hours on it both solo and with a friend. This looks like more of the same and I'm perfectly fine with that.

>tfw the first beta I got filtered hard at the first boss
>tfw I've beaten Nioh twice and nearly a third time on NG+ before getting burnt out

Futa yokai girls

Will it feature moments of pure kinematography?

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Based chonmage bro, we will be true samurai together.

I doubt it given how unlike Sekiro, you're supposed to actually attack and hit your opponent.

I always found NiOh confusing. So many different stats.
I understand the constant armor switching and new weapons and stuff but idk.
I remember I at least got past that missions where you fight that giant black blob at some seaport.
Oh and I remember hating one of those Twilight missions where the map is like centered around a giant house, and on the left you can go into some catacombs, or you can go right, up the side and cross a bridge. It was a smallish map.
Anyways how much more is past that blob

she saw your penis

Is that sort of thing a trope in japanese stories or did Sekiro kind of rip of Nioh's ending, with the old warlord being brought back from the underworld right at the end?

the big water blob?
I think that's like 25% into the game

blob is like 30-40% ish

A lot. The good thing about Nioh is that you don't need to worry much about those stats and tech. Base game, way of the warrior or whatever it is called you can just play casually. Grab weapons that give you more damage, wear appropriate armours that do the same, level the right stat for the weapon you want to use etc. Nothing fancy. This is true to NG+ too but then it starts to get a bit gear and build autism heavy.

Constantly smashing buttons is overrated

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>8 days left

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>Attacks' only purpose is wake up the enemy's AI when it shits itself
>The rest of the time you're intended to just wait until the enemy attacks, then mash L1

Sekiro is so boring; I never bothered to finish it.