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Literally all of those game don't count

what a fucking pathetic loser.

calculate his height

post face, body and gf


Why did he buy so many multi platform games?
But I do envy his setup, I need more controllers.

>all those european boxes

I legit thought he was american

What are his favorite books, Yea Forums?

So when he invites people over does he have to shove all his plastic shit and boxes to the side?

someone do the height maths

Wtf is this
Meme culture is supposed to stay on the internet

I'm a loser too, and I'm fatter than him and I'm an incel.

He's still a loser though, I may be a bigger one.

As if he reads.

he buys anything on playstation
it doesn't matter if it's good or bad
he posts about helping sony win

This. Also I'm a nintenbro.

Why do people vertically stack game? RIP to the bottom disc

how much for a shelf

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Fucking Altmer

>envy his setup
tv audio

do you have a worst setup than that?

I have no setup at all.

>Funko Pops

It's impressive how a single lewd anime toy can turn an absolute cringe cucksoy picture into based.

get a job friend

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Was this pic taken for le epic updoots???

do you guise think he loves sony more than his wife

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119 games in stack
Dimensions of a PS4 case 170 x 135 x 14mm
0.551 inches to a mm, we'll round up to 0.56 to account for some cases having "puffiness" and being slightly larger than the flat dimensions due to manufacturing issues/wear
119 x 0.56 = 66.64 inches
66.64 inches = 5.55 feet
Even at a generous estimate, this man is a turbo manlet.

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i have a job. it does not pay well.

What is wrong with people that mount TVs above a fireplace


you don't envy his setup
you envy his possessions

his setup sucks

Yeah, I could see how a cringe cucksoy weeb might think that



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>he's a turbo manlet

>Dies from being cucked to death years later
>Pull boxes of kids toys out of corner
>Probably a massive amount of mouse shit, spider nests, just because he's too poor to afford a shelf for his toy collection

His wife probably loves Sony since it gives her husband something to do while Tyrone is railing her

sony does not sell furniture user

Condolences about your face disfigurement.

I would say you are projecting your cuckoldry, but they are sony fans, and european, so very progressive people


>119 games
>13 mm thick blu ray boxes
>119*13= 1,547 mm
>1,547/1000= 1.547 Mts
>5 feet

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someone post the statistic with blacked/cuckold viewers percentage by country

gamestop : how many playstation

this man : Yes

Imagine being a 5'6" gigamanlet LMAO.

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123×1,4 cm = 172,2 cm

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you guys literaly can't count

Mutt's law

>5'6 at the tallest
>he's actually shorter than the full stack of games
oh no no


its like he delibaretely bought a bunch of the most of the mediocre games available

A stack of shit next to a onions guzzler

based brazil with the lowest rate

Why do they do it?

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I dont have to imagine ;_;

>all those boxes
What an eyesore. Its probably dusty and disgusting in there

None of those games count or if they’re not on PC they’re shit

There I parroted the Yea Forumsermin opinion

there is your answer

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What do you mean "count"

that’s a big kid

doesn't even have a Bravia

>a manchild

do you think his father regrets giving him his first playstation

Show your setup then

Why are you on Yea Forums and hating on people for collecting games.

I don'r know user

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Based cat.

Yea Forums wants to cling to their 6 year old no games meme desperately

Based cat. Hope she's fine

It's not something to be proud of. Any idiot can go out and buy a fuckload of vidya and shit to stack up.

how can one cat be so based?

>angry when people make fun of sony retards
why are you on Yea Forums and not on resetera

God forbid someone actually enjoy their hobby

>we don't tolerate manchildren in this house

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Man I'm a coping 5'11.5" manlet and I can't imagine being even a centimeter shorter. I'm using half inches because every millimeter counts when you're a manlet.
If I was 5'6" I'd never leave my house.

>that Rias
Unbelievably based.

There is literally nothing worse than being a man in an open relationship and accepting it.. If your gf/wife even brings up the idea, you get the fuck out immediately.

You know the whole 'zoomer, doomer coomer, etc" thing. He's literally a consoomer. He has no taste, buys everything, and remembers nothing. Hes' the archetype of the casual gamer with no taste

I don't know if I'd call somebody with that level of obsession a casual.

I could play like 80% of those games on pc


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All your cat are based as fuck

I don't understand why you'd even agree to it.

Isn't the point of a relationship that you get intimacy and trust to a unique level with a person? Don't you immediately lose that the moment a third person is involved who effectively serves that same role for the person you serve that role for?

Unless all three people see both other participants as romantically interesting, in which case I guess go for it.

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I dont even care i have friends shorter then me with wives and kids.

imagine coming here to post this

go away tranny

companies are not your friends

normally I would agree but dxd is shit

people like this are what makes me consider getting an xbox next gen even though I already have a pc

>Sony does more than video games
>Sony makes more money


>why yes I have befriended a company, how could you tell?

it's just console war shitposting, but why is half of this image just corporate revenue instead of games

They're beta cucks.

he based

Yeah , the archetype of the "hardcore gamer" with no taste fits him more actually

Youre the cuck at least im not scared to go outside. Lanklets btfo

>bad setup
Really? You choose what bad setups are? There is a right way to setup? You have such little fucking meaning in your life you spend it on Yea Forums saying this setup sucks because what, its not your setup? Who the fuck cares? If you spend any fucking money making your gaming area look good you are a retarded ass bitch.

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Unfortunately the combination of liberal agenda and low test men have created the perfect storm for being submissive to women. The woman tells you that she wants an open relationship because she wants more dick, all the while she knows you won't be able to find anyone else to sleep with so it's a win win. Also its proof that the woman doesn't really find you all that attractive or really love you. A Chad would never have to worry about this because his woman would obsess over him. Long story short, if you are in an open relationship, you are in a loveless relationship.

>the first and last time niggerman decided to help

The Last of Ust

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not gonna lie, that xillia 2 box is based as fuck.

Imagine having such a fucking huge identity crisis that you form your identity on consuming products LMAOOOOO

you can see suffering in her face

>being this insecure
holy shit please kill yourself.

are you capable of discussing any hobby without bringing up you're closeted fetish at every opportunity

Most of the games he's a super fan of are on PC and not even related to PlayStation

Men are naturally submissive to women. If girlfriend wants new man it means you aren't submissive or attractive enough.

You have a warped view of what's based

>that image
ok retard

this thread is a discussion, yes, doesn't mean it's a good one
if it's not a discussion, why be here

Cause it fits the narrative. Now imagine the reaction when someone posts the Xbox version.

it's ok we know you're gay

Get back to handling Argentinan psyops, Chuck.

>Men are naturally submissive to women
lol no
>If girlfriend wants new man it means you aren't submissive or attractive enough.
Submissive has nothing to do with it, being attractive, yes. Women tend to look down on submissive men. Despite what feminism tells you, women still want a man that is a man.

That's some retarded logic

This would imply that submission is an assumed replacement for attraction, not that submission is the default, though.

The only situation I would go for that kind of thing is if I were dating a hot bisexual woman and she had a hot bisexual friend. And even then I would do my best to breach it first.
Not the kind of thing you want in a permanent relationship.

resetera/sony defense force on full force here today

Yeah, I really feel the burning need to stack everything I own into a pile and have a picture taken of it. That's enjoying the pastime, alright.

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