Any tips that my friends on Yea Forums can offer me?

any tips that my friends on Yea Forums can offer me?

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literally everyone plays this differently so no, probably not

Kill yourself

Wait, you mean about that game? No fucking idea, I don't play videogames, that's for faggots.

If you're lucky I will watch a youtube review later so I can criticize any aspect that you find entertaining.

The game is for having 300 mods and doing dumb shit or autistic roleplaying.
Either way, if you actually want to play the game to win or just want to burn yourself out on the intended experience first, you should find the best strategies out on your own.

Play dorf fort instead.

uh the usual, avoid executing raiders, instead put them in the smallest cells possible. if you got it on steam install mods, speficislly the one that let's you harvest everything

then just chop their limbs so they can't run, add muffalo implants so the females can be milked for extra food and if one of your bros gets injured, just take an organ or bodypart from your milk-producing rape slaves.

Build a defensive area around the entrance to your base, and leave your front door open. Raiders will go there. Later in the game they fall from the sky and blast through walls so it won't be any good but up until late game you can't neglect it.

Wind power is a waste of components, always settle by a river.

Never domesticate animals unless you have a plan to feed and house them.

Don't underestimate the usefulness of having people just to haul and clean.

Remember to strip raiders before you kill them.

>wind power is a waste

weird, i always find a good wind generator with a handful of batteries can carry me through most of my games

Rivers aren't really important. They don't provide any substantial use beyond very minor natural defense.
If you're implying that watermill generators are better than wind turbines, then you're simply misguided.

fishing mod is what makes water viable

but desu a river always ends up being a hole in defenses anyways

To have fun just play however you like
But if you want tips to win and break the game just make killboxes and never make a house under overhead mountain

get combat extended
thank me later (or don't, I save gamer lives for free)

Are mountain bases ever viable?

Keeping them well lit mitigates the risk of infestations, but you have to be DEEP mountain with unremovable roofing if you want to keep people from dropping in on you in raids.

Deep mountain is comfy AF, but the underground debuff takes a little micromanaging, and it beats trying to scramble every time some asshole drops thirty tricked out mercenaries in the dead center of your walls.

Cool post how do I upvote this

Research Microelectronics and Fabrication ASAP.

Having lots of food and herbal medicine early, build a massive fridge, grow weed and sell joints. Research fast, win

There you go, that's what I do

Is early geothermal worth the research time if you can construct 2+ that are nearby?

get lots of mods after a runtrough, the vanilla game is complete ass with broken and nonsensical shit everywhere

the draw of an early geothermal is strong, but:
you'll get a lot of electrical fires if you're just running at a 2000 excess all the time
you could put a lot of batteries on the circuit to mitigate this

one geo will carry you until you get to spacer tech

>wait for trader to turn up with expensive shit
>shoot the pack animal until it starts bleeding, they should leave without friendship loss once the animal drops to the floor from blood loss
>pick up all the shit the pack animal dropped
>if desired nurse pack animal back to health for friendship gain with the guys you just robbed blind

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shooting pack animals hurts relations

>you'll get a lot of electrical fires if you're just running at a 2000 excess all the time
Is that why my sunlamps were exploding on a daily basis?
Fuck volcanic winter btw, caused my farm-based colony to starve after I had hunted all my shit to feed 4 prisoners and 5 extra guys for a quest for like a month

>needed more resources
>made a caravan and moved a few tiles over
>have to increase the amount of colonies otherwise I can't enter the tile(?)
>grab my components and leave
>now I have this second tile the game keeps warning me of raids/cargo pod drops etc
How do I dump this "second colony"? All I wanted was some extra components.


Go to the map view, select the dud colony, and press "Abandon colony"