Has there been any footage of chocobo breeding/racing in the remake yet? Is it going to be online?

Has there been any footage of chocobo breeding/racing in the remake yet? Is it going to be online?

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I just wonder what their eggs smell like, haha

>thinks chocobos are going to be in the remake

Why wouldn't they? The first game is the first disk, no?

The first game only takes place in Midgar. It ends when you escape.

That's literally bait. Midgar is less than 10% of the original, there's no way they are doing that.

Dude I’m not fucking with you, look it up.

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yes there was a video of a chocobo fucking shown tifa yesterday

What the fuck? At this rate it'll take them over a decade to finish the thing.

>footage of chocobo breeding

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two blurays of fucking midgar, this game is gonna suck so fucking hard

It’s going to take them longer than that. And we’ll probably not get another Final Fantasy any time soon because of it.

Imagine if they remake the LotR trilogy and the first 3.5 hour movie they released only covered the story up until Frodo leaves the village.

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Don't worry, bro. They've got the power of LONG ASS CUTSCENES to pad the game and fill time now.

The remake stops at the end of Midgar, before chocobos.

>we’ll probably not get another Final Fantasy any time soon

Good. We don't need more disasters like 15

>And we’ll probably not get another Final Fantasy any time soon
FF16 is already at least in super early development but knowing Squeenix we won't see it for another 10 years.

Its 2020, breeding is outdated

yeah, cross species mating is all the rage now

That's well after midgar.

You’re talking about an 11 hour trilogy (if we’re going with the extended edition) vs a 38 hour game. It’s not exactly the same thing.

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would be kino

Although I see your point as the original game didn’t take 38 hours to get out of Midgar.

My point is that they are taking the intro and stretch it out into its own thing.

Yoshida is in charge of FFXVI supposedly. That dude doesn't fuck around like the rest of the clowns at SE.

I'm sure this site has good quality control, but no one has ever beaten FF7 in 38 hours

Nigga you're going to have to wait 4 years before you see a chocobo. You'll have to wait 8 years to even be able to breed them.

Which it didn't need to be stretched out since to do that they're just adding pointless filler that doesn't belong. No one cares about doing fetch quests for NPCs in Midgar. They want more playable sections like Cloud's flashbacks or new areas entirely.

>They want more playable sections like Cloud's flashbacks or new areas entirely.
And whose to say we're not getting that? It already looks like we'll get to explore some of the upper plate this time.

It'd be like if they turned the hobbit into a trilogy and added their own fanfiction to fill out the runtime

More Midgar alleys is not "new areas". We already saw that in Crisis Core and it was boring AF

Except it's not fanfiction if it's the same writer

Right, sorry, it's ""Unfinished Tales of Númenor and Middle-earth""

Ton of FF7R stans on this board. The game will sell well, and probably get good reviews, but it's crystal clear that SE is terrified of people finding out that there is

Yeah, it's a retcon, which is often just as bad.

no, then again the Chocobo breeding/racing stuff is not in FF7 until a good distance into the game and the remake is only going to Midgar

>Before Crisis is canon
think I'll just go and commit Celes

I just can't wait to play as Cid, and when are they revealing Yuffie? Aerith and Tifa look so good I can't believe they haven't shown her yet with the game coming out so soon! Anyone else excited for Costa Del Sol? Oh and the Gold Saucer, have they shown any of the minigames?

JK fuck this game, enjoy your 5 hours of gameplay

>Final Fantasy VII Remake
More like 1/10 Final Fantasy VII Remake. I admit, it looks really good, but it's hard to be excited for a game set entirely in Midgar and covering just first few hours of the original game.

>when are they revealing Yuffie?
She’s not even in this part of the game, so what do you expect them to show?

Reacted too quickly without reading your whole post. I’m an idiot and I apologize.

Neither are summons yet there they are.

>Midgar was 2 hours in the original so that means the game set entirely in Midgar will be 2 hours long
actual retards

fuck i know if bait

but i can do it in about 30hrs

heard the game ends after clouds past

anyone can confirm?

cant wait to have
>FF7R pt1 only on ps4
>FF7R pt2 only on ps5
>FF7R pt1 remastered for ps5
>FF7R pt2 deluxe edition
>FF7R pt1and2 doublepack
>FF7R 2.5 bullshit sidestory made into a full* game only for ps6
>FF7R pt1 and 2 re re mastered for ps6
>FF7R pt 3 cancelled until hell freezes over

Nomura was just the character/creature designer.

>Creating hours of filler content for the worst part of the game
How are people excited for this?