My friend is taking notes in Minecraft

My friend is taking notes in Minecraft

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>taped webcam

Same laptop me and my gf use.

Have you ever considered your friend might be autistic

>my friend is a 4channer
Big yikes.

Would more kids go to university if you could take notes in minecraft and the instructors looked like this?

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what the fuck are his notes trying to say?

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Arpad would be proud


>being a simp

>not wanting a dicklet chink watch you stroking your horsecock

I wouldn't have lasted even a semester with a slut like that as my teacher, damn lucky kids

Hungarian looks and sounds like some alien language

cute feet

just like you

>damn lucky kids
tfw i had old men who couldn't even speak english for my engineering classes

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Fuck off and die

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That shit would annoy me as a student. I'm trying to study, not get lost in your stupid thot wiles.

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No, he's mashing his keyboard in minecraft, that's complete gibberish.

hot teachers are fucking infuriating god damn.

she isn't even that attractive

lay off the porn, degenerate

>this math
underage OP


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What are they even learning? 5th grade math?

Imagine bending her over a desk, lifting up her dress, pulling her panties to the side and fucking her silly

Yeah, your imagination is as far as you'll ever go you dumb incel simp.

That's just Stacy giving a presentation, not a teacher

>filters out low iq niggers
>not filled with fags like art and english
>the building blocks of science
>faggots cant deny it like history
>workouts for the brain
Yea, math is pretty based.

>tfw you had hot teachers growing up
>you werent attractive enough to be molested by them
>grow up and see all these news articles of teachers fucking their students

god i am jealous as fuck

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Look at how old she is, that's most definitely a teacher

I know that feel, but it's also a mix of you being hot enough and them being complete degenerates

dumb frognigger. No one likes you.

nah, it's just that 16yo girls who dress like adults look like 25 these days

>haha just lower your standards
fuck off stacy

>tfw my 8th grade teacher had me come over to her place during a weekend to help me study because I was a brainlet
>tfw she was an aging milf
>tfw I asked to use her bathroom and smelled the toilet seat
Those were good times

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this either happened or it didn't

Mandate of Heaven

>tfw very hot english teacher
>would always show my homework to her just so she would compliment me

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Big if true

yes you're exactly right

I take notes in a personal discord server..

I don't believe you have any friends. Enjoy your Minecraft.

Why do eastern yurop languages look like someone had a stroke over the keyboard and sound like someone choking on a potato?

I came here to be alone...


Why english sound like someone speaking fake english ironically?

I take notes in a Yea Forums thread. People think I am schizo posting.

Because when pretending to speak a language, you are trying to make it sound like that language, stupid. Every language sounds like a fake version of itself, especially to a non-native speaker.

>never had to tape my webcam because it broke

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I fuck man ass

Drop dead, fucking ugly magyar.

Nice I get to listen to a girl im not fucking all day, sounds like heaven

>eastern yurop language
Lol. You know how they say that slavs can understand each other to a certain degree? Well nobody can't understand hungarian. For god sake, they are not even slavs.

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Consider yourself lucky. It would have imprinted tremendous psychological scarring on your young devolving brain. You'd probably grow to resent women as nothing but whores, whores to be treated like the masochistic little sluts that they are while you're out fucking them every night.

>nobody can't

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I must have fucked a hot teacher and forgotten all about it then

Yeah, yeah i know i noticed it right away. As if i can edit shit here. And doing this *correct word, looks autistic.

I have a similar feel, but mine was more staying after class and asking her for help, so she would give me one-on-one attention with her asmr voice and photogenic hands when she points out where I went wrong and shit. It was great because at the time I was super into Star Wars and she was the splitting image of a milf Princess Leia but with longer hair/ponytail, but because she was mommy-age, no one else liked her except for me because we had new younger Asian teacher with big boobs and bubbly personality in the other class. Princess Leia was a super strict hardass 24/7, so it made her seem unfriendly too. Basically I had her all to myself lmao. She would occasionally wear this almost see-through dress with slits on the side so when she walked around it would expose her legs. Fug. I even visited her a few times when I got to high school to share how I was doing. I wanted to visit her when I got older but I was too chickenshit. I hope she's doing okay.

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you're either a coomer, depressed or gay

>male gaze is simp now
Quit using memes you don't understand

Exactly this, but with heels instead of flats. Why would you wear shoes like that without high or even medium height heels? Just wear regular shoes/boots. Looks awkward, like she's some kind of Amazon or Ancient Greek warrior.

Thanks for mansplaining fashion to me bigot.

I don't think that's a teacher. Probably some kind of project.


>quadratic equations
>entry tier literature
>friend can't spell "ellenĂ¡ll"
get the fuck out, you underage cunt

>Junior year
>knew a cute fat blonde girl that would sit in the hallway before school started
>started sitting with her every day, talking about whatever
>she looked a bit older, figured she was a senior
>would sometimes tease me and flirt with me
>later found out she was a teacher and got too shy to talk to her anymore
>she told me how much she was gonna miss me when I graduated
>never saw her again
Fuck take me back I have to do it over

where's the article on her fucking 13 year old boys and them complaining to their parents?

Looks staged as fuck.