Left, middle, or right?

Left, middle, or right?

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Cloud here, Aeris is my wife and I love her.

I never played it though.

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Yuffie was my waifu first time playing it.

Virtually no baggage and just a fun girl after you get over her materia stealing

weird way to spell Zack, but I guess you're a flyover hailing from Dreamland, FU

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Yuffie > Tifa > Aeris

Dead, Used Goods, Pure Princess

Hmm, such a hard decision

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Left when I was a kid but as I got older middle just makes more sense

Marry, kill, fuck

I want to go on materia stealing adventures with Yuffie

I'd kill Aeris, marry Tifa, and then also fuck Tifa. I'd spend my time inbetween fucking Tifa masturbating to the memory of fucking Tifa. If forced to fuck Yuffie, I'd make her wear a Tifa costume.

>left is dead
>middle is a roastie that didn't like you in the firts place
>right is a cutie ninja that steals your materia just to get attention

uhh i'm thinking Yuffie is based

>just to get attention
Nah, she's just a kleptomaniac.

Is this the longest running waifu war behind Rei/Asuka?

Kill, fuck, marry, but all three are inferior to the best girl who is obviously Elena

fuck, marry and kill
yes in that same order

then i just get free materia along the way and young ninja pussy


She needed magic to save her kingdom and her strength lay in stealth and filching.

>two Asian girls with one of the two being canon, and one White girl who gets killed halfway in the game

Was this a reverse racism?

I don't think Yuffie was ever a serious contender as "third option", at least not on the level of Misato

>Tifa Lockhart

Don't start

>Tifa Lockhart


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Middle any time of the day.

Who are they?


I wouldnt mind if any of them would pay just a little attention to me.
Beggars cant be choosers.

Fuck Tifa, marry Tifa, fuck Aerith, marry Aerith, fuck Yuffie, marry Yuffie (when she's legal), kill Cloud so I won't have competition.

kill, fuck, marry

I find it weird that FF7 has it so the sluttiest girl ends up as the endgame love interest.
It would be like if Yuna died and Titus got together with Lulu.

I'd want one to make the thief girl character the endgame love interest.

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If any of you would pick a literal prostitute, or girl that dresses like prostitute, over a cute short-haired tomboy, then you and i aren't going to be on good terms.


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Correct me if I'm wrong, but my take on Yuffie's arc was that she really loves materia because she see's it as Wutai's way back into relevance?

Marry aeris fuck aeris and once she dies of old age of course, i unfreeze tifa, dress her like aeris, put her in a coma, hide her face and fuck tifa till i die

Hello? Based department?

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