What a cute couple

what a cute couple

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Same person, we are all BiBo

>Same person
>We are all BiBo
No, we're all Snake. In other words, his legend.

Get it right tard.


Big Boss is unbelievably handsome in MGSV. I'm no fag, he just has a geniunly great design

You're a fag. Especially when he and his phantom look like smelly hoboes in that game in reality.

hell yeah king
love being secure enough in my own heterosexuality to recognize when men are handsome

I want to fuck Big Boss and his phantom

is there any form of media that faggots didn't ruin?

Big Boss and Venom are the same fucking person.

No they aren't.

Big Boss and HIS PHANTOM are two different people who ended up in the same boat by the time of their fates.
Go fuck yourself.

If we mainly call him "Big Boss's phantom" instead of "Venom Snake" it will help instruct newfags that he's not Big Boss and we won't have to deal with the "Venom is Big Boss" bullshit anymore.

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or maybe you should stop replying to really stale and overdone bait

It literally is the same person

never finished MGSV cause I got annoyed by the constant "Kojima productions" credits that kept popping up every 2 seconds. Anyway what's that shit growing out of his head? Is that explained?

and let poor noobies have no assistance and thus mistaken themselves because of how vague "Venom" is? Nuh uh.

you do you baby

Two bodies, one soul

It's like the inverse of split personality disorder

His design in MGSV is pretty stupid, honestly. The concept art looked a lot better than the character model we got.

Yes they are, Naked Snake and Venom Snake are different people though. they are both big boss.

last mission you find out that the real big boss was the other guy with you at the hospital and that you're just a decoy all along (you where the last guy in the heli crash)

also last com end on what is "suposed" to be snake attacking outer heaven

in the end nobody know who's really big boss

No, Big Boss (formerly Naked Snake), born in 1935, and HIS PHANTOM (formerly Venom Snake), born in 1932, are NOT THE SAME PERSON.

Shrapnel. Supposed to give off the image of an Oni; Japanese concept of demons. It doesn't actually grow, it growing is just a hallucination that occurred whenever he did stuff that seemed "bad" to him.

In the end of the game he abandons the concept of "good and bad" and thus gets rid of that hallucination because he loved Big Boss's cock so much that he actually wanted to become a replica of the bad guy Big Boss actually is instead of the replica of the good guy Big Boss once was. It's hard to be the legend, and easy to be the reality.
For some reason this is represented by him punching a mirror and walking into smoke.

thx for the explanations

Sounds retarded but I get it

it was a plan made by zero without Big boss
knowing, the only other one who knew was ocelot, but once you find this out, playing the last mission "the man who sold the world" become so fucking kino

that also mean that even miller got fucked up HARD by xof just to protect the decoy,
also the whole parasite arc is resumed to
"the boss and her team's superpowers all came from the parasite and code talker used them to create his stuff, also quiet use the same parasite that was used by THE END" and that's why she can do her stuff

just take it as "it's a mgs storyline" and it's all making more sens sudenly

>For some reason
Mirrors are an easy shorthand for self-identity. Walking into fog represents that Venom as a distinct person is lost to time because of his decision. He disappears into the legend and gives up whatever moral reservations he might have had, so the distinction is meaningless.

Imagine getting gangbanged by both BiBo
No homo

that's actually Xof storyline right there

Holy fuck now you're imagining them gangbanging me
Fuck you, it's too hot.