>Rage Arts
>Ultra Combos
Why are modern fighting games so lenient on rewarding bad players?

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because fighters without them are dead on arrival.

V-Triggers can also be built using V-Skills, though.

Honestly I think Rage Arts are the worst because they punish players for trying to get aggressive towards a weakened foe.

Some don't reward shit players but you don't play those.

Good player still demolishes them. Makes no difference.

>V-Triggers can also be built using V-Skills, though.
Most V-Skills are very punishable. You're a retard if you think you can spam them to raise your V-Bar.

they just want NEW MECHANICS

I'm saying you don't need to eat damage to build your bar, faggot. You can be strategic about it.

SNK games need invincibility frames on DMs. I had THE PERFECT TIMING on a DM but because they're not invincible I get hit out of it.

Under Night In Birth is on its third revision

At best, you can get one bar for a V-Reversal by being "strategic". Stop being retarded.

Dps are punishable are you going to say no one uses them?
Also I'd wager v skills are fairly safe on block, just going off the top of my head most I can think of are unpunishable

Gotta keep the scrubs around until the DLC drops.

Dps are far more useful due to their damage and the ability to use them in combos. You can't say that about a lot of V Skills. And a large portion of the roster'a characters like Vega or Fang have terrible and bordeline useless V Skills.

>Also I'd wager v skills are fairly safe on block, just going off the top of my head most I can think of are unpunishable
Oh, so you don't even play the game. Never mind, then.

Well when in such a situation, weigh whether or not working towards their V-Triggers is worth it in the first place.

If you soak up damage and can use your V-T then whatever but if you can control the match, is it worth trying to earn their V-T at all?

>Also I'd wager v skills are fairly safe on block, just going off the top of my head most I can think of are unpunishable
Actually retarded


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Fighting games are a niche genre in today's market and devs are desperate to somehow grasp that normie audience. It really tells something about the genre that Smash Ultimate is the most successful fighting game of all time with "just" 15 million sold copies.

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That's true, I used auto combos mostly in FighterZ, I think FighterZ mastered the casual scene by having auto combos that combo into ultras, its also relatively easy to find a player near your skill level, so you can actually play it and have fun without having to spend hours training

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Then your timing wasn't perfect. Stop throwing out raw supers, shithead

25 years ago you complained about projectiles in the same way.

Because the modern generations are so entitled, they don't feel they should have to get better at something and they complain whenever they find out they can't have a smartphone do everything for them. Because dumdums outnumber everyone else by an enormous margin, that's where all the money is. They have to be catered to is you want their money. So now the world is filled with this tepid, soulless tripe that, in many cases, just operates itself while you sit there like a smug asshole feeling like you accomplished something.

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>v-triggers reward bad players
you can literally block all v-triggers and be fine or just jump over it.

V skills can be comboed into or used in the neutral to deal with fireballs/cover ground/etc.
If you complain that the damage combing into a v skill is lower than a special, that's the point, you sacrifice that for building 2 types of meter and potentially better oki.

Which are heavily punishable then? Ed, Honda, Seth, Balrog, Bison, Birdie, and Karin off the top of my head are all safe. Others like Rashid or Vega are punishable but if you go all the way into the move but have an evasion component that can be used in the neutral without fully committing

>SFV babies making threads about fighting games
>SFV players thinking they can give their opinion on fighting games whatsoever
The irony.

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Instead of using the V gauge as a comeback mechanic they should have just made it so both players get to use their V gauge one time and it's up to them to decide the best time, and when it's used, it's used. That way it's more strategic rather than just being a panic mechanic people throw out when they're close to death, hoping it'll help them win.

People used to say the same thing about any meters in a fighting game. And you should have seen how pissed off people got at Super in SSF2.

Brainlet losers hate new systems/updates/patches because it forces them to adapt and try new things, and it's pathetic. Fighting games are about adaptation and the evolution of the self, and refusing to adapt makes you worthless, like melee players.

Supers are unironically the worst thing ever added to fighting games.


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And are you going to explain why, brainlet loser?

I will never understand the issue america has with kids still living with their parents. specially since that ends up rising the overall income and quality of living of the family in general. instead of forcing their kids into a debt hell hole while fuelling their hatred towards their parents.
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It should be obvious why a single attack that you have to sit through a 15 second animation for that takes away 1/3 of your life is a bad idea.

It's not, especially in the context that SSF2 supers were nothing like that. So explain it to me, you brainlet loser.

just block it, dumbass

Fatal blows are shit too

America doesn't have an issue with it or else most people wouldn't be doing it. Don't listen to the media trying to get a rise out of people.

>Close match in tekken 7
>My opponent is really low on health, moments away from being defeated
>I have like 20% or so of my health
>I know he's going to try to do the rage shit
>Play as defensively as i can, trying to bait the rage art
>Eventually get fed up with this shit and try to do a jab
>The millisecond i press the button he activates the rage art
>*freeze record* yep I fucked up
>My punch connects but lol hyper armor
>Lose in le epic cutscene

Amazing mechanic.

Half the reason right there why I hate T7

yeah, rage arts are kind of retarded
i like rage drives, but the arts themselves are a fraudulence button that forces a cutscene
at least if they whiff you're not only dead but you look like a retard