She plays video games, she is not like the other girls

She plays video games, she is not like the other girls.

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Most Westerners play video games. It'd rather be the opposite: not playing any video games whatsoever would make you "not like the other girls", on that axis.

phone games are not video games.


most normal girls still think games are cringe bugman behaviour unless it's her bf playing FIFA or GTSport

lol man you're crazy if you don't want this type of content on twitch. what's wrong if people play PUBG and then take a break to stretch?

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I'm not like the other boys. (:

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>women are now more logical than gamers excusing their addiction

Is it true Americans play twister so they don't get shot by cops?

>Trying to get your money
>Wants attention
Nope real unique here son.

>Donate to my cashapp/Patreaon
>Snapchat premium
>Pay for my time
>Sugar daddy
>not like the others
>I'm a streamer gamer girl but focus on my body
>When will females stop avoiding the reality that they are indeed prostitutes

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anyone ever meet a streamer IRL?

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Unlike your fucking thread which is most certainly not video games.

I don't blame them, though, they're wholly enabled by pathetic men.
Hell, if I was a cute girl, I'd camwhore under the false pretense of playing video games too.

women arent logical
they just have no interests outside of sex and things related to sex


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wasn't there some massive leak of 1 TB of nudes from a lot of ewhores some days ago?

And yet they realize games are cringe. That's based and redpilled

the absolute state of white w*men


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Good lord.

you just KNOW


This, my wife likes watching me play videogames but thinks other people that do it are creepy huge nerds.

>gf plays videogames
>isnt a landwhale, she looks anorexic even
>never played overwatch or apex legends only plays singleplayer and fighting games
>kicks ass at MK and Injustice, slowly learning SFIV as well
>beat minecraft multiple times, sometimes with my help
>beat pokemon platinum with a team of eeveelutions
>posts sometimes on /hc/

I hate you Yea Forumsirgins so much. You fags enable this shit by donating to it. You are responsible for all of the e-thottery on twitch

Spawn camping faggot

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Here's the thing though, if you were a hot girl you'd be a slut too.

Why are you seething OP? Are you that sexually frustrated? Move on.

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I'd be an ewhore so I don't have to slut around for free

You just know every single tourist talking about "videogame addiction" is a caffeine and carb addict, you just know

When you get everything in your life handed to you on a silver plate you are barely capable of self control

>being happy to be with a skelleton
Throw her a cookie or something.

The reason they put "yes I'm a girl" in their profiles, is because 1000 men make a huge deal about them being girls who happen to play video games. If men treated it like an unremarkable occurrence, then women wouldn't deem it necessary to preemptively comment on it.

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>mutt's law

They are shit video games.

Nice projection there

Thots are fucking cancer

Cringed after watching it for .1 of a second and closed. This is too much.

>the absolute state of black w*men
did I do right?

I believed you until you tried to claim she was good at any one video game. Women are genetically terrible at video games. Nice fan fiction though.

The new word for saying prostitution is called "Onlyfans"

>no fighting gamer GF
Fuck. I'm amazed you found someone who isn't ugly or fat. I swear that most girls who are in to a lot of vidya that we like are doing it just because they can't get attention, otherwise.

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Built for a very specific type of males.

giving women rights was the single biggest mistake ever.

Are millennials unironically accusing others of being handed everything in a silver plate?

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thats the thing though, she's only really good at mortal kombat and injustice. she sucks at anything else but at least she still tries to learn.

The only girl who's isn't like the other girls, is Heather

And girls named Heather, I need a Heather waifu NOW

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He claimed his girlfriend is good at all casual games.
MK = casual
Injustice = casual
Minecraft = casual
pokemon = casual

i love how after all this time women STILL can't compete with guys in most games and literally still do it for attention most of the time. when a girl says shes a gamer or plays games shes talking about animal crossing or other casual bullshit like zelda which they most likely never even finish anyway, but just latch onto the merch as a means to signal their quirkiness to other people.

it's been like 15 years and it's still like this.

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El perro basado.

It's laughable that millennials are currently larping as masculine when all they do is complain that they don't have it as easy as women.

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Just wait in the line for your tomboy GF like the rest of us, faggot.

And they are right.
Videogames are a massive waste of time, and specifically over the past 15 years because not a single good videogame has come out.

The only entertainment this industry can provide is when I get to laugh at game devs getting fired because their games flop and their studios shut down.

women are secondaries by design.
Men are hardwired to compete
Women are hardwired to seek out competitive men

So what? Why do you even care if women are good at games or not?
Also, do you only enjoy things that you're good at? There's nothing you enjoy that you suck at?

I mean Minecraft isn't that casual. Most casuals have never even seen the end.

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>Men are hardwired to compete
Is that why all people here do is complain that Chad gets everything, mock the idea of self improvement and wish they had life as easy as women?

Do twitch paypigs really?


No, we play Simon Says.

by using video games as a means to do that? the men who compete in games are fucking faggots. bottom of the barrel in terms of any competitive nature. does that make the women who align themselves with gaming even more bottom of the barrel?

He wants to make sure his prey is nice and healthy so it puts up a good fight

Imagine being an incel. Imagine seething over women every waking moment of your life.

If I did I would say: "Hey aren't you _____?" and after greeting them I would say "Keep up the good work."

People lose their spaghetti with that stuff instead of simply saying you have been tuning in to their streams and to keep doing what you are doing.

>zoomers trying to lecture anybody on anything
It's cute watching kids try and act like adults.

>being surprised by that shit
>typing like a fucking twitter nigger
Exactly what turned Yea Forums into such a bunch of pussies?

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>Losers complaining that they lost
Natural selection, user.