*recycles old shit in your path*

*recycles old shit in your path*

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*loses half his HP because he transformed into larry jr*

repen when

Ahem, gentlemen,


Actually I like damage cap, made Hush and Ultra Greed fights more tense. My least favorite feeling in Isaac is when your run is so overpowered you no longer have to try so you just autopilot to the end being bored as shit.

Delirium doesn't have a damage cap though, just a ton of hp.

Also bob's brain is based git gud faggot, even without sad bombs

>ends your run

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*stands behind you*
Heh nothing personal

>jumps on top of you
>stays there
what now bitchboi

>My least favorite feeling in Isaac is when your run is so overpowered you no longer have to try so you just autopilot to the end being bored as shit.
Damage caps don't help this they just make it so the end fight takes longer than it should.

Somone post that one mod, I don't have the picture.


Depends. If you relied on tammy's head + monstrous damage for example, and don't have much defense or health, then tough to kill boss is a problem.

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>it's a "devil deal doesn't pop at 70% episode"
>it's a "4 devil deal sin a row with only red chest full of bombs and spiders" episode

Isaac endgame boss design is shit because it's a half assed attempt at bullet hell in a game where there are mechanics that let you block/deflect bullets so you wind up getting completely incongruent runs where the boss difficulty is based on your defense and the room difficulty is based on your offense.
On one hand, requiring you to actually fight the boss and learn their patterns is a good thing. On the other, dps cap curtails strong runs because they're kneecapped until they match the strength of a glacier/tank run.

Isn't Repentance nerfing devil deals somehow?

>repentance removes steaklirium entirely and replaces it with forgotten/lost/brand new super duper final boss
I have a dream

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>angel room
>brace for the wafer or maybe halo, sacred heart
>1 soul heart

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It wont remove delirium but I have faith in kilburn to make delirium not-shit

Does Edmund really strike you as the type of designer who would cut something that isn't working AFTER he fully implemented it?

they are removing the whole "paying a 2 heart deal with your last red heart" trick

>you are now remembering when the chest was added and the Polaroid was a trinket and not a guaranteed drop
Ed's effort on copying Spelunky's endgame progression was and always will be a blight.

No but antidev is there, and that nigga mad creative. Depends on how much say he has in the matter.

And then, there's always workshop mods that go on top of Repentance...

What's so bad about Delirium exactly? I haven't played Issac but seeing Northernlion beat him a few times he didn't seem too bad and was a pretty challenging final boss.

>angel room with 3 sacred chest, golden key and 4+ luck
>they drop 2 red hearts and die

Good. Fuck that trick. Makes no sense arithmetically.

I mean, it's been proven over and over that Edmund and the crew don't know their own engine as much as their fanbase and its fucking obvious ot a point where the passes were just them taking code from people and UNIRONICALLY hiring the guy who made a whole fucking content mod to oversee the last DLC (I say that loosely, you know edmund will come up with another dlc to "tie up the story" and in turn creating more questions)

it's random as shit, with a few known bugs that guarantees you can take damages at some points. the super huge level is also fucking tedious

Pyromaniac should be built into the game and not a pickup at all.

Self damage with explosives is pointlessly punitive and renders some items nigh untakeable.

Boss armor is fucking retarded, a disgustingly overpowered run should not get reduced to Macmillion's standard just because he listened too much to the Touhou minority of the game.

Item pools are way too fucking diluted with trash picks, which just forces you into playing Isaac or Apollyon to cycle out trash. The other characters are objective shit, unless you get something stupid like Godhead on Eden.

I've 100%'ed the game too. Macmillon's boner for ramping up the difficulty and making the player feel less powerful is cancer. Wrath of the Lamb and Rebirth vanilla were the best expansions. Everything in Afterbirth should have been nuked from the game.

delirium is kino, autists just want predicable patterns instead of reaction speed and adaptability

It's just a boss rush reskin with annoying teleports. You can tell it was made in a week. The whole void floor also doesn't have any new graphics. Very uncreative.
Compare that to all the crazy shit going on in Antibirth and Revelations. That's what we want.

>Pyromaniac should be built into the game and not a pickup at all.
holy shit get the fuck out.

Worst take in the thread.

You can just say that you don't play the game. We all know that it's the truth if you think that there's any skill at all in Delirium and more of just hoping that you don't get telefragged.

t. game journalist

Difficulty is not a problem. Shit design is.
I want something creative, not just "it's every other boss but white and teleports randomly".

>so you just autopilot to the end being bored as shit
and then you spend ten minutes dodging the same old attack patterns because you're always stuck with the same estimated damage output so the boss always plays the same

it's just not fun anymore. game should have died with afterbirth at the very latest

>autists just want predictable patterns

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>Ending the second floor without a single key drop

I really wish the first 2 floors were better adjusted.

The game did die in Afterbirth. It's mostly just autists and NL that kept playing the game after Afterbirth. Most players left because Afterbirth was a shit expansion.

Nothing is really wrong with Delirium and makes enough sense in the plot for it to be a super boss.
The Lost vs Delirium is one of the tensest boss fights I've ever had to fight, like Pantheon of Hallownest and you just beat Pure Vessel tense. And it wasn't even a broken build either it was pretty above average late game type. Beat it first try and never really had to look back at it being a bad boss.
People are just upset it could have been something more, but really I'm just glad theres more content in the game.

In general Angel Room suck so bad compared to Devil ones, that's unfair

>reaction speed
>take unavoidable damage from something that isnt even visible because lol
>enjoy this untelegraphed telefrag
Delirium is a shit attempt at a shapeshifter boss. Theres no dodging pattern if any sort, the attacks have no actual design behind them, just layering previous boss attacks on top of each other as well as the delirium ring of bullets which genuinely make undodgable situations unless you have a defense build.
The only solace is that delirium doesnt have damage cap so having high offense will end the fight sooner, except it still has resistance when taking a different boss form so fuck you anyway

Afterbirth added Hush so it can't be shit

does it remove the 600 useless or shit items?

hush is god awful

The problem is that with so many ways of spawning additional (if not infinite) items or rerolling shit items endlessly until you get something good, it's very very common to have a game-breaking unloseable god-tier run.
In flash version, breaking the game was a rare sight, using stupid amount of glitches, only done by super autismos like cobalt, and prone to crashing the game.
And then still it only resulted in mediocre (by rebirth's standards) damage tears that take 5-6 hits to kill Isaac.
Lil' battery was a mistake.
Game is too easy.

At least in Antibirth having strong stats doesn't mean automatic victory, because bosses have so much more dangerous attacks and some can even put status effects on you or manipulate the arena in a way to make things more tense. I dig that. I have more difficulty facing off against Wormwood than Isaac.

>Nothing is really wrong with Delirium
It's just every boss again but covered in coom
Give me something NEW

Hush is the best boss.

hush is the worst boss next to super greed and delirium

Items that aren't very useful are important to make choices matter and ensuring player isn't overpowered. If every item was more or less equally good, getting a new item wouldn't be exciting whatsoever.

However, the "that other item but better" items and the "antibirth item but worse and uglier" items can fuck off. Afterbith+ has tons of those.


thats pretty much what i was refering to

Satan and dark room have way more interesting fights but no one does them because the chest gives free items and the Polaroid is overpowered for a guaranteed drop
Fuck the soul heart meta and fuck edmund for making dark room just "dark polaroid route lel" instead of having a creative unlock condition like digging in sheol like people tried to do in flash isaac

>Let's add in an item that gives you extra trinket room
>Oh, let's add like five items that give you extra trinket room
>Should I make these stack? Nah I don't know how to code lolz

>replaces it with another Isaac fight

>thats pretty much what i was refering to
Well you should've used a smaller number, it's not 600

Also what the fuck is with useless unlocks for Keeper and Forgotten?
>a coop baby when no one plays coop ever
>nickels are now worse
>a health upgrade lol
>a reskin of another orbital

peoples main gripe with it is instead of anything actually new, it's just a boss that switches into other bosses at random. The Void is just as bad since it's just a random tileset for each room, when you can do a "mishmash' tileset in way more interesting ways

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Hush is a generic bullet hell boss that added basically no complexity to the game.

Cool, your run can kill Hush, and side pathing to him gets you 2 more item rooms, a shop and 4 gold chests, all before you even step into the cathedral/sheol. Well guess what, your run is won, so unless you intend on milking victory laps for the next 3 hours, it doesn't actually add anything to the game.

Hush is a boring fight of dodging the same half dozen attacks for far too long so you can prove to yourself that your run is x% stronger than your last run. It's objectively more fun to just skip Hush entirely and go straight to Sheol and Dark Room so you get more synergies.

I've 100%'ed the game. I don't need to prove to anyone that I can kill hush when I've had more builds than I can count that instantly evaporated Hush and Delirium, that doesn't mean that I like fighting them any more than I absolutely needed to.

If you got real rewards for killing Hush, I might give a shit. But as it it's just a boring fight.

With few exceptions, you take every item that you come across and you sometimes have to slightly change your decision making and shit for the rest of the game. But generally speaking, you just horde as much as possible. If you're making choices, it's because the game forced you to or is offering you a D tier item. Diluting the item pool is directly nerfing the player.

Dark Room now has 4 gold item chests and 4 stone chests, making it objectively better than the chest now. Polaroid is only good if you subscribe to 0 health perma-polaroid meta which, honestly is not very good. By this point you should be good enough that you aren't relying on Polaroid protection, since that predicates on you taking at least some damage.


That looks cool, but it's still recycling.
I'd rather see something brand new.
Also not having anything to do with Isaac GOING INSAAANE AAAAA GUPPY HELP ME, but rather something religious?

Remove boss armor from Delirum (and Hush), and make it stop attacking for at least half a second or even a quarter second after teleporting. Also, don't let it teleport directly on top of the player. Also, remove the pointlessly tacked on rules of Chaos card not instant killing Delirium, and shorten up the death animation so that if you're retarded enough to take Preparation C for the whole run, at least it now has some niche to fulfill and earn you the W.

>antibirth makes proper 2 player coop
Suck on that Steakmund

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>playing Isaac for anything resembling a story and not just silly synergies

Also someone did a mod where all the enemies are Delirium cum in the void which makes more sense to do

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Delirium doesn't have a damage cap, his health is just 10000 (5 times more than Isaac)

>what is boss armor

Replace Delirium with God lmao

Not something Delirium has.

Don't care about the story, I just want to look at a pretty backdrop when I'm on the floor. And have unique enemies.

I always thought that Cathedral, Sheol and Chest in vanilla barely having unique enemies and only spawning bosses was a flash limitation. But no I guess it's just Steakmund being lazy.
There's only a handful of demon/angel related enemies in cathedral/sheol and Z E R O unique enemies after that.
What a waste of potential.

the brainlet police are on their way

A damage cap that Hush and Ultra Greed have.
Do you know something that I don't?


Wow, look at that, Delirium is right on there.

Fuck telefrag RNG bosses. The number of times I've been telefragged by this fag or hit by instantly spawning bullets when he's in above me in Mom's Leg mode is unforgivable.

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>Delirium only has an armor while assuming the form of random bosses. Its armor will start from 0 and increase with every damage taken while in "minion form"—once in true form it won't have any. Its armor only protects its alternate forms.
Interesting. Didn't know that.

>getting hit by mom's leg
You really shouldn't have an opinion if you prove to us that you're this fucking bad at the game.

At least you have the decency to admit that you're wrong. I forgive you. We good.

He didn't get hit by mom's leg. Delirium turned into it and spawned bullets before leg even came down. Essentially it looked like bullets spawned from nowhere (because mom's leg still exists as an enemy before it actually comes down to stomp) which is complete horse radish.

Either it has never happened to you (unlikely unless you've never actually fought Delirium) or your reading comprehension is shit.



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delirium armor is unnoticeable because of all his bugs that cripples him, like the hilarious larry jr life melt.

super greed is really easy, you only need range and tear rate, and learn to sidestep his jumps instead of trying to go behind him like with other jumping bosses

good screencap champ

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So when is antibirth coming?
Also, is Holy Water the most useless fucking item or is there something even worse?

Based reflex chad

It's from pax, genius.
Obsessed fan.

>be me
>buy ab+ day one, oblivious and naive
>find out about delirium, the void and apollyon
>months later
>see picrelated
>buy ab+ again

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that familliar that vomits creep and change with pills. nothing cares about creep past floor 4.

Wait I'm lost, were you also you when you bought it the second time?

Newfag get out

*teleports into you*
heh, nothing personal kid.

>why yes, I do immideatly restart every time until I get a treasure room right in front of me with an overpowered item. How did you know?

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Althought I do agree, what do they have to do with binding of isaac?

I used to do that to get 100%
now i just play for fun