ITT: Post real life vidya stages/maps/levels

ITT: Post real life vidya stages/maps/levels
As in, locations that were used both IRL and vidya

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shit map on RO2

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I don't know why this street is so popular. If this was in China people would be calling it shitty design infrastructure.

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this one still sticks with me in 2020

The song I posted is one you'd usually hear when stealing a car in San Fierro. The one you posted is when you steal a Sanchez or RV out in the countryside.

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That's two different buildings you dip. The one on the left could fit inside the one on the right.

It looks different and novel, and apparently it was built that way because the hill was too steep for cars of the time to handle driving down safely.

Beat me to it. I applaud FROM for Anor Londo although I have always wondered why it was such a pain in the ass to navigate since they wanted people to get to Snorlax & Pikachu. Filtering plebs is one thing but withdrawing the drawbridge and making people fuck about with the decorative architecture & break windows is asinine.

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>grain elevator
>shit map
user dont tell me you dont enjoy a good old fashion fuckin meat grinder

wrong the one on the right goes underground

that's the beauty of it, it feels like you've found a route that was never intended for progression (which is what you do in-lore as well)

are you posting this as fact or are you retarded and can't figure out how both of those pictures could be of the same building?

But they want you there. You are intended to progress.

that's the beauty of it

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perfect for a medieval DOOM if you know the backstory

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I'll be blunt, I don't quite get what you're getting at. The Gods need people to be able to get to the Lordvessel. The bells and Sen's fortress and the Iron Golem were direct challenges to filter out plebs but after that things started feeling less intentional.

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not used directly to my knowledge but it inspired Sootopolis and that city in Sonic Unleashed

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Is that the place where VBS3 devs got arrested for taking pictures of military installations?

Arma devs, VBS is a different studio in Australia
but yea

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New York City has been in a bunch of games.

better than playing bridges for the 5000th time in a row. also it is a good map because it offers a uniquely painful experience, cqc with bolt actions in a big multistory building