Why did 343 remove the ability to play as elites? They're such handsome and stately creatures

Why did 343 remove the ability to play as elites? They're such handsome and stately creatures.

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Wait a minute. Those officers—are they supposed to be Majors? Why the fuck are they so fucking tanky in Firefight?

Blame compfags. They're the reason Bungie neutered playable Elites in Reach, and when Microsoft saw the potential for making Halo an esport, they naturally catered to compfags.

>Blame compfags
You're probably right. I hate Halo 5's "esports" atmosphere in general.

Would you want to play as a 343I elite?

>tfw you accidentally bite your own eyes

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Also very likely 343i could not program playable elites without delaying their games. Remember this is the same company that took years to 'fix' the mcc.

People at 343 looked at this Hunchback of Notre Dame and thought it was okay to ship.

Don't forget the massive feet that make them look like Bratz dolls.

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You didn't know moon shoes were a crucial part of sangheeli culture?

Bungie Sangheili are space Japanese, 343 Sangheili are space Chinese.

underrated post

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Are Unggoy crustaceans? What's with the arms?

Can I get this straight, why are the Elite skin unlocks for Reach so FUCKED?
Why is General before Field Marshal and why is Officer the last unlock?

The entire unlock system is fucked.

At least now with the inclusion of CE and how much XP it gives for some reason, I'm blowing through levels now

I was playing the Xbox 360 version last night, Field Marshal is the last unlock.


>Field marshal (or field-marshal, abbreviated as FM) is a very senior military rank, ordinarily senior to the general officer ranks.

>elites can't be headshot from behind because of their hunched stance
>elites in Reach got into physiotherapy so they stand up straight and get heashotted from behind like everyone else
I wonder why

Interesting, but why is the regular Officer the last one then,

Sangheeli are just shitty Turians anyway

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>he doesnt play as an Elite in Reach when he can just for the novelty of it

Double XP until March 9.

Halo needs to cash in on coomers and make an RPG where you can play as any race and play dressup

Probably a bug in the MCC version. I played the original on Xbox last night and field marshal is the last unlock.

Was it bungie's intention to make sexy aliens?

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Reach's character art style is so fucking hideous. Everything is overdesigned cluttery shit.

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>make character look retarded
>blame the game for having lots of options

>make gaudy armor combo
>robot arm + skull helmet
>it's somehow Bungie's fault

>Dismiss one example
>"Checkmate, nerd."

Too many ridiculous customization options ruins the art style. Did you learn nothing from Team Fortress 2's downfall? The art style only gets worse and worse as the series progresses.

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Playable elites were always awful.

Turians will never look this stylish.

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But that doesn't look bad.
How so?

And also altering your screen shot to be blurry and hideous.

That doesn't looks fine though

Reach’s artstyle is fine, it’s just your fashion sense—judging by what I assume are your handpicked cosmetics—is utterly nonexistent.

t. CEfag

>But that doesn't look bad

But it actually does, champs. Fifty gorillion pockets on the chest, hip holster, digital watch, muddy, scratched metal, muted color pallet because God forbid you have color in a game, random useless pieces of metal sticking out, stripes everywhere, check your eyes mate, your nostalgia is blinding you something fierce.

They're called "Sangheili".

Apparently they have different HP/shield values or something and compfags scrreched too loudly. You can play as them in custom games but expect people to bitch and moan about it.

That's pretty gay, tbqh. I always played as one despite the size disadvantage.

>fifty gorillion pockets
Wow because people in the military need pockets?
>hip holster
Where else would they be putting their magnum?
>digital watch
That's a GPS
>muddy scratched metal
Yeah, Spartan's armor doesn't stay pristine forever
>muted color pallet
But the screenshot you posted earlier had super bright colors, you're just making shit up dude, then you pick a screenshot that chooses the pale colors for that armor
>useless prices of metal sticking out
Only place this is applicable is the kneepads and anyone who doesnt use the grenadier kneepads is gay anyways
>stripes everywhere
Only places there are stripes is where stuff can logically attach things to the armor, and they are used for that

All posted by me

I also think pic related is peak character design

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>If I can make up practical use excuses for every single mistake of design it means it isn't an eyesore

Hoo boy what a faggotron

Nice argument retard.
I bet you buy smegma from the store instead of making it at home too.
user, you're an eyesore but that doesn't mean somebody can't find a practical use for you.
I'm not making up shit, you're just finding any reason to blindly hate Reach since it's one of the weaker Halo titles.
If you don't like it, you can just not use it when making your Spartan, look at the rest of Noble Team, they're properly designed using the selection of tools, why do you feel the need to over design your own spartan?

>check your eyes mate, your nostalgia is blinding you something fierce
Was busy with Firefight last Monday. I’ll give you the fifty gorillion pockets, definitely not /fa/.

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>I'm not making up shit

He says after fabricating excuses for poor hideous designs. "B-but a Spartan may need six pockets on his chest!" Lmao just stop homie

> you're just finding any reason to blindly hate Reach since it's one of the weaker Halo titles.

There's plenty of reasons I think Reach is a weak title. Ugly art design is icing on the cake.