70. Kamiya never beats any PlatinumGames titles that he didn't direct. He hasn't even played some of them!


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why would he lol none of them have afterburner sections

Kamiya is a fag and his games suck ass. Revengeance and Nier:A are the best Platinum games.

Revengeance has no depth compared to Bayonetta 1 or W101, and somehow manages to have more QTE than Bayonetta 1. Automata is good, for it's writing and music, because the combat manages to be more shallow than MGR which is quite a feat.

I consider Nier Automata a Square Enix game.


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Everyone knows Kamiya is a thin skinned manchild. He is more known for blocking people on twatter than he is for making (good) games.

>dont need to play your interns games because you know they're shit

dont forget transformers

Honestly, this.


why are we sucking this guy's dick anyway?

>Sucking his dick

Yea Forums has been consistently trashing him since the 101 Kickstarter

Nigger Asstomata fucking blows.

Not clicking on that clickbait shit. He beat revengeance and bragged about it by showing off the trophy.

Yea Forums is full of Kamiya cock scukers.

He makes good games user

The Platinum devs make good games.


He's a coward and a woman

He really is like a woman, isn't he? He gets offended by the most asinine shit and has wild mood swings.

Are you one of those retarded who thinks you epic triggered someone because they blocked you on the bird website?

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this but i'd add that they both also suck, just slightly less than the usual platinum kusoge

Yea Forums has been anti-kamiya since twitter screencaps became a regular thing around 2013-2014. Really makes you think.

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>tranny fetish
>extremely emotional and gets mad at the smallest things
>doesnt play any video games
he's basically the average Yea Forums poster

>doesnt play any video games
He plays a ton of arcade games and tetris 100

I don't use twitter, I think it's cancerous, and part of why I dislike Kamiya is because he is addicted to it, he's constantly tweeting angrily and blocking people who are just happy to suck his dick.
Remember when he decided out of nowhere to block anyone that tweeted at him in English? That was going on for hours, how does that guy even work?
I have no way of confirming this, but I have a strong hunch that the Platinum games quality comes mainly from the team being very skilled, not Kamiya being a based god who crafts masterpieces. He seems like a twitter addicted ideas guy.

>Bayonetta 1
No one has a track record this clean while being entirely carried, otherwise the follow ups to those games would be superior or just as good, when they all range from ok to disasterous. Kamiya slept at his office while working on W101 and no other Platinum game comes close to it.

I disagree, the Platinum games I like the most are not directed by Kamiya. Astral Chain is by far my favorite Platinum game. I do enjoy Kamiya directed games, but they're not my absolute favorites.
That's personal taste, though, and what you're saying is that you enjoy his "style", but the quality doesn't go away without his direction, only his signature "style".

I started Nier automata, 6 horus in, what made it GOTY for other people?

The average Yea Forums poster? More like BLOCKED

Astral Chain wishes it was the same quality as Bayo 1 and W101. Now Vanquish, that's a game that can contend with them which didnt involve Kamiya, but AC is just Platinum rehashing their most recent cash cow (Automata), but with a shitty NGE ripoff premise that would make s Netflix adaptation look good by comparison. Babylon's Fall is next.

>tranny fetish
Excuse me, what?

He approved of that one tranny who dressed up as Bayonetta

Ironic weebs aren't people

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It's nothing at all like Automata, why are you making bullshit up? Have you ever even played the game you're talking about?

This, but unironically

Astral Chain is filled with modern investigation sequence cancer which is a total waste of time. Its story is unoriginal and its presentation is devoid of personality. Its redeeming quality is the gameplay which Kamiya consulted on. Read a book or watch an anime instead of you're so easily impressed by such games.

Kamiya makes games with innovative and well implemented mechanics. When you appreciate mechanics and how games play at their best, Kamiya is a league above the other Platinum games. He has consistently accomplished this with different teams over the course of his career.

He has a fucking job to do. Why should he sit and play through other games at the company? To stroke their egos?

yeah his job of patrolling twitter all day really keeps him busy

No idea, it's okay but just okay
The only noteworthy part is the soundtrack

>ASTRAL CHAIN director Takahisa Taura loves cute CG girls.

What did he do between SB cancellation and Project GG early production? Platinum has talked about their BIG self-published game for a couple years now, but its clear they needed Tencent's money to actually go through with it.

Pre-production you idiot.

Probably didn’t play bayo 2

Yeah, it's essentially an ARPG, but you cant skip the sidequests. I enjoy space harrier segments and genre shifts because they dont outstsy their welcome and offer some variety you otherwise wouldn't get in a straight action game, being tested on more than your skills of understanding the main gameplay design. However, I understand not everyone likes them and there is a fine balance between a couple long segments like in Bayonetta, or more frequent shorter segments in W101. In Astral Chain, it's the same boring shit every mission playing good cop looking for clues. The pacing comes to a grinding halt and I think I finally understood how people who dont like space harrier feel like.


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The investigation sequences help set the mood, they are not intrusive and are largely optional, you can skip most of them. You are a cop, you can do cop work. It's harmless at worst.
The gameplay is very good as you yourself admitted, and you credit it to Kamiya who was vaguely involved. That's just blind fanboying at this point.
And I do appreciate video game mechanics and how they play at their best, my favorite parts in Bayo are the shitty QTEs. Truly a genius at work. At least they figured out how to make QTEs fun and engaging in games Kamiya did not direct, such as Metal Gear Rising.

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>too slow to react in Bayonetta
>too slow to give your bro Leonardo a hug
Do you just have a habit of letting people down or what?

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>platinum games
make sure to not drown in drool while you mash buttons, retards

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It's not about the reaction time, it's what's going on in those sequences. It's never anything too out of the ordinary, sometimes it's just a jump and you gotta press a random button, something you'd be able to just do during regular gameplay.
A better game would have the QTEs be used for exciting situations while reflecting the gameplay, instead of random button press to perform something ordinary, you'd press the jump button to do an action that has the character do something acrobatic in the QTE, that flows much better.
AC actually does this masterfully, it doesn't even need to tell you what button you need to press during QTEs, you see the Legion flash and you instinctively know to press the Legion button, it feels natural.

They never took philosophy 101 or ever got good at action games.
Literally no other games ive played made me fall asleep as much as nier did.

you have clearly never played Bayonetta based on your description of the qtes and setpieces because they do exactly what you describe it should

>they do exactly what you describe it should
Have you ever played Bayonetta?
Look at this, press the shoot button to jump out of a platform. Something you'd just easily do in gameplay anyways. How does this do exactly what I described?

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They're extremely intrusive and the story/NPCs are nowhere near good enough to justify that time spent. QTEs last seconds at a time and are all used to show dumb fun action sequences.

My point about the gameplay comes from a recent interview where Kamiya said they were having trouble with the gameplay until he gave some advice. Even then it's not as good as his games in that regard either.

The point is Kamiya understands why games are worth playing. It isn't so you can do contrived, unengaging, scripted events where you talk to bland NPCs.

Is there a more disgusting faggot among devs than this cuck?

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"Kamiya says that the exploration portions are particularly important in Astral Chain due to the player being given more freedom to move around areas, making the game design different from previous Platinum titles."
Well? Even Kamiya disagrees with you.