Call it Baldur's Gate

>call it Baldur's Gate
>doesn't look anything like Baldur's Gate whatsoever

Bravo Larian Studios

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Why do you think they made it like this?

Engine limitations. But if you know you can't make a Baldur's Gate game, don't fucking do it. They could have made a standalone game in the forgotten realms setting and that would have been pretty cool.

>WotC demands BG3
>user blame larian for the title
Bravo Reddit formatting guy.

It's been like 20 years since BG.
Do you really expect it to look completely the same?

The real issue that you fags keep ignoring is the origins. Gameplay doesn't matter because turnbased and RTWP are both enjoyable. Origins aren't.
>play origin in OS2
feel like you're being railroaded to a certain story and not actually roleplaying
>play OC character in OS2
feel like youre third wheeling the story and are just tagging along for the ride.

Origin characters are cancerous

They're unironically using baldurs gate to test dos 3

No but it doesn't look ANYTHING like it

Re and Re2 look exactly like Resident games with modern graphics. FF7 remake and Pathologic 2 somehow capture the feel of original games too. So why Larian can't do the same?

They just don't give a shit.

I can't believe they're bringing this garbage into BG3.
Didn't they realize the issues it caused in OS2? Fuck.

>Call it Final Fantasy 8
>Doesn't look anything like Final Fantasy 7 whatsoever

Bravo Squaresoft!

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We all know larian can't write for shit

>how DARE they defile MY CHILDHOOD this is an OUTRAGE
>RTwPchads RISE UP
>BG3 trailer has 36k likes vs 500 dislikes

>don't play video games
>come to a video games board to shitpost about video games daily

I don't know why they bothered making another BG. Their fanbase is one of the most autistic in existence and their was no way they were going to be able to make them happy.

It's being made worse in BG3 as the origins can't change classes. I'm a wizardcuck who dislikes playing anything non magical, so if characters are locked into warrior/fighter classes, I probably won't play them.

Don't forget early access jank with drip feed content


They solved this issue by not marketing to that autistic fanbase, but to people who enjoy playing video games.

>grind through the underdark on the hardest difficulty mod available for bg2 to get my mage class to level 18 for those sweet level 9 spells
>grab the planetar as well
>it trivializes the game and can solo every encounter
I dont remember tob being so hard that I needed a fast regenerating tank with vorpal and dispel on hit.

>Re and Re2 look exactly like Resident games with modern graphics
Oh so you're retarded

What is it supposed to look like? Forgotten Realms is a very generic kitchen sink fantasy setting.


>lists a bunch of remakes
are you ok

>playing dnd with a group I have played with since highschool
"Its nice to see forgotten realms in such fidelity."
They're all really excited and [spoilers] I am too. [/spoilers]

Nobody cares about the tabletop. Give me a good videogame.

why didn't they just get the kingmaker dudes to make it

Yeah poor innocent Larian who had nothing to do with any of this
Except you know, accepting the fucking project
How is it possible to be this retarded, seriously?

Kingmaker was trash tho

>How is it possible to be this retarded, seriously?
Fun question coming from you.

What do you think happens when they don't accept the project, you mouthbreathing fool?

>they should just NOT take this big pile of money

No wonder Yea Forumsirgins are seething over this game.

>get hired to make BG3
>"why are you making BG3?"
Are you legally retarded?

Most people are retarded and will happily eat shit because they dont know any better, nothing new it seems.

I am unironically outraged about retarded normalfags who think that views, money and likes given by complete fucking retard justify literally everything
This hair is a soulless cashgrab aimed at retards who domnt play Baldurs Gate, it's made for literally all the wrong reasons and for a complete casual audience
And here you are, clapping because you are the exact type of stupid fucking sheeps this game is pandering to.

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Can BG3 be worse than F3? I doubt it. But fuck Larian and fuck Wotc.

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They were hired to make a soulless cashgrab and they accepted.
This is entirely their fuxking fault I literally dont understand how yo

>will happily eat shit
Like bg's butchered AD&D?

>I literally dont understand
Yeah, that's pretty obvious.

Is it difficult constantly having to lower your standards to justify playing shit games?


They were hired to make a soulless cashgrab and they accepted.
This is entirely their fucking fault I literally dont understand how you can argue otherwise.
Bunch of complete fucking stupid fanboys, casuals pieces of shit.

Going from rtwp to turn-based is refining your standards, not lowering them.

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>WotC wants to make BG3
>they'll hire any dev studio
>ts the devs fault that the game is being made
Here, have a last (you), retard.

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Holy shit Larian fanboys have their brain completely fucking rotten
Enjoy your retarded fucking game, enjoy eating shit, enjoy having absolutely no moral or artistic integrity whatsoever

You are literally a bunch of braindead retarded consumers, you eat everything up without questions, you have no principles, no free will, no integrity, nothing.
You arent worth a cent more than the average normalfag redditor and you know it.

I really enjoyed Divinity Original Sin 2, so I wouldnt mind playing something that looks just like it. Is that wrong?

t. seething RTWP tranny

>studio make game
>its totally not their fault if the game is made
What is the point of talking to absolute back holes of logic and intelligence

If there really was justified outrage then naturally more people should be outraged about it. But all the numbers clearly show that there is only a tiny fraction of autists actually mad about it. This like/dislike ratio is consistent across all platforms everywhere, only a tiny crowd of angry retards are mad enough to burst a blood vessel, while everyone else seems quite pleased. The mad ones aren't numerous enough to pursue as an audience, so they are ignored in favor of the vast, vast, vast majority.

You essentially don't matter to anyone.

>be in the army
>you country goes at war
>somehow is your fault
You're this retarded.

Just IMAGINE being this much of a seething incel cuck LMAO literally can not relate holy fuck

>hurt durr my turn based barebones game justifies everything
Have fun with your shallow casual cane that you'll play 20 hours and completely forget afterwards

I know you're too dumb to read, but nobody is defending Larian.

>u dont matter lots of ppl agree so lots of ppl right
Literal toddler logic
Keep comforting your garbage retarded opinions with the knowledge that at least you're not the only retard if so wish

>the epic opening
>heavy, high fantasy dialogue
>gothic theme
yup it's baldurs gate 3 alright

I've got three issues with the game, all of which are (but won't be) fixable.

1. 5th edition. Both 2nd and 3rd edition released a fuckton of great selling and beloved games. 4th and 5th didn't because they're shit systems that only retards like.
Fix: Use 2nd or 3rd edition. Fuck, even Pathfinder has Kingmaker.

2. Turn-based. I get it, it's Larian and they don't remember the days of Divine Divinity anymore, it has to be turn-based. And I realize that D&D is a good medium for turn-based. But the best D&D games, from the actual Baldur's Gate franchise to Neverwinter Nights to Icewind Dale to Torment to even the D&D knockoffs like Knights of the Old Republic? All RTwP.
Fix: Make it RTwP.

3. The name. The Baldur's Gate franchise would've better been called "The Bhaalspawn Saga" because it had little at all to do with the city of Baldur's Gate. It didn't even make an appearance in the sequel at all. And the real problem there is that Baldur's Gate just isn't a very interesting city. It's just the pitstop between Amn and Waterdeep. And so, if they're dead-set on making a game about Baldur's Gate, it should just be called Baldur's Gate, not Baldur's Gate III. And if they do want a sequel to 1 and 2, it should be about the Bhaalspawn. Have some starting cards go over your ending decisions and have the game pick up from there.
Accepted Deityhood? Good/Evil?
Romanced Someone?
Which companions were used/survived?
This way you can have an actual and proper sequel. Conceivably have Kagain and Korgan join your group. Or maybe have the option to play as Quayle, Aerie and the Bhaalspawn's son.

Literally your only argument
Have sex

The logic works because money is involved. If it was an ideology or something along those lines you might have a tiny bit of ground to stand on, but this is literally capitalism at work. Your money isn't worth enough, and you have nothing else of value to offer.

I mean unless there's conscription and the alternative is prison, it kind of is.

Yes, please have sex so you can stop acting like a woman and plastering all of your whiny garbage all over Yea Forums you disgusting incel

>money good
>if big money everything acceptable
Literal toddler logic

>Fix: Make it RTwP.

Guess I'll go with a food analogy:
>go to mcdonald
>sperg to the guy making the burgers because you don't like mcdonald

BG2 was 20 years ago, meanwhile Divinity 2 has an enormous zoomer following. No wonder most people are happy with Divinity 3 in D&D.

I'm pretty salty but it could be worse.

>xhe says, bitching and moaning about opinions xhe doesnt like

Who is the target audience for modern RPGs anyways?

>25 year+ old boomers who played OG RPGs (like me)

Do kids under 18 even bother with reading and playing rpgs?
Console gamers?

I've never played D+D so what the issue with 5e and why is it worse than the others?

I hope the next time you go to dilate, you stab too deep and become another 40% statistic.

oh just like fallout 3 then?

If you werent completely fucking retarded, the only good food analogy you could make for BG3 is someone going to his favourite small restaurant he hasn't visited in 20 years and finding out it has been replaced by a McDonalds
Stop trying to make metaphors because you obviously fucking suck at this

>3. The name
That's the source of most complains. Should've named it "Baldur's Gate: Larian Boogalo" instead of BG3.

The real toddler logic is thinking the world should work the way you want it to for no other reason than because you're angry.

>So what do you like to do for fun, user?
>Well, when I'm not getting angry at video games, I often like to pretend I'm being hunted by scary trannies

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>oh it existed once already so what
Passive consoomers acting smug about their lack of morals deserve the fucking rope

you were 3 years old when BG came out

>It's not a bad game, it's a bad [franchise] game.

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>your favorite small restaurant changes owners several times and is now is a mcdonalds
>you sperg at the guy making the burgers
Here, customized for you.

Иди нaхyй.

>social shaming

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Said nobody, retard. Is going to be a shit game because is being made by Larian, and naming it BG3 is a mistake because isn't a sequel, nobody mentioned anything about franchises. Congratulations at completely missing the point.


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2nd and 3rd editions were considered the epitome of D&D. There was a lot of infighting between the two for who was best, but they were really the golden age of the game.

Then came the dark days of 4e. WotC mostly cut everyone out and tried to do a mass-produced MMO-lite version of the game that was originally intended to require online access to play. The lore from all established settings was raped into oblivion, classes, races and deities were homogenized beyond recognition, and they canceled the OGL - the resource that let anyone basically make their own D&D game. Oh, and they canceled all the decades-long running D&D publications like Dragon Magazine.

This kills the franchise. People are so pissed at this naked cashgrab and shitty new system that they turn to a D&D knockoff called Pathfinder which is basically 3rd edition with a fake mustache. Negative reviews and lost players haunt 4e wherever it goes while Pathfinder sells like gangbusters and threatens to topple the old juggernaut.

WotC attempts to right the ship by releasing 5e, promising that it's a return to form like 3e- hoping desperately to win back the Pathfinder crowd and the people who quit 4e. Except, it's really still pretty close to 4e (they still can't get that corporate wrongthink out of the way enough to make a competent game) and no one's biting. 5e does do better than 4e purely because a new generation of zoom-zooms who weren't around for the 3e to 4e transition and don't know that 5e is flavored shit start picking up the hobby, especially since a few ecelebs start playing it.

But the end result is that it still never achieves the heights of 2e or 3e, no games get made for it (until now, apparently, and WotC DEMANDED Larian make it 5e, they wouldn't budge on this) and people are mostly waiting around to see what 6e looks like.

You really have a talent for completely missing the point of the situations your slow brain is attempting to trivialize
If you want to clap with everyone because you are unable to have your opinions, that your choice.
If I want to say that you are all stupid, tasteless morons who eat up lowest common denominator garbage and you are all worthless retards for doing so, it's my right
I dont expect it to change mind you, I'm just here to remind you that you are behaving like sheepish retards and the only justification you have is money and numbers.
If you love to behave like that, base your own behaviour on what sells, I really dont have anything else to express but my utter disgust and contempt.

Not a literal themepark for one

I'm honestly at a point where I can't tell if you're just too retarded and missed the point that badly, or if you're just being a faggot.

Fucking hell...
Comparing Larian to McDonalds employees in terms of creative control they hold over their own product..

Are you really all trying to prove that you have room temperature IQ or something

How big do you think cities would be in this?

Worst part is that 3.5 is way better than PF, but faggots somehow prefer it because you can make retardedly OP builds thanks to their broken rules.

>he says, having a meltdown
The mind of a braindead consumer is really a marvelous thing for marketers

You can make your wrong opinion here if you want, but you can't be surprised if people laugh at you for not only being wrong, but for being mad at being wrong on top of it.

Preaching to the choir, fampai.

>is shit
>is shit
Seems correct to me.

I just wanted to say it again.

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Literal sheep.
You're not even trying to discuss the game or the creative process behind it.
You're literally just trying to shane people into agreeing with the mass for no reason whatsoever.

I like McDonalds.

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Keep crying about people not liking your favourite unreleased piece of shit, surely that will convince everyone that you are sane

5th edition doomed it from the start. The advantage system and levelling is braindead.
Being broken is at least fun compared to watered down and bland.

You greentext caps spamming with Wojack over and over makes it look like you're the angry one, not him.

stupid zoomer brats dont get what they're supporting

No need to. Everyone knows you choose to be mad, because you're addicted to outrage. I'm having a giggle at you kicking and screaming into the abyss as if your voice mattered. You hop into every one of these threads trying to get people to be as mad as you are, and yet you can't get anyone on your side no matter how hard you try. You're out of touch and don't realize it, then blame the world for not bending to your ridiculous demands. People will buy this game, they'll have fun, and you'll still be here, screeching.

>3.5 is way better than PF
Only in being broken, user.
A number of the more egregious 3.5 exploits were patched out.

Is this image from porn? I don't want to waste my time looking for the source if it isn't.


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Alright good goy, go have fun mindlessly consuming if you dont give a fuck about anything but fun
Why are you even arguing here if you dont like anything bit fun
Why do you ask yourself any question at all if you dont like anything bit fun
Why do think at all if you dont like anything but fun
Go consume shit and get excited for new shit, keep on following the mass and letting yourself be molded by your environment because you're too weak to even question it
Keep believing that disgust and contempt for soulless gravestones are free outrage
You have no roots, you have no capacity for love, you are as empty as the vapid trash you eat up.
Stop talking about anything and go have fun if you're such a joyful mindless individual

They do perfectly, pure commercial trash with no artistic goal behind it whatsoever.
That's literally all they want and if you disagree it's because you hate FUN.

My favorite part about these threads is watching people's brains literally melt as they rage. Posts just becoming less and less coherent as they get angrier and angrier over absolutely nothing. Amazing.

When are you going to realize that its not everyone else who has bad taste, its you faggots?

If you feel like you're being shamed, it might be because you know there's something to be ashamed of.

ok boomer

The best part is that he's sperging at me and I don't even like Larian games. I just hate WotC since they "killed" TSR (long before that retard born).

Yeah we understood that you have not an ounce of moral or artistic integrity long ago
You really have to be an utter piece of vapid shit to find joy in other people anger while refusing to understand what motivates this anger at all. You dont give a fuck about anything, so why do you pretend to have opinions until admitting that yeah, you dont actually hold any opinion and just want to mock everyone for no good reason

That tends to happen when zoomies come in here bragging about whaling their parent's money way

I'm "sperging" at you because you are nothing but a vapid retard with no argument about anything.
You're just pointing a finger and laughing for literally no reason at all.

>nooooo my feeeelings

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try to spend a few days away from Yea Forums and find things you could appreciate in life, like having sex with another person

>I have no reading comprehension
Yeah, that's part of what makes you retarded.

Yeah sure because you're really mature for getting excited for Larian trashing a historic RPG franchise

Yea Forums use to call me zoomer for hating turn based now I'm a zoomer for liking it?

Amazing how many things you've experienced since arriving here last week.

Exhibit A

Man am I thankful to be able to hold some vague convictions when I read your stupid fucking trash.
Have fun being walking wallets

Yes. And probably a tranny and a incel too. So you can cope while you dilate.


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Exhibit B

>I don't like larian and hate WotC
>this means I'm going to buy their game
Are you OK, retard?

going from nice looking graphics to shit looking graphics is lowering your standards, not refining them

>It's been like 20 years since BG.
>Do you really expect it to look completely the same?

Pillars of Eternity 2 from like 2018 looks exactly the same as BG. Consolised bing-bing-wahoo Divinity babbies btfo.

>I-I s-swear I dont like Larian or wotc
I dont give a fuck about what you claim to like or dislike, you've proven yourself to be nothing but a shallow sheepish retard filled with nothing but scorn and molded by social shaming

>defend a studio known for creating games with objectively bad gameplay
factually wrong

>social shaming
user this isn't reddit, if you want to play shit games you're going to get called out on it.

The fuck are you even taking about now? Other than providing further proof that you have no reading comprehension.

You've been doing nothing but telling us how much you enjoy fun and how much everyone who dares criticize Bg3 is an incel or whatever
Go stick your reading comprehension up your ass and start writing like you have a point if you do have one

There, there, fren. No need to be mad.

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>but muh grafix

>You've been doing nothing but telling us how much you enjoy fun and how much everyone who dares criticize Bg3 is an incel or whatever
No, I don't, retard. I'm the guy saying that WotC is behind the game, not Larian, who were just hired to make it. FFS, I'm criticizing BG3 myself, you fucking retard. Thanks for proving my point about (you) being a sperg unable to follow Yea Forums threads. Stick to reddit to be outraged about things.

Yeah that's why I'm here, to remind you that Bg3 is a shitty game made for all the wrong reasons by an incompetent dev studio with no artistic integrity.

Larian is as responsible as wotc for this piece of trash.
They are literally making for fucks sake. They arent McDonalds employees flipping burgers, they are designing the burger, to go back to your fucking food analogy
This is getting fucking nowhere

>larian say no
>other studio gets it
>we still get a BG"3" that isn't even a real sequel and use dnd5 rules
You are fucking retarded.

Also if your retarded fucking point didnt take like 5 detours through food analogies, "big money good", various forms of "lots of ppl sharing opinion opinion good", etc. It would be easy to follow. since you do nothing but turn it around and mangle it more everytime you should shut the fuck up and learn to write

Divinity 2 sold super well. So just make the same game but call it Baldur's Gate 3. Badda Bing Badda Boom.

baldur's gate is the name of the city retard


>expand their team size to double the size
>i-its a cashgrab
you can hate larian all you want because youre a seething ederfag but this is way too risky for a cashgrab.
Swordcoast legends was a cashgrab

>5 detours through food analogies
I made one.

>"big money good", various forms of "lots of ppl sharing opinion opinion good"
These aren't my posts.

>It would be easy to follow
And yet you can't tell between Anons. Stick to reddit, retard.

no shit you retard
there are other baldur's gate games and they didnt call them baldur's gate 3, because they were not similar games to baldur's gate 1 and 2

meant for

They made so much money from DOS2 that they opened THREE additional studios (used to be just one, now they have four) so now they had to figure out what to do with the rest of the money so they bought an expensive license and started working on that while at the same time handing a DOS spinoff cash grab for their junior devs.
Honestly it's not that different from what happened with CDPR, TW3 and Cyberpunk.

It looks like a fucking mod for Divinity. I haven't been this disappointed with a reveal in a long time. I can't take their games seriously when all their shit looks like happy meal toys.

>Yeah we understood that you have not an ounce of moral or artistic integrity long ago
to anyone reeing about the name or "artistic integrity" I point to pic related

Attached: Baldurs-Gate-Dark-Alliance.jpg (768x768, 61K)

>It looks like a fucking mod for Divinity.
And that's unironically a good thing.

>if Larian didnt take it another would have
>we still get a BG"3" that isn't even a real sequel and use dnd5 rules
So exactly the same thing?
You know what Larian could have done if they gave a fuck ? Hire people from old Bioware who worked on BG and BG2
Make the game rtwp
Call it Forgotten Realms: Larian edition
Literally anything
They're just making DOS3 instead.
Claiming that they had no choice is completely mind boggling
Claiming that they have no creative input is beyond dishonest
Claiming that they are, in fact, not making BG3 but flipping burgers, is utterly retarded.

No, I posted the pepe for who it was meant for.

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These games were fucking great. Legends of Norrath, too.

No I cant tell between interchangeable retards with the same variations of the same retarded point all bitching and moaning with empty arguments
All look same to me

>WotC wants a BG3
>they check which RPG sold more
>they hire larian and tell them to make another game with a D&D paintcoat
>somehow this is larian's fault

Why do people care so much about SJW genre?

So what? These games exist so it automatically justifies BG3 and all the stupid fucking shit that surrounds it?
How fucking stupid are you?

The party size limit is ATLEAST higher than 4 right? right? that's all I am asking

>be Larian
>accept to turn Baldurs Gate into Divinity 3
>somehow you are not responsible

>interchangeable retards with the same variations of the same retarded point
>"dude I hate WotC and larian"
>"dude, I fucking love larian"
>same point
You're just a waste of time and air. Here, have a last (you).

The truth of the matter is that 5e released a Core rulebook that was incomplete in an attempt to make the most easy and entre level friendly version of D&D. But add the books and the errata, and it's not that much simpler than 3rd edition, and the system, while simplified, has more building than it seems at first glance.
The problem is that you are comparing it with the 3rd edition that you remember, with hundred of books, resulting in millions of clases and feats and spells (no matter than more than 50% of the aditional content was garbagge)
For real, the game picks up with a few levels. I did white plum mountain for 5e a short while ago, with level 8 characters and for the first time, I really had a lot of fun playing. It suddenly had a tactical variety that it just didn't have in levels 1-4 that made miss 3.x all the time.

>dude if you disagree with me you are an incel, here is a complimentary food analogy, now tell me apart from the other retards arguing with the same retardation

Baldurs Gate 2 takes place in a city called Athkatla

Didn't WoTC literally tell Larian to make a 5e game with turn-based combat? Even WoTC doesn't care for Real Trannies with Pause.

That's actually a good thing

Yes, they did. Because there is no game with 5e, and it's good advertising to make a game that mimics the rule set like D&D games used to do.
It shows that the brand is strong again.

Not exactly, BG2 is a beautiful game this looks like 2010s generic trash so far.

>tfw dnd retards seething
>tfw it's D:OS 3

Attached: lmao2.png (477x265, 212K)

Wow ur so cool

I genuinely don't understand what makes the zoomers of Yea Forums happy about this game

Enjoy original sin 3 you mouth breathing dnd shitter.

>the stupid fucking shit that surrounds it?
we get it, it's not made according to your specifications so it's stupid.

They are happy with about everything that has the bare amount of RPG mechanics and kewl graffix.
Frankly it's not really hard to appease them in the first place.

>BG1 had a side quest in Cloakwood about an evil mage called Irenicus who cursed some bitch to be a 600lbs lard monster
>BG2 had a side quest in the Underdark that drops hints of a secret mind flayer plot to invade and subvert the realms
What's the difference? The foreshadowing was there, it just wasn't relevant to your quest at the time.

Attached: 1582209969680.png (479x483, 174K)


>BG2 has a side quest where certain monster race is hinted at doing exactly what certain monster race does per lore

>turn based
>200 years story taking place in vaguely the same region to justify using the name of a finished saga
>generic shitty art
>divinity 3 in disguise
>pozzed 5e lore and rules
Literally what the fuck does this have to do with Baldurs Gate

What's the difference? I I don't know, maybe 20 years, a completely different dev team, a story happening like 200 years later totally not in Athktla, etc.

NWN3 when

Also the mind flair plot hints are not in the under dark bit in the secret mid flayer lair in the sewers of athkatla
Try playing the game before trying to find differences
Im also pretty sure the cloakwood thing you mention is from NPC project, bot the base game

>there are anons in this thread actually agreeing with each other but arguing against each other because they got each other's posts mixed up and are just shitflinging randomly as a result

Attached: 1582943525481.jpg (201x199, 12K)

>looks exactly like Sword Coast Legends except turn based and with muh graffix/budget
>retards that shat on SCL conveniently eat it up
REALLY makes you think

>call it Neverwinter Nights 2
>looks nothing like Neverwinter Nights

Attached: Neverwinter-Nights-PC.jpg (1680x1050, 339K)

SCL was shit because it promised a nwn-tier toolset and instead delivered some massively restricted garbage that was no fun to use and couldn't create good campaigns to save its life.

how it is good thing? they should name it divinity if you hate bg why would you want it?

me smugly laughing at both sides and will still enjoy baldurs gate 3 and indeed also shit on baldurs gate 3 on Yea Forums when I feel like it.


Attached: 1557412897906.png (112x112, 16K)

Unironically based and correct attitude.

Meanwhile BG3 is literally called BG3.
Even SCL knew better than to call itself NWN3

>pick tactical camera mode
>it's literally NWN

>come to sperg about WotC
>some retard out-spergs me about larian

>I am MAD and YOU should be too!
>nobody else is mad
>nooooo you are all sheep why aren't you doing what I tell you to noooooo you should agree with me I'm not wrong you are all wrong

There are no sides. There are people that would eat shit for breakfast and people who wouldn't.

is it worth it going back and playing DOS1 after playing DOS2? either going to play that or Pillars of Eternity next

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dude stop that incel has had a very rough day

Where is this from?

Someone post the cuck shit.

Sure. The games aren't really connected so it doesn't really matter either way, but you might enjoy DOS not having an armor system like DOS2 and instead just go mad with CC spells. As long as you're not playing Deadfire you'll probably enjoy yourself.

>Re and Re2 look exactly like Resident games with modern graphics. FF7 somehow capture the feel of original games too

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me smugly peering at your side and judging you

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DOS1 is more archaic and punishing than DOS2, but also has more depth in rpg mechanics, combat and especially crafting.
DOS2 was literally made like it is because they know most people can't handle everything DOS1 allows you to do. Can you? Are you a bad enough dude to withstand non-streamlined gameplay?

This one?

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DOS is nothing like pillars

That just makes you an ironic shit eater, which is somehow more pathetic

>gs who think that views, money and likes given by complete fucking retard justify literally everything
It does.
If a vastly large amount of people like something over a small tiny among that doesn't, then that justifies the change that caused it. People don't make games just for (you), they make them to appeal to as much people as possible.

i didnt think they were that similar, but what major differences are there other than non-turn based combat?

You've lost the argument, and indeed...your own self respect

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Noooo user don't you realize all these people are sheep with BAD opinions, as opposed to me, an enlightened intellectual, with only GOOD and CORRECT opinions which are worth far more? Of course I won't actually buy those games, I don't have the money nor the interest for them even if they did bend to my every whim, but they should do it for integrity's sake! MY integrity!

I'm not even talking about the combat. rtwp games down to the story are fundamentally different. Divinity is grape drank while Pillars is real grape juice

PoE is basically just discount D&D. DOS uses a completely unrelated and classless system. DOS is more on the whimsical side and is meant to be enjoyed in co-op with another player. PoE takes itself super serious to the point where it, to me, just felt kinda bland. I can't really tell you which you might prefer, but to me it felt less like PoE was more like BG rather than it tried very hard to imitate it without bringing enough of its own, so that it ironically comes off as somewhat soulless despite the plot being all about souls.

Yeah this is it. Turn based games don't take themselves seriously at all and the story is usually shit.

They wanted to cash milk BG nostalgiafags and D:OS2 fans at once

Since seems that thinking isn't your strong point:
>WotC want's a DOS game with BG brand recognition
>ask larian
>if they refuse they'll hire another studio to make a DOS-clone with a BG paintcoat
>somehow this scenario is larian's fault

Is the 5e hate blind nostalgiafaggotry?
t. has a 3.5,pathfinder & 5.0 group

Not even that, it's just an excuse to shitpost. Most don't even know the different versions

Pretty much. It happens every edition without fail.

>all these fucking casuals who think 3.5 was a good edition

Go step on a lego you fucking normalfags. 3.5 was a burning trashfire.

The way they seem to be using their game engine, and the amount of flexibility and freedom it allows to the player seem amazing. I'll be the first to miss RtwP, but this shit looks on par with NWN for modding customizeability.

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This is probably true, though every larian game was a result of a random dnd campaign that never took itself seriously. They keep breaking immersion by having their writing go all over the place.

>has more depth in rpg mechanics, combat
How so? please dont say muh armor

>camera is all the difference it takes

>people confused on why its turn based
Coop. It's literally so the game can be coop. Do you know how much more coop games sell than single player games? A lot. And I for one am good with that. They're focusing a lot on both replayability and coop

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We get it you hate D&D while at the same time obsessed with a D&D game franchise. It's a but pathetic really

what the fuck is reddit spacing? I see this shit literally all the time and still have no idea what it means

DnD is turn based. Thats all there is to it.