Has there ever been a vidya where anger is a power?

Has there ever been a vidya where anger is a power?

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Asura's Wrath and I didn't even watch it

World of Warcraft.

Asura's Wrath and any game with berserkers

I think Royal Guard in DMC is based on anger.

super pms peach

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I don't really think a better example than Asura's Wrath exists, the whole plot is basically about a dad cyborg (?) being very, very angry.
Otherwise it exists but is mostly just delegated to some sort of super mode you activate for a few seconds.

It's time for Jack to 'im rip

I vaguely remember some JRPGs where your limit breaks got triggered if someone in your party dies or you get status effects enough.

>I think Royal Guard in DMC is based on anger.
Genuinely want to hear your reasoning

The only thing I could argue about is how you have to calmly build up your meter until you RELEASE it.

It's called "Rage" in Super Princess Peach

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Are moralfags angry all the time because of the generally low IQ?

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>durr has a game ever had a "rage' meter?

Technically Shadow the Hedgehog

What is most god of wars?


God of War.

Any and all hokuto no ken games

Only three games utilize the rage of Ken and two of them are just "lol damage up". Lost Paradise gave it new moves whenever you're on burst mode so they did it right

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Imagine still seething day and night about an anime character from 35 years ago you despise solely because he was a righteous man in an evil world gone insane.
This must be the high intellect and patrician taste of Yea Forums.

why the fuck did you reply to him?

Space Marine

>biting it
he's the Yea Forums equivalent of ACfag. He'll ignore your post and call you names while samefagging

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Based. Being calm and collected is actual power.


Most of Yea Forums has always agreed with Akagi. He's the father of modern Yea Forums thought.

That's why Toki is the best

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One can like Akagi while also liking Kenshiro


You don't belong on this board.

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Akagi is a moralfag.

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No he is not. Nobody gives a shit about Ten.

Samurai shodown have a rage meter

He was a moralfag in Akagi too


Fucking retard

Just a reminder that Toki is the true successor of The Fist of the Northstar and if he wasn't dying of cancer he would have defeated Raoh.

Toki was more skilled to be sure, but his softer nature and desire to spread hokuto shinken as a healing art instead of being an assassination kinda prevented him being the successor. Even before the nuke, I think

>ctrl+f "pokemon"
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You're the retard, probably an animeonly too

Calm water overcomes a raging stream

Raoh opines that Toki COULD have defeated him if he wasn't sick. Kenshiro remarks during their fight that Raoh and Toki's contrasting styles should cancel one another out but Toki was sick, hence why he tried to mimic Raoh's power fist and failed.

League of Legends


* proceed to explode while creaming himself

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