Now that death stranding has a pc release date, it was a good game all along

Now that death stranding has a pc release date, it was a good game all along.

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it was neither good nor even a game at all

Hope someone mods out the forced BT animation.

you can turn it off in settings

I will play this game with the 2B mod.

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PCFags will ruin this like they've ruined every game that got ported to their shitty system

>collecting samples of 2B's piss and shit

Good, but they should have figured that shit out when they were playtesting the game. It was a really obvious annoyance.

It was a good game in the first place

>Still shilling yourself
Eat shit.

I just platinumed it this morning. Good game. I'd check out significantly sized DLC.

Happy for PC bros, enjoy the much needed wider aspect ratio and hopefully you guys can figure out how to force multiplayer connections to players of your choice. Definitely gonna pick it up on PC in a few years, not rushing out to pay full price for a single player game twice though.

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What? I saw the video on Yea Forums like last month

Gonna double tip on this. Story was shit but loved the gameplay, atmosphere and environments. Replaying this for muh graphics and max draw distance will be totally worth it .

The story was good, though. Dumb American

but we knew about it weeks before ps4 release

Cringe. The Mads and Higgs stuff was fine, the Amelie and extinction entities shit was cringe as fuck.

Why would you play anything on a PC?

Then only 1/3 of the story is shit


Because of mods, settings, better graphic and controls

Because I don't have to pay for it

It's my favorite game in years, besides Rain World.