The fuck was this supposed to mean?

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Apparently, your evil soul can use all battlechip data you've collected so far.

>dude battle network's writing is so shit lmao

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It says RELEASE you illiterate fuck


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At least the gameplay is good.

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I'm assuming you use the Dark data infection to turn invisible.
I never touched Dark chips. Fuck that MaxHP draining shit.

I think that pic is from 5. If so, in 5 you can double soul using the dark chips to use them with no hp loss. Just if you don't time the move right, your soul will escape and become an enemy mob

>Just if you don't time the move right, your soul will escape and become an enemy mob
Does its difficulty increase the more Dark chips you use or the higher your own stats were?

It does what the boss version of it from 4 does, or what it does if you die while using a dark chip. It moves around randomly using random attacks you've used. So yes, the stronger things you use, the stronger it'll be. The only difference is in 5, it's immortal. You have to kill the mobs besides it, dodge for like 2 or 3 turns, or run.

>the undernet reacts positively to nebula's bullshit
>immediately in the next game, it is opposed to WWW's plans

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>consistently used Dark Chips in 4 thinking it would unlock a style change like in 3
>turns out there was no such thing and I ended up lowering max HP by ,
200ish for no reason

Sure is a damn shame that they got rid of styles.

Double souls for life!

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>I liked BN 4

Blue Moon reporting in

It does become better when you get Proto Soul.

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I honestly think I prefer the Cross/Soul System because it was like the .EXE equivalent of copying Robot Master abilities, but Styles were cool too.
Nebula, and the WWW aren't the same thing. The Undernet in BN6 probably toned down a lot, though.

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That's literally the final soul you get in terms of tournament order, and you have a chance to get Junk Soul instead of Proto Soul.

Anyone else had mixed feels on Starforce?

4 was my first, still love it.

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Red Sun had better Souls, honestly. Wind, Thunder, and Search Souls were great. Fire Soul is about on the same level as Aqua Soul, except Geyser's were probably more effective since they nerfed Disco Inferno

People really hated BN4, and I agree that the execution was incredibly poor for the most part, but it was a nostalgic game for me. I especially loved going to Castillo, and listening to the music on replay everytime I went there. Shame that Netopia wasn't as large as it was in BN3, though.

When I first played SF, I found it awkward compared to BN. I had to get used to the characters, the setting, and the general gameplay was different, but I ended up loving it a lot.

Same. Seeing bass for the first time was amazing. He was like some dark god encased in stone

Show of hands, who here got filtered by this guy in Network Transmission?

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I liked it too, it was different in a good way, since things felt really stale to me in 3.
It also gave me my first experience of using a gigachip, which I never knew were a thing until I received the Blue Moon chip.

You have a fresh thread up right now. Post there.

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If they got rid of the random Navi's in these tournaments, and focused strictly on the custom Navi's like Metalman, and etc, BN4 would have probably been fine. So really
>All custom Navi tournaments
>No having to repeat the game twice or more to get all the Souls
>Better battle chips, and codes
And people would have easily loved it.

that's not bubbleman v2

I hope Capcom rereleases a BN on a collection like they just did with Zero/ZX

I started out hating it constantly going "Wow, Geo is so unlikable, everyone is a carbon copy of BN character, I wish I was just playing Battle Network" and eventually warmed up to it hard. 2 is still horrible most of the way but 1 and 3 are great, 3 especially. Gameplay is also fun even though it's not as technical, and you can tell they tried to improve it more with each game, 3 especially.
I like both better than several BN games for instance.

Zero and Starman filtered me far more than I care to admit. The Life Virus is basically a victory lap at that point with its amazing music.

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Bubbleman isn't in Network Transmission.

Starman never bothered me, but zero is borderline undodgeable. Every time I have to use a program advance for it's invis to win. First time I play that got filtered hard by bright man until I learned about reflect

I need to play that but I feel as a guy who sometimes wins by the skin of his teeth that game is going to tear me a new one

>And people would have easily loved it.
Nah. There are still more problems:
>too much backtracking (fuck Park Area 3)
>fucking annoying mini games

I love the BN games translation

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I love both series. I hope the guy in pic related was not really important to SF games, i really want SF4...

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I guess "I have an IQ of 170 !!!" couldn't fit the dialogue box

>mfw I realized you can combine the dark chips with other chips to roleplay as other Navis for three turns
BN5 was bad but I enjoyed parts of it.

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>BN5 was bad

> a bad game
Choose one and only ONE

What was this game's name again? Might pick it up and give it a go since I'm starved at the moment.


Shanghai.EXE or Shanghai Genso Network

t. Stinks at liberations

Is the latest version a reddit post from two years ago? It says it's still in beta.

imagine licking shota dick and balls all over

I think someone on /jp/ can link you to a full version.

It's complete.

There is a thread for it, included the download link.

> /jp/
FUCK. I'll go look, thanks.

First of all you shouldnt trust reddit, second, the base game is finished and only lacks postgame content with the latest version being from a month ago ,and third, someone share the gitgud link with this fag

Good: 2, 3, 6.
Bad: 1, 4, 5.

I found the thread but all I see is a lot of DMCA trouble shit. Is that download link even English patched?