Weeb mystery games

I recently finished Phoenix Wright Trilogy and I already finished the Dangaronpa games long ago. I really like the idea of finding out how a murder happened, but I don't know how to find those kind of games.
Do you know other weeb games similar to the two above ?

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Have you seriously not played Zero Escape nigger?

Jake Hunter/Saburo Jinguji
Portopia Serial Murder Case

Can we not use the N word here? It really wasn't necessary. Thanks.

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Don't even know what it is, will look into it
Didn't know as well, thanks

Zero Escape, Higurashi, Umineko, Raging Loop, Somnium Files.
You just scratched the surface my man.

Ghost Trick youtube.com/watch?v=2OxMfwK7XKM

Made by Capcom and the creator of Ace Attorney.

There's a fuckload you will never play because they aren't translated.
Also, Ghost Trick is fairly different, but it's still a puzzle thriller.
Obra Dinn isn't Japanese but it's interesting.

I mean keep going with AA if you liked them, don't listen to anyone's opinions just try them out yourself. 4-6 and both Investigations, PLvsAA too though there's not much murder.. Also Ghost Trick.

Look into Umineko no Naku Koro Ni.
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JB Harold series
Macventures Deja Vu and Shadowgate
Deadly Premonition

I spoiled Higurashi and Umineko by watching the anime, is it still worth it ? I remember not having a great time in the first danganronpa because of this

The Silver Case/The 25th Ward/Flower Sun and Rain

Your turn to die is pretty popular right now theirs threads everyday about the new chapter speculation so go play that
Also this

You weren't spoiled shit if you watched the Umineko anime, it's literally halfway done and the only thing it's good for is memes. Higurashi is an amazing experience even when spoiled, the anime is pretty bad

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i haven't seen the anime so i don't know how much it spoils, but i personally enjoyed the vn for umineko for the ride
it's an emotional rollercoaster, it provides good mysteries, great atmosphere, and it's very clever in a lot of its storytelling techniques - though if you already know most of the plot, it's probably quite a bit less exciting

>Your turn to die is pretty popular right now theirs threads everyday about the new chapter speculation so go play that
o shit yttd chapter 3 is out? i've been waiting for it for so long dude

Kill yourself.

Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective

Are all those games as padded out for artificial length as Danganronpa? It took these dips 10 minutes to just say hello to each other every day.

zero escape series, ghost trick, also not a game but umineko is a fun mystery vn

They're Japanese VNs, what do you think?

Touch Detective on the DS was fun & cute as far as I remember.

What was that DS game where you would draw portals to see the past?

Umineko has literally the best soundtrack I've ever heard, which is ruined by the anime.

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Time Hollow.

Yeah only like an hour though the rest of chapter 3-1 will come out this or next week its pretty good so far

It's not a weeb game, but you may enjoy Return of the Obra Dinn. It's about investigating deaths in a shil by rewatching scenes in reverse chronological order. It is really comfy and fun, made by the same guy as Papers, Please.

>though the rest of chapter 3-1 will come out this or next week
ah, i'll wait for that then, i'm not big into teasers

I'm thinking about taking Umineko and Zero Escape. Phantom Trick seems hard to find so I'll pirate it unless I find it. Also, I found out I already have Higurashi, just never played it
Is the "Answer arc" of umineko important ?

Thanks you all for you advices ~

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Its like an hour and a bit long but sure

Dumb ESL poster.

>Is the "Answer arc" of umineko important
Why would you think it's not? That's literally the second part of the VN. Episode 4 would be an absolute disaster if the VN ended there. it's pretty weak even without that desu
Anyway, you should probably think about playing Higurashi before Umineko, not required by any means, but worth considering.
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The arcs are sort of like different seasons of a show. Answers arc is important if you like the first one and want more story. Also when you play Higurashi consider installing the mod with playstation graphics + voice over.

And play Your Turn to Die. It's very good and free and the most Danganronpa thing I've played since Danganronpa ended.

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Didn't know it was free, will definitely try it then

Play Hotel Dusk and Last Window.

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You played that and NOT Zero Escape?

Other games you might want to play:
Professor Layton series
AI: The Somnium Files
428 Shibuya Scramble
The Silver Case
Tokyo Dark
1bitHeart (free version via VGPerson)

For non-weeb:
L.A. Noire
Detective Grimoire and Tangle Tower (original flashgame starting the series is so-so)
Return of the Obra Dinn (free original build is still somewhere)
STASIS, CAYNE (Free), Beautiful Desolation
Her Story
The Black Watchmen
Agatha Christie - The ABC Murders (Demo)
Why Am I Dead? (free original build) / Why Am I Dead At Sea?
Orwell (Keeping an Eye on You/Ignorance is Strength)
Code 7 (first chapter is free to play)
The Sexy Brutale
Bear With Me (first chapter is free to play)
Hidden Folks, if you want something more like Where's Waldo
Some P&C titles like Whispers of a Machine, Blackwell series, 2064, Gemini Rue, and Technobabylon.

Still in development but already a good amount of play going for it:
Your Turn to Die (VGPerson translation)
Lockheart Indigo (RPGMaker but it plays like a weird mix of Gameboy era adventures and Phoenix Wright)

Nice, I screened it, thanks ~

No problem but fair warning with some of them:
The Black Watchmen is a bit clunky for an ARG Mystery/Puzzle game but there are a lot of expansions so it evens out. From what I remember reading they're officially killing the multiplayer stuff but you can still play it.
They did make a new game focused around playing at military forces but I'm not sure how it is.

Agatha Christie moves like shit but there are tweaks to fix that.

Orwell has replay value but no way to fast forward through things you've already done/read (at least in the first game).

Code 7 is overly expensive for what started out as a text adventure mixed with puzzles and hacking.

2064 has furry shit but it is otherwise an interesting game.

The Return of the Obra Dinn is the best deductive reasoning game ever, imo. Great paranormal mystery that oozes style.

Non vidya, check out a board game called Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective. It's seriously good stuff if you want to play detective. youtu.be/u-63xEB31dA?t=99


Not OP, but any mystery games that have an interesting dialogue/questioning/confrontation system?

God I want an Obra Dinn Sequel so bad

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