Megaman Zero/ZX Legacy Collection
Remastered tracks/Tunes mod is out. Mythos and Gigamix will be added later on

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on the road to unlock ultimate mode. Farm that 23400EC edition
How many of you have obtained codename: Immortal?

I'll hold out until Mythos.

I have it on my 100 point run file

Was Advent's secret ending removed for the collection or have I forgotten one of the requirements for it? I've beaten Albert's ass on Expert and nothing. Do I also need to play through the game as the character I didn't choose?

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>I have it on my 100 point run file

Did you get both ending first?
Ashe and Greys?

Can I pirate this collection yet?

What's the most particular thing we can all relate to when playing Zero? The difficulty? The bosses? The ranks?

Also, what's with the uproar of fanatism towards Sol titanion as of recently?

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Ah, that's it, I need to go through with Ashe then.

The fun of slashing things up with the z-saber
Is this a meme now?

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Does ZX have a NG+? Can I keep OX from the start? Or is it purely a post game thing and the only extra model you can start with is X?


Personally I think it’s the atmosphere. Zero was the most stoic of all the Megaman characters and now he is facing a world teetering in the abyss of extinction. The difficulty can be chalked to the sheer weight of the world on Zeros shoulders, the same weight that snapped X the OST that is so desolate sometimes like departure and so filled whit hope like Esperanto.
How Ciel is able to interact better whit Zero than even X did and how her really humane interactions clash whit his demeanor, how these constants war are eroding everything, how everything feels so desolate and death.
It’s a unique feeling that no other saga is able to match.

No NG+ with model OX unlocked, unfortunately. Have to use cheats to unlock it. It's a shame, because it would have made for a fun extra on top of having Model X all the way through the game.

>Cyber Elf X’s dialogues imply he was slowly becoming like Copy X in the century Zero was gone
Maybe Ciel didn’t make a flawed copy. Maybe Ciel made a Copy way too good.

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I can't use any Cyber-elfs in Zero 2 if I don't want to destroy my ranking, right?

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I see, thanks!

Yea Forumsros...

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>Area K sub tank
Someone please save me from this hell, my controller is extremely finicky on when I push up so I keep airdashing into walls and get eaten by lava

It's not worth the trouble at all.

Come back later with quick charge

Have you tried watching a video of it?

I love Pandora

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If I don't see 4 subtanks on my end-game file I'll be sad as fuck, so yeah it is.
I did think this far thankfully, but the problem is weirdly enough the journey UPWARDS, due to my controller being fucky. Guess I'll have to suck it up and use the shitty d-pad.
I have, hell I've DONE THIS years ago, but it's still fucking hard. Appreciate the tips tho, I'll just stick to it until I break through.

why is it called trap factory

What do you guys hate most about the Collection? What would you change about it to improve things to your liking?

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A lot of the general themes for bosses, and levels are kind of random for the Zero/ZX games

>What do you guys hate most about the Collection?
Z chasers. Give me the boss rush instead or at least make the minigames the central part and co-op ish.
>What would you change about it to improve things to your liking?
Cyber Elf X or Copy X as playable in all of Zero series but of course as a bonus for beating it.
For ZX Advent have Aile/Vent playable.

The fact that Z chaser doesnt let you race any old players ghost or the fact that only a small handfull of stages can be played on it

you asked for it...
>Implement the remastered OST as the default stage songs.
>Make the drama CD fully fledged anime cutscenes.
>Extra prologue of the 2 years that Ciel and Zero lived happily in the base before Z3.
>Remake the 4 games into a more anime like style like the one MN9 showed on its first concept. But only if you can keep the game physics intact.
>Zero challenge
>Battle against X5 X as a really difficult unlockable.
>Metal case and red cartridge for the especial edition
>Updated lorebook whit the newest piece of art and the extra details that only the people who watched the GV or DMFD heard.
>Extra absurdly expensive version with all the soundtrack alongside the book.
>Tone the hard difficulty so you can use all your moves but the bosses have new attacks patterns and all the attack ideas that where originally discarded due to being too cruel even for a MMZ game.
>Extra mode using the Mithos armor
>Extra mode of both ZX where you can use CX C is based on Craft not Ciel mind you.

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>What do you guys hate most about the Collection?
That Classic Collection 2 is the only one of the collections to let you just select a boss from any of the games to fight whenever you want.
>What would you change about it to improve things to your liking?
Add that option. Other than that I'm completely satisfied.

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Why do you post this in every thread?

>he doesn't know

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Agree. I like Zero's portrayal here too. It's funny because he's supposed to be more of a blank slate due to amnesia more than anything but I vastly prefer him being a ball of anti-social stoicism rather than his more emotional and hot-blooded depiction in the X series. He's very intolerant of people's shit here and has a cold "slash first, ask questions later" attitude which I think is fun to see bounce off of Ciel. His coldness in MMZ makes the fact that he's a genuinely good person stick out all the more. Also he's kind of a deadpan snarker, which lent to some pretty good lines.

>only two Z-Chaser stages per game?!
>no Remastered OST even though the technology is totally there
>minor but the pixel scaling is a little fucked when it shouldn't be
>no option to toggle blood spurts for the English game
>no option to use the Japanese audio track for English ZXA or enable it for English ZX1
>they didn't add the Drama Tracks with subtitles in the gallery

I know I wasn't expecting much but I'd have really liked it to feel truly definitive. I'd have liked a timeline feature and a character database in the collection too, to supplement the games' story. Even include some charts for things like ranks and forms, like the Complete Works book had. I feel like if it's gonna be a collection of old games it should go all out in the extra material. Even the gallery artwork is mostly shit we've all seen before.

Forgot one thing, but OG Classic Legacy Collection had an option to pick specific bosses to refight, which i LOVED. Wish that would have returned.

>> can't remap the controls for Z Chaser.

Are you fucking serious?!

Did you check the settings

ZX undub when?

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there are undub versions of the ds roms

I know. I used them. Obviously I meant for the collection.

>Extra prologue of the 2 years that Ciel and Zero lived happily in the base before Z3.

Wasn't that 2 months?

then shut the fuck up and wait.

No can do I'm already at Z4.

Please post Pallette

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No remastered tracks/ZX(A) Tunes
That text font on the title screen
No Japanese voices/visual effects while keeping English text
All of the above

>What do you guys hate most about the Collection?

No tweaks to the games. I'm especially annoyed that the Command Dash can't be disabled in Zero 1-3. Other than that, I wish it had options like being able to disable the leveling in Z1/2 and allowing us to fight any boss at any time with any setup.

>What would you change about it to improve things to your liking?

Cool unlockables, such as playable guardians or whatever, for beating the games. I especially would have liked one for beating all four Zero games in A/S rank and both ZX games in expert. There is not even a fucking achievement.

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>switch version sold 11k in jp
>ps4 version is not even working
>the trash fire that is the pc version unless you get lucky
I just wanted a third installment fo ZX, god damn it

Stop being such a weeb.

Sure, as soon as American voice acting industry gets anywhere near close the Japanese one.

Shit! Brain fart. I beat this things once each year and still made that mistake.
Anyways I know this is somewhat off topic but man I wish WF worked alongside Inti more often. Their contributions to Pirates curse are what made that Game stand out from all the rest of her games.

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You should support it, faggot.

Man, the ambience in X and ZX is like day and night in comparison to Zero when you dig too much into it.

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It's only been a week, and you people are already overreacting about sales. Give it a rest for a couple months at least. What's wrong with the PS4 version, though? I know the PC version is fine, unless you have a shit PC. PC gaming is pretty sad in general though, so..


I don't care, the meme isn't funny.

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nothing, it is fine. I just typed 'not working instead' of 'not even charting' for some reason. i'm playing on it.
and it is not even if you have a shitty pc. the game for some resason enters in conflicts with random softwares installed on pc. friend of mine has a 5k pc and he is getting slowdowns and had the codec issu while every other game is fine.
I would not be surprised if the save file issue in the pc version has something to do with processor related programs. the pc version seems to be just a copypasted version of the console version

You mean X was about to become a reploid murderer for shits and giggles?

More like he wasn’t giving value to lives anymore, so mass genocide to solve problems wouldn’t become out of question

What if Lumine fried Axl's brain, and he destroyed himself to put an end to the virus, and years later Albert came along and used his data as blueprints for Model A

So how am I supposed to know the Zero 4 recipes without looking up shit online?

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I like how the Zero series gave us a depiction of what X would be like on the off chance that he became Hitler. I don't know why everyone hated Copy X. I mean, damn. The guy had stripper poles in Neo Arcadia. What more could you ask for?

Who cares? Look em up online so you can save yourself the trouble. Double Jump chip, and Junk Armor Zero are so based

Master Albert has the best voice in the dub though

Without zero and many F ranks yeah he was giving up.

NPCs tell you tell you some and give hints for others, but I don't think they tell you about all of the chips, particularly the level 3 recipes.

Best advice I can give you is get fast. You don't have to be accurate or get through it perfectly without damage, just get through it as fast as possible.

Pandora is actually a boy and Prometheus is actually a girl

The English dub is pure gold for how bizarre it sounds. It honestly sounds like they didn't even hire professional VAs and just got people around the office to read lines with no context or direction at all. I fucking love it.

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>Finished grinding weapon levels in Zero 1
>Have to do it again in 2

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>not liking dub

Z Chaser not having more stages for each game is kind of shitty, and not having a boss rush challenge for each game is sort of a let down. The closest to a boss rush are the few stages in Z Chaser that are the final level.

Stay in your peace and ROT IN IT

>missable subtank
What were they thinking?

>go into settings
>go over to controls in the menu
>fix controls to your liking
Whats TRULY annoying is you have to do it every time.

Almost every line featuring "booty" feels like they're holding back laughter

It takes almost no time in 2.

>this trash dub somehow survived over a decade so they could use uncompressed files for the collection
>tons of revolutionary and unique games lost their precious source codes and data

How is this fair?

>he had to grind

As soon as you can charge your buster to yellow charge all bosses are free.
Saber combos and charges are good but are pretty much optional

The Sabre is still pretty useful on a number of occasions, though. You really do only need to max out your Buster, as it shits all over everything for the most part

>be trophyfag
>get all trophies
>still feel like playing the games
Finally, a game to end trophy faggotry

>no hi-res artwork for cutscenes
>filter always on for artwork on cutscenes
>the weird PC limitations (disables some buttons like steam chord or Function keys in notebooks)
>muh blood
>no actual LCD scanlines filter
>no cutscene skip in Z1 and 2
>no weapon XP in NG+ for Z1 and 2

Chain rod and triple rod are pretty fun to use on bosses once you know how their priority works

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oh fuck
this rules, and they already have the tech with z-chaser