When will we get another good FPS game? new CS? How about a good anime shooter?

when will we get another good FPS game? new CS? How about a good anime shooter?

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I miss Battlefield Heroes.

Sorry user, fun is prohibited.

this summer

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That was the first P2W piece of fucking shit that I ever experienced personally. Terrible game.

Remove the gun


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How about a Donkey Kong game?

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>playing mobas and pretending they're shooters

>heh if i post the same image that has been posted in every shitposting thread they won't find out
Dunning Kruger effect at work.

How about a ban?

me too

>rainbow six siege is a moba

Metro Exodus

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Well, that was P2W era back then.
Still, in first year it was not that P2W even, you still was able to rent weapons, and most(or even all) consumables you could buy also by f2p currency.
Gunplay is shit, looks unbalanced(in not funny way) with 0 chances to be good.
Sometimes i also do remember pre-hat TF2, i wish more games like that.


>good anime shooter?
Literally never

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Are the metro games not supposed to be alright although I heard the redux versions ruin then or something?

>I want a new CS but CS gameplay is shit
ok schizo

Out of the 5 heroes seen, 3 or 4 of them have wall hack skills. No thanks.

We already got one

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of course not that would mean anime would have to be good first

I'm not OP you Tencent shill.

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>no fps with cute anime girls and guro
it's not fair bros

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let's take the worst parts of cs and combine them with the worst parts of ow

you can play it via rising hub or phoenix network bro


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there's already a good game on the market though

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Here user I found a pic of you online.

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this is still my favorite

>gurgling and crying out for family in their final moments like in medal of honor

it would be kino

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It's genuinely fun.
Too bad it's only weekends because closed beta. I clocked 37 hours through 3 days.

>Delta Team you're clear to engage

>csgo random spread and recoil
>de_ with 3 sites
>we focus on anti cheat
>main demographic is china
>revives and heals
>*blocks ur screen*
>stuns and slows
Yeah, no fuck off you triplenigger


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>actually being someone who likes to see cute things suffering and killed
It's almost like you have mental problems and are actually just a weakling.

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>actually being someone who likes to see cute things suffering and killed

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I never thought I'd see such an ancient pic gain relevance again.

grow a pair faggot

There's also Black Mesa which is getting its 1.0 tomorrow

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Never thought I'd see these names again
Is the game good?

Die in a hellfire, tripfag

>roger that we are Oscar Mike stay frosty senpai




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For now I recommend trying Insurgency: Sandstorm and Titanfall 2.

>why yes, I whiteknight cartoon girls online, how could you tell?

You sure like saving pics of those cuties.

Wish they would just make a casual Escape from Tarkov.

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>this summer
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It's really fucking good.
It runs at 250 fps in most medium/old cards like 970/290x
Mouse input is insanely responsive and the game is generally smooth af

So braindead and mentally weak you resort to copy pastas from 6 years ago. Real men make up their own copypastas. But no joke I'd beat the shit out of you easily. Does that make you feel inferior?

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On top of what other anons have said, I also refuse to play another game with that overplayed cartoon aesthetic. I don't need every game to look realistic, but I'm sick of the kiddo/chink friendly animated bullshit just so they can get those mtx pumping

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>shits on QC for having abilites
holy cringe

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Never said qc abilities were bad. They balanced most abilities to a point where they are fair.
The reason qc is bad because rockets aren't displayed at their actual position, plus the game struggles to get above 180 fps on high end cards.
Diabotical's weeble grenades are just about the same, difference is, every player has them, and they cannot do direct damage (unless you count the 5 points of impact damage, kek)

what about card game

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i meant 2gd in general shitting on QC
i was maybe optimistic but the moment he announced eggs exclusivity, my interest dropped to zero
avoided chink botnet all this time, not gonna stop now, esp with corona approaching

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>epic store gives you corona

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March 20th

top3 reasons not to install epic store
>chink botnet on my FREEDOMS pc
>coronavirus on my pc
>every developer should pay extra just so their game can exist on a platform. devs are the lowest scum and deserve rope. only valve games should exist praise gaben out lord and savior *makes hl:alyx shill thread #3689*

Animal crossing is an fps?

cool strawman bro

seethe steamie

There's something heavily wrong with the abilities. I think someone explained the wallhack arrows are either based off player los or the arrow's los, and they can also be destroyed. But they shouldnt be in the game. Also that stack of like 4 different abilties at the end shouldnt even be a thing. It's legitimately the same issue people had with overwatch shields but somehow even more aids looking. And a toxin that can cover the bomb site for that long and leaves players at 1 hp? Just absolute garbage. They just slapped the worst mechanics of every other hero shooter in a game that has promising looking gunplay. All they need next are stuns and they'll officially have the worst shooter on the market.

Like says. Black Mesa is a good one.

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>there's a hero with a tripwire that has a 75% slow

There's something odd with this ladys' shirt... can't quite put my finger on it, though

>300 confirmed kills
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kek i'm not sure if you're trolling or not with this, but just so you're aware posts like this just make you look stupid rather than make anyone angry

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