Tbqh I'm a lil worried this is gonna bomb and Valve will never ever make another game

Tbqh I'm a lil worried this is gonna bomb and Valve will never ever make another game

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they should have stopped after their card game went to shit

And that is a good thing. If they wanted to make games they would make games instead of running one shop and two esports platform.

no you're not, you're from that faggot cope thread from yesterday and you're trying to keep the cope train on the rails. But I got news for you, you've gone off the rails the day this shit was announced.

Who cares? You've gone 12 years without another Half-Life already - did you die from it? No. What's it matter if they never make another game? The only one they shit out in recent years was hot trash - pretty much every endeavor they've pursued since Episode 2 has flopped - they may as well be dead, and it wouldn't matter if they did.

>this is going to bomb
do americans really believe this

If it bombs then Valve will rush out a patch to make it compatible with mouse and keyboard and then it wont be a bomb any more.

Preorders of the game and Index are both blowing up. It might not make waves in the overall gaming industry but VRfags will love it. Not like there's many AAA vr games to choose from. However, I suspect there will be a lot of falseflagging and reviewbombing from seething poorfags.

No it won't, it will be successful.
That's no guarantee of HL3 though. HL3 was never about market uncertainty. Valve is just not a well-structured company.

So you're afraid we'll be back in the same scenario that we were in up until this point? Can't say you've been missing much.

It looks based. Source 2 looks sexy and the controls look tight. I'll prob get a VR for this once the reviews are out.

it probably already made its money back in Index sales alone.

Even if it didn't, it doesn't matter. Valve said they don't expect to recoup the costs - they developed HLA knowing they were the only company in the world capable of taking the financial hit of doing something of that scale for VR.

Valve stopped making games like 10 years ago
Anyone hype for this probably has a funko pop collection and is a fucking moron

there's nothing to worry about, it's a long term play, they're limited by hardware supplies anyway

It looks really boring. Who thought it would be a good idea to make a game about rummaging through crap? The whole thing is designed for cover shooting and it just does not look fun.

you could buy a VR headset and join in the fun instead of coping

the only way it can "bomb" is if the experience on og headsets like vive and rift + wmr shit is subpar

I could just play a flat game and not waste over 300 bucks in a hobbie too

>Be valve
>Sitting on an unfinished Half-life story
>Has the option to make a shit load of money with all the modern tech
>Could re-release HL2 HD with Ray Tracing
>Could make HL3
>Could make L4D3
>Could make a Portal VR (where it belongs)
>Could make a new Counter Strike Battle Royale to appeal to the Zoomer crowd
>Could revamp their store (GOG galaxy is more polished)
>Could easily become more profitable with little effort
>Could BTFO the EGS with a butter knife
>Has all these options

>Creates HL: Alex to save their investment into VR instead
As much as I love Steam, Valve is sitting on an untapped gold mine that will see the light.

If you're expecting to compare the sales numbers to CoD and GTAV and then come on with your OH NO NOs when its not even in the ballpark, then yes it will "bomb".

But in reality it will be the most successful VR game to date.

*will never see the light.

Who gives a shit?
The old guard that developed HL1 and launched Steam is long gone.

Wouldn't Portal be really bad in VR? At least with any puzzle that's momentum-based.

Nah it's fine, I actually find it more intuitive in VR

Nigger, that's the last thing you should be worried about. It'll sell like hotcakes because it's another fucking Half-Life game. Don't underestimate the autism of Pcbros. It doesn't matter if it's garbage, and at the risk of slightly displacing a goalpost, as long as it's not Artifact or anything like that, it will fucking sell just for having Half-Life in the name.

When did this filter get here?

This game just follows the trend of
>old classic gets renewed with filler game
It's gonna be mediocre. I'm thinking Halo ODST levels.

To me the biggest red flags was about this game were:
1) When they asked the devs what part of the trailer made them proudest and they answered "the way you open doors and rummage through the items in the shelves"
2) When the release of Boneworks made them realize they had to implement better physics and smooth locomotion before showing any gameplay.

Imagine that HLA was entirely designed with teleportation as the sole means of locomotion, and that its physics were inferior to an indie game with less than 9000 all-time peak players (and less than 300 current players). Could the bar be set any lower?

actually not true, it's mostly the same people

Valve have said multiple times that Portal was actually the first game they tried developing for VR but the nausea on playtesters and devs was too much so they abandoned it.

Not on the writing side. Or art direction side. Or voice acting side.

>I love Steam
your opinions are worthless, you fat incel

The funniest thing is, it almost was a teleport only game.

retard, Valve was a core part of the development of Boneworks. They were supporting the devs throughout the entire development. Early boneworks media even had a fucking crowbar in it.

That's my point, I don't trust Valve to salvage it.

Retard, post proof.

>implying they don't have one already
Every single one of the movements can be mapped to a sequence, source has always allowed rebinding these sort of things, if Valve doesn't do it someone else will.

I'll play the inevitable PlayStation 5 port, released in late 2020 or Easter 2021 that valve releases to recoup loses Fuck pc, everything is becoming VR or epic store. Thinking this won't get ported to next gen is delusional imo. It's an experiment to bump up hardware sales in the short term.

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>valve caring about losses
>bump up hardware sales in the short term
>index literally sold out for months
can that reply get more underage and retarded

>no mention of anything for TF2

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google boneworks crowbar, dipshit. boneworks was also the only non valve game to make it into their steam master list (aka, the list of games valve has developed)

I think it's likely that Valve and Sony will "trade" VR exclusives
Which is good because HL does have a small following among consoles

>it has a crowbar therefore it was developed by Valve
Ask me how I know your IQ is sub 90.

Bait aside, it was developed by these guys:

They are not Valve. Moreover, Boneworks is not even on the master list anymore:


i know it isnt, and i never said it was developed by valve
nice reading comprehension mutt

What was your point then? Please provide direct information on how Valve contributed to Boneworks development.

It's already successful, the indexes sold out.

It literally didn't flop, the goal of the game isn't to sell individual copies, it's to sell headsets.
Which is exactly what it did, and it far outpaced Valve's own expectations and now they're struggling to keep up with demand.

>Could make a new Counter Strike Battle Royale to appeal to the Zoomer crowd
they did make a cs battle royale

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This. HLA is already considered a success internally at Valve based on presales alone. Some guys are already scribbling ideas for an HLB on the whiteboard.

Nice insider information, retard.

Doesn't take a logical leap to see Valve clearly weren't prepared for the amount of people buying Indexes.

No, seriously, you are a retard.


Cope for what you fucking retard?

looking at footage it seems like if it bombs it aint the fault of the game.
Plus all the saltyfags giving it free marketing constantly.

Its going to sell more than hl1

If they don't want it to bomb they better get their ass in gear and work on an SDK with fuckton of prefabs that make things easy for modders.


>HL2 HD with Ray Tracing
lmao. VR is at least something new.
>CS Battle Royale

i'm going to enjoy it a lot, you can't stop me
hear that Yea Forums, I'm going to enjoy a video game

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They already have their money; it's a game that costs a thousand dollars.

Every sale they make outside of Index preorders and knuckles sales is just candy.

lol what a retard

I just want boneworks but good.