All style but 0 substance

All style but 0 substance.

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Just like the original.


Came to post this.

like all video games?

What exactly is "substance" to you, anyway? What is "style" to you?

FF7 is the definition of thematic substance and SOUL in video games

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It doesn't have style though, it looks like your average Western movie game

>It's all 1s and 0s bro.

It should have been turn-based.
Feels like I'm playing Birth By Sleep now


No the fuck it isn't. It's a glorified movie that only got popular because of Sony's marketing. There have been many superior JRPGs to it.

I seriously don't know how this lame button mashing combat is supposed to be an upgrade.

FFVIIR in the demo alone has more depth to its combat than the original.
We'll see how the full game takes advantage of the mechanics but there's already a lot more to potentially play around with. Pretty much all of the original's depth came from the wacky materia combos you could do, not the moment-to-moment decision making during gameplay.


Yea tell me how great your obscure games no one played like Hyperdimension Neptunia Kawaii uguu Panty Adventure and Shinsi Megumi Zankiloku Tenshi no Youni 5 are better than one of the classics of the video game canon

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is this pasta

Everything can become pasta.

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Ah i see everything that comes out still sucks on this board. Nice hive mind Yea Forums

Yea Forums's motto/banner should be
>Old good, new bad

Uh hello, CRINGE department?
Yeah, it happened again.

FF lost the substance at 6 went it o rails cinematic, don't even try denying it

Notice how none of the other 'classic' video games got a remake to the extent of FF7, because good games don't need to be remade.

That's Final Fantasy in general.

Lol ok kid

>That's video games in general.

That’s some hot pasta

I always knew RE2 was bad, thanks for the validation I needed


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It's like dirge of Cerberus, but with better graphics, better characters, less gameplay and an okay story.

RE2 is trash yes and inferior to Silent Hill (or basically every other horror game of its time).

keep stretching my boy, one day you'll reach china

t. underage

What style is it? Cringe Style?

Its a demo, guys. Wait for the final version at least

Silent Hill has three good games and literally everything else is shit. Stop being such a jealous contrarian faggot because your favorite series is dead.

RE doesn't have a single good game and is the reason movie games exist now lmao

>it’s just a demo! They’re going to fix everything before it releases!
You guys are the worst

>RE doesn’t have a single good game
Why are you trying so hard to impress Yea Forums?

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Im not saying they will fix everything. Im saying this is a demo, so it was just a series of hallways to introduce people to basic mechanics. Im still waiting for the final game to try combat in different situations, to see how much exploration, side quests and interesting retells of the original story actually made it into the game. Until then it was a good experience but Im still more excited about Nioh 2 that this

>One of the most iconic JRPGs of all time
>Beloved by fans worldwide
>Spawning expanded continuities
>Fans get a taste of the PS3 tech demo in 2006
>Fans clamor for a modernized remake to relive one of their favorite JRPG experiences all over again for the first time, begging Square.
>Square finally delivers

How do you degenerate single digit IQ fucks even shitpost? It's a miracle you even know how to use a keyboard.

>You still won't get complete game after 14years of development

I'm not the one putting shit games on a pedestal for no other reason than 'they're popular'.

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The remake is shit too though. Says a lot about the quality of the original.

It has more substance than the original.
>lol u did evrything rite but da enemy did his big "F you" attack lmbo shoulda lucked better, idiot

is that all you can spew it oh man it's shit and MUH QUALITY. Like try to prove to us that it's shit with facts instead that shit

Even bad action combat is better and more fitting than braindead ATB. This remake has made me hate filthy jarpigs even more, I didn't think it was possible.

>>lol u did evrything rite but da enemy did his big "F you" attack lmbo shoulda lucked better, idiot
Why do you talk like that? Come back when you've finished school, kid.

The Resident Evil 2 remake was such a good game.
You can have cinematic elements without making a movie game walking simulator. Someone needs to tell that to Square Enix without having them go to the other extreme and make empty open worlds, a la FF15.

b a i t

If you google questions on the game it clearly says it will be released to Xbox 2021, second the game will be linear, no free roam or highwind travels. The game will be placed in chapters..

>fight first boss
>it's easy
>All Style No Substance
I agree with you OP. I dropped Dark Souls when Asylum Demon lost half its health in one drop attack. No point in playing a game that does the combat for you like that.

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Who the fuck are you replying to user?

People don’t like them because they’re popular, they’re popular because people liked them.

epic ad hominem, broham.

Not everyone was born after 2000 m8. It may be hard to believe but some things get popular because they are good.

How to spot a zoomer in one easy step

Please elaborate on what's shit about the original m8?

Nice argument.

There is literally NO meta action game potential to be found in the demo.

Not in the combos
not in chaining knockbacks for crown control
not expressing yourself through the combat otherwise.

Not him, but the awful gameplay that literally puts me to sleep and the chibi shit models. Story is good and the only reason people care about the game

Why are you responding to this person? I haven't been on Yea Forums in 3 years, and i'm just baffled by how quickly everyone gets baited. Just ignore the dude and focus on discussing the game with people who are actually serious about the game.

>I communicated with my alternate universe self from a timeline where I actually played the game unlike the current timeline where I won't even touch the demo. He told me through the crystal ball that it's a bad game! This is a true story!
>t. trust me, dude!

Plus they remade the first 3 silent hills in the HD collection

>Only opinion that aligns with my own matters
Have a (You)

>FF7's legacy gets tarnished by a cashgrab remake.
>FF6,8&9 remain untouched and pure.

Best timeline.


Literally not what he said at all, but leave it to you to completely misunderstand something lol

Just on the offchance that your salt stops you from buying one, I'll buy an extra copy just to spite you.

No it's not xv is better faggot shill

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All shitposts bot 0 thoughts


If by 0 substance you mean 0 materia you're right.

ffix's memory is tarnished by disc 2

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Let me explain then.
He assumes that the guys are replying to bait, when this whole website is giant bait. There are tons of retards and each one has opinions that are as valid as any.
I don't see why asking someone why he has such opinion is a bad thing.
/end of blog
Also everyone likes (You)s

Games like Final Fantasy 7 were the movie games of the 90s.

Is ff7 the one that started QTEs in the series?

nope, youre just a zoomer that buys actual movie games. ff7 is literally 99% gameplay, the new one is probably cinematic garbage though.

Not sure if genuine or retarded.

>ff7 is literally 99% gameplay,

FF7 is literally 0% gameplay lmfao

The story was delivered 99% through non-interactive dialogue segments and the interactive segments had literally no effect besides some retarded date (which ultimately didn't change anything either). Compare it to games like Fallout 1, 2 or Planescape: Torment at a similar time. Not to mention System Shock or Thief which had almost no cutscenes at all and still built a whole story and setting. JRPGs were what started the whole movie game fad.

>if you dont physically move the direction control every second then its not gameplay!
and yet, every modern movie game lets you do exactly that

these zoomers trying to critique a classic rpg lmao too funny