Hey user, wanna play vidya at my house later?

>Hey user, wanna play vidya at my house later?

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umm, no, you don't even have an xbox.

Only if you have hairy armpits and pussy.

Artist worship threads are not video games.

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what did he mean by this?

shut up nigger

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Sure. I'll bring my Switch. Do you want Smash or Mario Kart?

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No thanks, bro

why is pretty women hitting on weak beta males who don't want big tiddy sex because they're fags so popular with zoomers?

>tfw never get invited by cute girls to do anything

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I'd just sperg out and say no

Only if you play fighting games

you're about 8 years too late user

And yet drawthreads and /ctt/ are still around. What now faggot?

Shut up you dirty nigger

hang in there sluggo

Sorry I only enjoy singleplayer

video games are art


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I swear to fucking god if you pull out some meme shit like Shrek Super Slam again I'll break up with you.

You can take turns.

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Is she making fun of him for having an erection


I need a tomboy gf.

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