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You got 18 idle vills my dude

Somehow this lazy remaster is better than Warcraft 3 Reforged

>no one building houses

>mfw Goth militia spam after the last patch

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It's what a remaster should be. Shinier graphics, better tech specs, NOT removing features from the original and then forcing it on you.

>Remade every single sprite in HD and 60fps.
>Remade every texture for 4k resolution.
>Re-recorded high quality sound for almost every thing.
>Added 4 new civs and 3 new campaigns.
>Installed entire new online servers.
>Constant updates and bug fixes
>Integrated mod support.
>Lazy Remaster
What did they need to do for it not to be a "Lazy Remaster"?

I heard it was pretty unoptimized, but not sure how badly unoptimized it was compared to reforged.

AoE2 HD wasn't that bad in that regard right?
How about scr?

scr runs fine but i found Aoe2HD would occasionally shit the bed and stutter if too many dudes were attacking and moving at once

iirc Aoe2HD increased sprite limits and stuff while SCR retained all of the limits the original game has so it never has a chance to run like garbage

AOE2HD is literally a widescreen hack of the original game. The expansions to AOE2HD have new content but under the hood it was basically the same game from the 90s

It's easy to say that for a 2d game, but it isn't nearly as sinmple to make "shinier graphics" for 3d games. You will always have faggots complaining, even if the old games only look the way they did because of technological limitations, and if they just try to increase poly count without adding any detail they would get called lazy. Meanwhile for 2d games all they need to do is redraw, they might even get by with running the old textures through a algorithm or they might even have higher res textures still laying around somewhere.

Ah okay.
I heard warcraft 3 got worse and worse with the updates for reforged and how it became unplayable on older machines as a result.
Haven't played since one of the earlier pre-reforged patches that added 24 player capability, and it lagged witht hat many AIs, but otherwise it played fine at that point.
I only remember having stutter issues on the ludicrous map sizes in hd, but I didn't play that game too much so not sure if it was a problem with more sizes.

did they fix the 5-10min mark disconnect in multiplayer yet?

>play AoE2
>have fun playing against AI on standard difficulty
>AI destroys me at higher difficulties
>know playing online would have similar results
>looks up how to play better online
>the first 15 minutes of every game needs to be exactly the same every time or it's a guaranteed loss
>game becomes 100x less fun

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>watch AOE2 regicide diplomacy streams
>even the worst players are way better than me
>the only way to stop being a total scrub is to learn a thousand hotkeys and mash them constantly

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They also updated some of the campaigns that originally didn't even have voice lines. Literally the only bad things about it are some forced re-recordings and the install size which might bother some.

This is why playing RTS online is a mistake
It's literally just abusing META tactics and clicking fast.

That’s literally every RTS game dummy

Hot take, WC3 didn't need a remaster because it still holds up.
the jews from actiblizz just wanted some ez money

I agree, but honestly I don't think aoe2 needed a remake either because it also held up.
There's less you could fuck up there though, and actiblizz fucked up a lot with refroged.

this is why i quit RTS and play turn base or Grand strategy instead
literally unfun to play half of the match

I just went through this. Feels bad.

>It's what a remaster should be.
9+ years of "remastering" and sold twice? I'm loving how they already renamed the first remastering to AoEII (2013) in hopes that it stops people from complaining about buying a remaster of a remaster.

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Not to mention rewritten AI (keeping the old one alongside it), improved old campaigns, and also they still sell the old game if anyone wants that one instead although I don’t know why.

It’s probably the best remaster yet.

I always had more fun playing against the AI anyway. I'm not cut out for the stress of multiplayer RTS

It’s our time

how come there wasn't one of these edited to look like a cumen?

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>this is why i quit RTS and play turn base or Grand strategy instead
Sorry to say that there's meta in grand strategy games too and if you don't pick certain idea groups you lose

How do we fix scorpions?

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How do I get good if I'm a retard!!


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Because there is

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>play multiplayer game
>opponent has more experience and game knowledge
>because opponent is more practiced he can execute fundamental operations like second nature while I require more concious effort to perform the same operations
"wooooooooooooooooow RTS has no strategy at all it's just a bunch of gook clicking"

Play China

>Started to gitgud
>Didn't practice for 2 months
>Probably literally LITERALLY at square one now
Kill me

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Give them like 25 attack

RTS is a "solved" genre where it's not about tactics or skill, but rather whoever executes the current meta build order faster than his opponent.
Welcome to gookclick, enjoy your stay.
That's why only single player and compstomp is fun.

china makes them ok, but still not good enough


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put them on elephants
and then lose anyway

Not as long as the Wonderboy remaster exists.

>that kid who hid behind 10 layers of fortified walls

shit like this is so cringe....
fucking embarassing


makes me laugh how Dawn of War 2 succeeded in fixing this, but everyone hated it

Nah. You'll get absolutely fucked if you just use the same strategy every time on Starcraft.

Being able to run the game at higher resolutions with less fuckery is worth a remaster alone imo.

The problem with DoW2 is that the levels/retreat mechanic ruin it completely, also AWFUL AI in single player that makes it a chore because they are autistic about humping the control points more than anything else and shitload of missions are just "destroy all enemies on map" so it turns into a fucking whack-a-mole wasting your time.
But the MP is just ruined by level ups and retreat.
Heck, level ups wouldn't be that big of a deal if you couldn't just press the panic button to retreat, which again makes shit a chore.

hey one unit has to be the weakest, nothing wrong with the scorp taking that role
they're actually pretty good against both infantry and archers
their real advantage is they take no micro to use unlike the mangonel, you can have 3 battles across the map with scorpions and they'll fight fine but you can't prevent that many mangonels from doing friendly fire with that kind of split, many players can't handle the APM "stress" of splitting up their forces in the first place so they're unappreciated. (Teut knights also excel when players are dividing their APM attention across multiple points on the map as well)
you can use scorps pretty safely if you have a good siege bonus


build orders are a natural consequence of strategic optimization - stuff that doesn't work gets weeded out though loss, stuff that does promoted through wins
people don't want to lose, and thus flock to the most efficient strategies - a meta emerges

if you think there's anything wrong with that process, then you're a stupid dumb idiot

why tho




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There's everything wrong with that because it kills all variety and fun unless fun for you is autistically executing the current meta as fast as possible like a gook on a minimum wage assembly line slave labour.

lel, this is great


It’s not lazy at all

im in the top 4000.
i know zero builds.
i put 6 of sheep and 4 on wood then bumblefuck my way through the rest of the match.
rated 1530

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Is booming even viable in 1v1?
Last I played strategies somewhat competitively Empire Earth it was either 1 booming, 1 defending him, or 2 aggro. Nobody was playing econ in 1v1s.

The 2013 game wasn't a remaster, it was just a port to Steam with support for HD widescreen resolutions. Plus some extra expansions

tell me what your idea of "variety and fun" is, user
note that if there's room for a strategy more optimal for winning than others, the game becomes minimum wage slave labour, per your own assertion

It’s definitely not inherently easier to make updates 3D models especially when AoE2 DE’s updated sprites are all rasterized sprites of 3D models and animations which were created from scratch for the rerelease

AOE2 DE is literally the objective best remaster ever made faggot
Its only issue is being less fe

guy won HC3 qualifiers yesterday with FC boom

The actual magic projectiles and model animations are soulless and out of sync with projectile release. Like a Knoll Archer unit uses their mouth to reload crossbow but they don't do that with the reforged models. Otherwise the game itself is still not as optimized as it was before, with network and games peer to peer based instead of host based, with players dropping out without warning.

Also they removed all original Warcraft III support from Battle.net, unlike Starcraft.

As one other user said, Dawn of War 2 almost got it right by getting rid of basebuilding entirely and focusing on a smaller pool of units that are all useful because they all fill a different specific purpose.

That’s not accurate

Did the other guy just not scout at all?

It is, but you can't just boom. You have to attack the enemy and boom behind it while he's busy.

Booming in 1v1 is viable if you either play a civ that's defensive enough to hold off a rush while booming, or drush the opponent and successfully delay their feudal age.

I think you got your games confused there, friend

aoe2 is the best rts because it has the perfect ratio of strategy/tactics and mechanical execution
like, would you use the same canned build order for 1) a Nomad where you find yourself neighbours with a hostile Koreans
and 2) an Arena 1v1 vs Turks and you notice they spend a really long time in the Dark Age but don't have a low score
How would you counter an army of Geonese Crossbows and Condotierri as Turks with your limited tech tree. Would you just make the same unit composition you make every game? You'd fucking die. If you tried using a typical Janissary and Hussar army.

Competitive games get solved. Then everyone who doesn't use the solution is at a disadvantage. This is the case for every game.
The more strategy dependent it is, the worst it gets. Its a thing in Counter Strike as well (what guns, what positions, where grenades, etc), but since its more skill reliant, it doesn't show as much. In slower, less APM heavy strategy games, its VERY obvious. Or in games like World of Warcraft/Hearthstone, where there are best builds and not doing the best build means you are wrong and stupid and will lose more often regardless of skill.

he scout rushed.
walls are effective.

AoE2 is the greatest game ever made

That's why I only play strategy games at LANs where no one knows a particular game, but then some pirated version gets shared and everyone gets into that action.
Oh shit it's 2020, never fucking mind

>see a guy booming
>aggro against him
>he beats your aggro WHILE booming
Must've been some skill discrepancy. Or a nasty map where you can play Stronghold.
Again, I'm no pro, and I haven't played AoE2 since its initial release, but I remember just walking into booming players bases and disrupting their economy by forcing civilians to flee. There was one faction where you could walk through forests too, some germanics?

You can literally win with all sorts of strategies, and the ranking system keeps you amongst equal players pretty well. All this talk about the ideal strategy is really just stuff you intuitively learn from trying to optimize, which is the point of the game. I know it can feel stifling at first, but a few basic tips will have you doing the professional strategies naturally, and enjoying doing so because it really is how to get the most out of your build

The boomer just built walls
If you house/palisade off your base you can boom freely as long as you make sure you have vills near each section of wall to build walls or houses behind where the opponent attacks

Maybe not the greatest game, but definitely the greatest RTS.

AoE4 has pretty massive shoes to fill.

goto 2h30m for the fc boom game

Its not like that 200 wood spent on walls and excess houses is going to delay your FC that much

>>see a guy booming
>>aggro against him
>>he beats your aggro WHILE booming
>little does he know that you've been booming WHILE aggroing him
>300 FU Paladins rush out from a secret forest path carved out by onagers

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most fun to least fun campaigns
Genghis > Saladin > Barbarossa > Joan > William

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I disagree about the retreat mechanic. Preserving units keeps the game flowing and the level ups reward you for being good at it. I think the more skirmishy, low unit count nature of the game requires it to keep the skill ceiling out of the gutter.
The dogshit AI is a shame but all you have to do is get over your fear of playing online or get a friend to skirmish with and you'll see how fun it can be, especially with elite mod

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If he has no army in post imp then he wasnt really booming was he

>There was one faction where you could walk through forests too
omfg i COMPLETELY forgot about that.

The aggro guy quit early, decided to measure econ dicks. Is it that hard to bust a wall? Just go attack the other second, he'd have to build another inner wall, then move again, force him to build ANOTHER inner wall, denies room for farms, uses up builders to construct and harvesting wood, etc. Alternatively capture the empty map, more gold, boom wide. But maybe I just don't get the game balance.
Its just so weird to see someone going early, seeing the minimum effort to prevent his rush, then quitting and trying to make up for lost time and going econ.

You can just house behind walls. They bust through, only a couple scouts can attack the house. You're going to build houses to boom with anyways so you're not wasting wood. Even if you have to build an extra wall, that's 5 wood per tile. In the time it takes for you to loop around and attack another part of the wall a meaningful number of times he's already in castle amd will delete the wall so that his knights can fuck your mouth. If you want to scout rush you need to get the scouts in before they wall. If theyre walled up you need to trush or archer rush instead and try to hit their wood lines or gold/stone if they happen to be near their wall.

after the goths buff, is drush back on the menu?

>I think the more skirmishy, low unit count nature of the game requires it to keep the skill ceiling out of the gutter.
What's skillfull about pressing panic button when your units get to

AoC > RotR > AK > AoK >>> FE

Is there a mod to this game that adds the old intro, sounds and music back in? Just curious

You lose ground, for one, then theres resource creep. Even if you come back full strength agianst a unit you lost to, who is weaker, your enemy has still capitalized on a resource creep, so while you may win back ground, he's only gonna ave more tools to play with while your stuck on the offensive.

It's why CoH games are so one sided, no matter how much you turtle, if they enemy gets even a slight resource creep, your probably gonna lose.

shut the fuck up faggot

You can still have all that without the panic button that gives you +1000% resistance to all damage and +200% speed.
Just have the player be required to manually retreat his units.
Like I said, it's a fucking awful mechanic that just pointlessly drags out gametime and while it isn't that much of a problem in MP, it turns SP into sheer cancer due to AI's pathological point-humping tendencies.

I mean its not the "win button' cancer you make it out to be, it is a sacrifice and has gameplay significance.

So, what you really don't like about the mechanic is it drags out gametime, thats it? Your awfully persistent just because something makes game go for a minutes longer.

>It's impossible to lose them once you panic button.
That's not true, units take 30% more damage from melee and grenades do full damage vs retreating units, giving units like scouts and eldar guardians/dire avengers utility that belies their weak combat abilities.
Retreating units too early can cause you to lose a fight. Retreating them too late can result in a squad wipe. It's a delicate game. I think the alternative of running units into a grinder and solely relying on counters and target prioritization to win battles would result in a more boring game.

and keeps building more...

Love scorps as China. Played 3v3 with friends and I was the pocket had about 100 chu ko nu's and 50 scorps just wrecking anything that came close

Back when I played DoW2, it was designed as a territory-holding game with deplorable positions used to prevent the enemy from advancing or holding it. The game was about creating these positions and being prepared to repel enemy forces without expecting the enemy forces to disappear just because they were repelled. The game worked well as each player having to handle the other’s build multiple times rather than win by rout after a few encounters

We definitely won't agree on that point but retreating is and always will be cancer, player should be required to manually retreat his stuff and not press a magic button that gives him magic defense and speed buff.

>pointlessly draws out the game
In a low-unit game where it takes a few minutes to get resources out a basic squad, it gives some forgiveness, particularly in early game, where a loss of a squad can really impact the game
While I agree it is too forgiving of a system, it makes the use of nukes, jump troops, and other maneuvers more critical to wipe enemy squads rather than just being killy

Only retards play pvp RTS

AoE2 HD was terrible in that regard, it's just that the average gaming PC was already powerful enough for that to be irrelevant.
My Athlon 64 X2 couldn't handle it though, even if it was powerful enough to play Crysis.

>learn a thousand hotkeys
But DE uses the QWERT mode, so you only need to remember where the icons are

I'd be less against if it didn't come with such massive bonus to defense and speed.

>tfw found a girl with cute voice streaming aoe2de
>tfw after she stops streaming i found a cutie with a cam streaming aoe2de

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ok /vee/ i trust you more than youtubers
Never played games like this but i'm bored right now
Is this game a good starting point for newfags?

Age of Empires 2 is great. I've been playing it since I was 9. You should play it too.

If you don't care about multiplayer its great. Campaigns on easy difficulty are comfy, even if you are clueless you can just fort yourself, build some towers and defend for 5 hours while creating some units to finally win at some point.
That being said if you are some tryhard who wants hardest difficulty or push ladder/rekt fags in 8man ffa its complicated to get into

thanks for the answer lads
will try to get it on sales

git gud

AoK doesn't deserve that low position. Genghis Khan is the GOAT campaign.

this is a good thread

AoE attracts surprisingly many women, it's probably largely due to the citybuilding aspect

How are the new campaigns? I hated AoE 2 HD expansion pack campaigns because half of them are heavily about having no base building but instead having a premade army and having to achieve objectives with it. Are the newer campaigns better?

>God tier
Genghis Khan

>very high tier
El Cid
Gajah Mada
Francisco de Almeida

>high tier
Tariq ibn Ziyad

>mid tier
Le Loi
El Dorado

>low tier
Joan of Arc

>shit tier

>kill it with fire tier

>doesn't count tier
William Wallace

Superior game coming through

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How is this different form AOE2?

It's set about 1500 years beforehand and is more archaic.

AOE4 and AOM remaster when? AOM 2?

Yep. This is what kept me from playing RTS games for so long. Literally fucking impossible, i only enjoy them for their campaign.

>Microsoft store exclusive at launch
Way to kill a game in it's crib.

Supposelly this year

AoM remake comes after the AoE3 one (currently in Beta).

Working online. There has been a glitch that disconnects players after 5 minutes of game since the release and they haven't been able to fix it yet

>mfw AoE3 DE soon

Step aside AoE2 kids, the real rts is cooming through.

Can't wait for AoE3DE desu, loved the campaign back in the day. Was the game not good enough for the competitive scene? It's like nobody remembers it exists.

>tfw AoE Online was killed

That was the true best AoE. Shame that Project Celeste has such a low player count. At least Romans are coming.

Empire Earth is getting a remake?

Celeste has low count cause they made it even grindier, tedious, unfun and pay2win (except you pay with your time investment now, not cash) than the official one was.
And unlike official, you can't skip the awful grind with money.

that guy is like 60

The community for AoE3 comp is awful due to the civ leveling system. No one wants to play against low level players and there is no way to tell if a player actually sucks or is just playing a low leveled civ. Because of that comp never took off because gate keeping became to much of an issue.

>El Dorado
that one still worth playing? The DE just fuckin axed the thing

Favorite civs to play bros
I used to love teutons because mass teutonic Knight but I can’t deal with how slow they are anymore
Byzantines, goths and franks like the shitter I am

I'm pissed because DE axed more than just El Dorado, Korea and China missions are gone (because MUH DON'T WANT TO OFFEND CHINKS), decomposing corpses are gone, blood is drastically toned down, there's a word filter so cancerous that it makes ResetEra seem like a free speech utopia, list goes on.

you are cringe

what the fuck
removed missions??

Yeah, the standalone ones, not from campaigns.

Removing El Dorado campaign was already a good chunk of removed missions, they removed it because it dealt with raping the natives, too offensive, then there's all the other shit I listed.

as a single player shitter, Mongols. Mangudais are like sex

mongols, japanese and lately the bulgarians

I know it's an inferior game and a step down but I played more of it than AoE2 because I am a huge faggot for the time period.

turks fast imp is great, you get wrecked most of the time but when you pull it off its like isekai protagonist where your handcannoneer and bombard cannon just wreck the shit out of castle age shitter

>Villagers literally explode wolves with a single slash
>Elite Magyars can be purchased for 80 food post research, the perfect spamcav, along with your cheaper hussars to make waves of meatshields
>Horse Archer bonuses, to provide the yin to the Magyar yang
>Free melee Bmsith upgrades
>Based building aesthetic and language
>Team bonus nothing special, increased LOS for foot archers, which is always useful
Fucking based.

Playing the historical battles right now and Lake Poyang and Kurikara were pretty based. Lake Poyang was pretty hard on hard difficulty, but Kurikara was sadly a cakewalk.

Joan is best because she's my /his/fu.