Do you cheat in single player games?

Do you cheat in single player games?

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>using superior tactics in dodgeball
>says it's cheating

what the fuck.

I do it when there's moves gated behind currency or there's mechanics that distract from the core gameplay.

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If I dislike a game I'll turn on god mode and maybe other cheats as a last chance before I drop it entirely.


I'll cheat as soon as grinding is required.

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true, but I also don't feel any better about it after than when it was fucking me over. Dumb game.

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Yes. There is absolutely no reason to put any effort into the starting dungeons in Elder Scrolls games.

there are actually people here that think they beat Dark Souls even though they used a walkthrough or looked things up when they got stuck


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I disabled pretty much all the mechanics in Pathfinder Kingmaker that I deemed annoying, most of them through mods.
Stuff like 90% of the enemies just deleveling you or draining your stats is pure cancer, sure I could just use those protection spells but I'm highly casual and that's just too much work

I'll only cheat if I'm playing a single player game for laughs, for instance on a 2nd playthrough or just to mess around in then game engine
if I cheat in a game that I seriously want to complete, I feel like I've failed (unless it's the game's fault that I had to cheat, EG a bug prevents you from progressing and you need to noclip)

I've only cheated once in an online game, where I tried a hacktool in CS1.6 like 14 years ago and it was fun for about 5 minutes, but the lack of challenge felt hollow, so I then went to a server intended for people using ONLY hacks and had 20 minutes of fun, then I uninstalled it and haven't hacked since

nothing gets a woman wetter than a real man who DOMINATES difficult video games

how do you get stuck in dark souls? i admit i used the wiki but it was so i didnt miss shit lol.

I got you beat. I had a friend tell me he beat Dark Souls when he used Invulnerability hacks from minute 1. He didn't even attempt to play the game without Invulnerability.
Not only would I argue he didn't actually beat Dark Souls, I'd argue he didn't even fucking PLAY Dark Souls.
That'd be like if I told you I beat Doom 2, but immediately put on God Mode and Noclip before even attempting the first stage.


I miss screwing around on cheat servers in Jedi Outcast for hours at a time. People worked out a way to kill players that had godmode by binding a teleport cheat for a specific location, like a corner of the map, and using Force Grip to move them there so they could telefrag them. Then someone worked out that if you used the "give" cheat to give yourself a specific amount of health (88888888, eight 8s) you wouldn't die to the telefrag, so you could then telefrag them with your own cheat.
The servers were full of people aimlessly fighting in god mode, noclipping around and trying to telefrag each other. Now zoomers haven't even heard of cheat servers before.

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Great post user

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Occasionally, but usually in furtherance of a purpose. I find that if I just cheat it sort of saps the enjoyment, but I won’t hesitate to do it if it will skip something overly tedious (like the timegating in MGS5) or prevent me from having to redo progress lost due to a bug or a crash.

I’ll sometimes cheat at the beginning of games I reply a lot to set up a specific scenario, Like using prepare carefully in Rimworld.

It shocks the hell out of me when people just casually mention they looked shit up for a game. Especially for stuff like Return of the Obra Dinn? Some people wrote paragraphs of their opinion on the game and then just slap the fact that they cheated at the end of it all. Like no dude, you didn't actually beat this game and you don't get to have an opinion on it, good or bad.

This would be funnier id it was a woman because women are subhuman cattle who deserve to be violently beaten and it's funny when a man causes pain and suffering to a femcunt

yes, for fun.

That guy is me. Dark Souls is the most overrated franchise I can think of right now.

I remember the old days. Before "Souls-like" was a genre, and most people agreed that Dark Souls was a pretty good game.
It all went downhill when "Prepare to Die" edition came out, and the franchise became a fucking meme.
Still, pretty good game series all things considered.

perpetually I miss gameshark and replay codes. fuck chievos for ruining fun for other people. replay codes made playing a game you already beat vanilla a million times even more fun since you could proceed to break it with more shenanigans.


if there was more striking people with tables i'd watch more dodgeball

Everyone should get a fucking table shield that would be bananas

I beat a boss legit but it took me 40+ hours to do it. I did so at 6AM and closed the game before I saved. When I opened the game the day after it showed I didn't beat it as expected, so I said fuck it and cheated past it because I really didn't enjoy the boss and just wanted to finish the game.

It never occurred to me all my life to look something up when I got stuck. I always used gamefaqs for codes and talking shit like here. Then I found out everyone else around me was using guides other people had written while also trying to talk down to me when I hit progress blocks. Even worse was I got gud and had to hear get gud.

is this the greatest moment in video game history?

this, i'd argue brute forcing your third person is cheating enough and i pulled that shit. looking things up is just fucking garbage

as for dark souls i never had to look anything up for 1 or 2, a frriend gave me some directions for the BB DLC, but DaS3 i got so pissed off at when it came to figuring out where to go next that i wound up looking up a couple things rather than parade around every area bored out of my mind trying to find some random door that wasn't just decorative

Oh shit i remember that, it was always bespin servers that had cheat enabled and it was always the 2 corners at the bottom.section

Yes, on the highest difficulty or m also in Bethesda's games when i'm over encumbered

I always cheat in SP when any of the following are true:
>There's weapon durability/maintenance
>game pushes "time-savers" and grinding
>artificial difficulty

If there’s any kind of grinding, I try to change the exp multiplier if I can
Yakuza games are actually funny for thinking anyone is going to grind for abilities with how awful the combat is, for example

No. I just play easy mode, save scum, or use a guide. I'm a tired wageslave. I literally just wanna turn my brain off when I play games now.

I played it before a wiki was even available and only ENB had actually started putting vids out.

I do whatever I want with the things I own.

Absolutely and all the time.

There's lots of different kinds of cheating. Console ports can have fucked up key combinations for PC that can't be rebound, so I'll use something like AHK to replace them with single button presses instead. I do that even in multiplayer games. But officially, that's cheating.

Modding or scripting are a form of cheating too. I love Fallout 4 to bits, but only because I can eliminate the bullshit from it. I hate having to dig through every single fucking trash can, and then having to run back every 10 minutes because my inventory is full, and then play around with the shitty inventory and crafting management in general. So I cheat, removing carry weight and giving me all materials I want at the press of a button.

There are games like the Dragon's Dogma, with fucked up "point of no return" side quests, and retared gameplay decisions, such as if you level over 10 before entering Gran Soren and getting your specialty classes, then you will permanently miss out on stat points. And you WILL level way past it, unless you actively and against all reason, severely limit your leveling before it. So I use console commands and save game editors to fix that shit.

There are games that have high level lockpick / hacking etc. problems in the start of the game, where you can't possibly have those skills yet, forcing you to write down what you missed and revisit those areas later in game. That's complete bullshit, I will never spend hours typing down and running back to areas I already visited because of a retarded design. So I cheat past them as I' there.

These games are literally all around us. And I cheat all the time. The difference is, I *never* cheat with god mode, super weapons, extra hp, or the like. Because that would just make the game boring. I cheat in order to remove unwanted features, and to enhance wanted ones. To customize, or to mod. But officially, that is still cheating.

Depends on the game

Using cheats to become godlike is just boring.
Using console to mess around, spawn shit and just break the game is fun though.

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`coc areanamehere
TES sometimes took too much time on the road so I often would skip ahead to x cell location. If only to get rid of all the junk I collected from the dungeon crawl.

>game has a stat that affects how fast you move
>default is 50
>open the console and instantly set it to 255
i'm not wasting my time running around like an old woman that needs a hip replacement

Settlement building in fallout 4 with mods is pretty fun if you just cheat for all the mats

>game has carryweight limit
>open console and set that fucker to like 20,000 instead of the 260 it starts at

i only ever cheat in doom, if i just want to shoot shit and not think about dying