Why didn't you buy me, world?

Why didn't you buy me, world?

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this shit is still like $60. It should be $20 at this point and should have launched at like $40

no thanks, nincelshit

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I would have pirated it if it would be playable for normal people.

Two million copies? How impressive.

Remind me how many units Smash moved again.

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I was not impressed by the public server-test demo in the slightest. Super fucking shallow gameplay (sugar coated with a bunch of superficial weapon and character gimmicks) plus you have to use waggle controls if you want full control.

you're insane if you think the first entry in a brand new style fighting game should compare to a longstanding franchise like smash

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I did, I wasn't expecting it to be as good as it was though.

>A Nintendo fighting game IP can't be compared with another Nintendo fighting IP

I even gave you a handicap by not comparing it to the real heavy hitters, Street Fighter, Tekken, Virtua Fighter.

Not enough porn about it

I bought you at launch
And I stopped playing you due to the lack of single player features
Could have really benefited from a robust campaign mode instead of a weak arcade mode with forced mini-games.

apples and oranges
ARMS doesn't have an entire league of people making constant threads shitting themselves over what the next character sold to them MIGHT be, over a year after release
ARMS actually sold almost twice as fast as Tekken 7 during its launch week, probably because of the novelty factor and that new switch owners were basically buying anything that came out at that point

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the only game in the last 10 or so years i've traded in. it was fun for a while but the novelty really wears off quick. every character having access to every glove unironically killed a lot of the variety and enjoyment for me

>Wanting porn of having a super extendable dick.

It sold more than Xenoblade 2 LOL

>playable for normal people.
? You can play with traditional controls if that's what you're referring to.

because it's trash

Smash outsold all of them.

it looked gay and so are you OP

I buy it,at difficult 3 was fine, 4 was a rape in the ass, 9 was a rape in the ass without lube.
When I learned the trick, at difficult 9 I was raping the IA without lube. So much fun, but the lack of content after the release of the final characters was a huge let down.

i did, i played ribbon girl with a bird fist and i think electrical or fire boxing glove, it turned out from what i was reading after awhile that that was the meta build

i had been stomping people and i felt like a fraud because i only ever main low tier characters

idk, i lost the cartridge too when i moved, its a good game, it really satisfied what i was craving in soul calibur at the time